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Vocabulary Word

Word: lunatic

Definition: insane; Ex. lunatic asylum

Sentences Containing 'lunatic'

I presently climbed up on the bench; I did not think it was safe to go to sleep while this lunatic was on watch.
By and by the watchman came back and said`Didn't that lunatic tell you he was asleep, when he first came up here?'
And they said Captain Hardy wore yarn socks winter and summer just the same, and his first wife's name was Jane Shook she was from New England and his second one died in a lunatic asylum.
`When Dean came,'said Claggett,`the people thought he was an escaped lunatic; but when he went, they thought he was an escaped archangel.'
But I remember it best for a lunatic who caught me out in the fields, one Sunday, and extracted a butcher knife from his boot and proposed to carve me up with it, unless I acknowledged him to be the only son of the Devil.
``If that is the case, I warn you, I shall have you put in a lunatic asylum.''
``To make a lunatic asylum of it, similar to that founded by the Count of Pisani at Palermo.
It was occupied, but only by a poor lunatic gentleman, and the people who took care of him.
Is it not possible that his wife is a lunatic, that he desires to keep the matter quiet for fear she should be taken to an asylum, and that he humours her fancies in every way in order to prevent an outbreak?"
That it was only then, on the homeward voyage, after the encounter, that the final monomania seized him, seems all but certain from the fact that, at intervals during the passage, he was a raving lunatic; and, though unlimbed of a leg, yet such vital strength yet lurked in his Egyptian chest, and was moreover intensified by his delirium, that his mates were forced to lace him fast, even there, as he sailed, raving in his hammock.

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