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Vocabulary Word

Word: lopsided

Definition: heavier or larger on one side than the other; Ex. lopsided way of walking

Sentences Containing 'lopsided'

Ambrose Burnside, resulting in lopsided casualties, and the Siege of Knoxville entered its final days.
His first novel, "Submarine", in which a teenager records with comedy and anguish his relationship with his girlfriend and his lop-sided view of the strains on his parents' marriage, was published to critical acclaim in 2008.
His percentage of the vote increased each time, culminating in a lopsided victory in 1987 in which he garnered over 58% of the vote, including nearly 20% of the black vote.
In 1821 the population of Dymchurch increased to the point where extensions and modifications were required, and the north aisle was extended and the nave re-roofed giving the church its present lop-sided appearance.
It was one of the most lopsided defeats of the war, with the Confederates suffering 813 casualties compared to the Union's 13.
NBA expert Roland Beech analyzed the calls and stated that he found that the questionable, or to his eyes, flat out wrong, calls favored the Lakers not in huge numbers (9 total calls), but a lopsided (7-2) rate.
Other competitions are just as lopsided.
The 2011-12 Dakota Cup was much more lopsided, as the Bobcats won the Cup 21-7, posting a 10-1-1 regular season record against the Wings.
They hop into a small boat and begin photographing the lopsided fin that is slowly moving through the water.
This was, and still is, the most lopsided defeat in Grey Cup history as the defending champion Queen's won their third straight national championship at the expense of the Regina Rugby Club.
Treaties and agreements, while often lopsided in that era (see unequal treaties), often did at least nominally include concessions for all parties signing such agreements.
Vancouver then travelled eastwards to meet the Cornwall Braves in the Dominion semi-finals, easily handling their opposition in 2 lopsided games.

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