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Vocabulary Word

Word: lumen

Definition: unit of light energy (one candle's worth)

Sentences Containing 'lumen'

Cholesterol esterase secreted into the intestinal lumen from the pancreas and has been shown in vitro to display retinyl ester hydrolase activity.
Electron microscopic studies in 3 cases described intracytoplasmic mucin, convoluted oval nuclei, prominent nucleoli, homogeneous euchromatin with peripheral chromatin condensation, microvilli, junctional complexes, and primitive lumen formation.
Franco is the earliest known composer in Guatemala; his two pieces in the archives of the Guatemala cathedral, a "Lumen ad revelationem" and a "Benedicamus Domino", are the earliest surviving manuscripts from the area.
Internally it is divided into a narrow lumen bordered by tissue with small vacuoles, and a wide lumen limited by highly vacuolated tissue.
Lumen W. Allen, the last survivor of the Society of Montana Pioneers died on February 19, 1970 at the age of 102 in Butte.
Retinyl ester hydrolysis requires the presence of bile salts that serve to solubilize the retinyl esters in mixed micelles and to activate the hydrolyzing enzymes Several enzymes that are present in the intestinal lumen may be involved in the hydrolysis of dietary retinyl esters.
Retinyl esters are hydrolyzed in the intestinal lumen to yield free retinol and the corresponding fatty acid (i.e. palmitate or stearate).
The arterial lumen (typically red) withdraws blood from the patient and carries it to dialysis machine, while the venous lumen (typically blue) returns blood to the patient (from the dialysis machine).
The muscularis mucosae is composed of several thin layers of smooth muscle fibers oriented in different ways which keep the mucosal surface and underlying glands in a constant state of gentle agitation to expel contents of glandular crypts and enhance contact between epithelium and the contents of the lumen.
The renopericardial duct is connected to the narrow lumen in the anterior part of the kidney.
This magnesium binding site is located in the lumen of the channel, at a place within the electrical field generated by the membrane potential. Normally, current will not flow though the NMDAR channel, even when it has bound glutamate.
Troxipide enhances mucosal blood flow, which is the secondary defense barrier of gastric mucosa that supplies nutrients and oxygen to the epithelium, and removes, dilutes and neutralizes toxic substances that have diffused into the mucosa from the lumen.

More Vocab Words

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