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Vocabulary Word

Word: lunatic

Definition: insane; Ex. lunatic asylum

Sentences Containing 'lunatic'

A lunatic cut and fell down a branch in 1929.
A man acquires a valuable artefact as a present for his girlfriend, inadvertently drawing a lunatic collector into pursuit of him.
And they said Captain Hardy wore yarn socks winter and summer just the same, and his first wife's name was Jane Shook she was from New England and his second one died in a lunatic asylum.
As of 2014, WEBN still uses the slogan "The Lunatic Fringe of American FM".
Both Acres and Lodge farms belonged to Naburn Hospital, the former York City Lunatic Asylum, for which they were acquired in 1899 and 1914 respectively.
But I remember it best for a lunatic who caught me out in the fields, one Sunday, and extracted a butcher knife from his boot and proposed to carve me up with it, unless I acknowledged him to be the only son of the Devil.
By and by the watchman came back and said`Didn't that lunatic tell you he was asleep, when he first came up here?'
Elmasry has stated his opposition to Osama bin Laden calling him "a lunatic, a fanatic" and accusing him and his lieutenants of "endangering the well-being, even the lives of many Muslims who are living in the West" and whose "religious rhetoric will probably feed into anti-Islam sentiments that already existed before Sept.
His other books have included: "The True Believers" (about the world of lunatic cults and sects) ; The Pan paperback "What a Way to Go"; the crime novel "Human Remains"; "The Creepy-Crawly" (a book of verse for children) and "Your Child From One to Ten" (a manual for parents on child development).
However, in actuality she is a cruel and devious lunatic, seemingly intent on torturing her colleagues with her capricious demands and outrageous behaviour.
I presently climbed up on the bench; I did not think it was safe to go to sleep while this lunatic was on watch.
Is it not possible that his wife is a lunatic, that he desires to keep the matter quiet for fear she should be taken to an asylum, and that he humours her fancies in every way in order to prevent an outbreak?"
It was occupied, but only by a poor lunatic gentleman, and the people who took care of him.
Not long after, a gun-wielding lunatic (M. Emmet Walsh) randomly flips through the phone book and picks "Johnson, Navin R." as his next victim.
Now he believes that he will be "hanged first and confined in a lunatic asylum afterwards".
That it was only then, on the homeward voyage, after the encounter, that the final monomania seized him, seems all but certain from the fact that, at intervals during the passage, he was a raving lunatic; and, though unlimbed of a leg, yet such vital strength yet lurked in his Egyptian chest, and was moreover intensified by his delirium, that his mates were forced to lace him fast, even there, as he sailed, raving in his hammock.
The building was built using convict labour between 1861 and 1868 and was used as a psychiatric hospital, initially called the Fremantle Lunatic Asylum, and later known as the Asylum for the Criminally Insane.
The following year he made the ten-minute "The Chase" about a lunatic who escapes from an asylum and chases a boy around the countryside with a bayonet.
The Law Society of Upper Canada looked into disciplining Christie for his conduct during the Imre Finta trial. The Society's discipline chair, Harvey Strosberg, declined to issue a complaint against Christie but stressed that Christie's remarks during the trial "clearly disclose that he has crossed the line separating counsel from client: he has made common cause with a small, lunatic, anti-Semitic fringe element in our society.
The lunatic chases Navin to a traveling carnival, where Navin hides out, eventually getting a job with SJM Fiesta Shows as a weight guesser.
The station began referring to itself with monikers like, ""A Different Kind A Radio Station"", ""The Last Untamed Radio Station In North America"", ""Go Rock Yourself"", ""Shut Up And Rock!"", and ""The Lunatic Fringe Of American FM"", the slogan comes from Red Rider's Song The Lunatic Fringe.
The village is contiguous with the smaller Shalmsford Street to the west, and was until recently the location of St Augustine's Mental Hospital, formerly known as the East Kent Lunatic Asylum.
There’s part of me that wants to be an uninhibited, unrestrained lunatic doing whatever I want.
To achieve the most authentic rendering of the flesh tones of the dead, he made sketches of bodies in the morgue of the Hospital Beaujon, studied the faces of dying hospital patients, brought severed limbs back to his studio to study their decay, and for a fortnight drew a severed head, borrowed from a lunatic asylum and stored on his studio roof.
To add another level of complexity, in mammals there are three Fringe GlcNAc-transferases, named lunatic fringe, manic fringe, and radical fringe.
While containing mostly Satanic or blasphemous lyrical themes, "Lunatic of God's Creation" and "Carnage in the Temple of the Damned" concern Charles Manson and Jim Jones respectively, and "Dead by Dawn" deals with the plot of the 1981 horror film, "The Evil Dead".
You've just spent five years in a Victorian lunatic asylum and then you go on to James Bond.
`When Dean came,'said Claggett,`the people thought he was an escaped lunatic; but when he went, they thought he was an escaped archangel.'
``If that is the case, I warn you, I shall have you put in a lunatic asylum.''
``To make a lunatic asylum of it, similar to that founded by the Count of Pisani at Palermo.

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