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Vocabulary Word

Word: lumber

Definition: move heavily or clumsily; Ex. The bear lumbered through the woods; N: timber

Sentences Containing 'lumber'

"That which my son himself indicated--that of the cupboard of the lumber-room."
(Groveton, Texas); Langford Hall Lumber Co.
A lumber mill and the fishery were the main employers in the community.
A monstrous big lumber-raft was about a mile up stream, coming along down, with a lantern in the middle of it.
After 1931 the building housed another bank and a lumber and hardware store.
Besides farming, Leighton also became involved in the lumber trade.
Cordwood is a combination of small remnants of firewood and other lumber that usually go to waste.
Cordwood provides the rustic look of log cabins without the use of tons of lumber.
First he went into the lumber business, cutting trees and building a sawmill.
For example, the 'vara' is still used in Costa Rica when ordering lumber.
Frank Upchurch had interests in turpentine and lumber, while Benjamin Dyal owned a sawmill.
From 1976 until 1978, he worked as an accountant at Mvule Saw Mill, a private lumber factory.
He built and operated a successful lumber mill later owned by Harry A. Corey.
He entered the lumber business with his father in the company H. Lovell and Sons.
He was president of the Hammond Lumber Co.
Heilongjiang is also an important source of lumber for China.
Hill raised cattle and horses and was also involved in the sale of lumber.
His father was soon remarried, to Louise Amelang, daughter of a lumber trader Gottfried Amelang and the Leopoldine Schmidt.
His parents (father named Taunus Schmitten) worked in lumber and wool farming.
In 1881, the company expanded from lumber into pulp and paper manufacturing.
In 1900 he began to assemble one of the largest lumber companies on the West Coast, including the world’s largest redwood lumber company and the world’s largest lumber yard in Los Angeles.
In 1903, the California Grain and Lumber Company was organized in California Junction.
In addition, he was one of the biggest stockholders in the White River Lumber Co.
Industry is focused upon coal, petroleum, lumber, machinery, and food.
Joyce was also president of the Trinity County Lumber Co.
Logging had been carried out for some time, but the arrival of the railway in 1914 made this much more profitable and for several years there were a few sizable mills and lumber operations: The Barrs at Parkhurst Mill on Green Lake (to the north), and the Gebharts with the Rainbow Lumber Company on Alta Lake.
Lumber and rice having been once put into the enumeration, when they were afterwards taken out of it, were confined, as to the European market, to the countries that lie south of Cape Finisterre.
Mark Walker moved to Sweet Bay, BBS, in the 1880s where he worked as post master, as well as in both the fishing and lumber trades.
Much of the equipment from the Westside Lumber Co.
One night we catched a little section of a lumber raft--nice pine planks.
Pine, especially the Korean pine and larch are the most important forms of lumber produced in Heilongjiang.
She was carrying a cargo of lumber bound for the Tyne.
She was sold to the Coos Bay Lumber company in 1918 and transported lumber until 1928.
Shipbuilding and lumber mills were important early businesses, the latter especially active between 1750-1770.
So then I crept into a lumber-pile to get some sleep; and next time I waked up the sun was away up over my head!
Some models have divots for fitting a writing utensil to mark lumber with.
The "Dells Lumber and Puld Company" was involved in paper making and was based in Eau Claire.
The area Redwoods were an important source of lumber exports.
The emerald lumber (sometimes referred to as "green lumber") is lumber cut from an unknown source (possibly the trees of Finite Forest) and processed by Lucky Smells Lumbermill.
The equipment went to Scotland to meet Britain's need for lumber.
The first such boom, covering the early years of the city, rode on the lumber industry.
The lumber and other interests of David Joyce spanned almost the length and breadth of the Mississippi Valley.
The lumber is charged 'per inch', which is a measurement 11/12 of a board foot.
The lumber was used by the V.F.D. headquarters where Lemony Snicket, Bertrand Baudelaire, and Beatrice were trained.
The mill produced lumber for local use, but also pipe-staves for export.
The railroad hauled primarily lumber and agricultural products.
The upshot of which, was, to smash this witness like a crockery vessel, and shiver his part of the case to useless lumber.
The village was once a booming region for the lumber industry.
They then lost to the Central Junior A Hockey League's Pembroke Lumber Kings 5-3.
This is what an old fellow gets now for working in dead lumber.

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