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Vocabulary Word

Word: litany

Definition: supplicatory prayer; prayer in which the priest calls out and the people replies in the same words

Sentences Containing 'litany'

After that threshold was crossed, the next thirty years became a litany of amazing experiments.
Brook writes: At the end of Bu's diary he presents a litany of depressing contrasts: spacious tile-roofed houses south of the Yangzi, thatch-roof hovels north; sedan chairs south, horses and donkeys north; gold and silver in the markets south, copper cash north; diligence in farming, manufacturing, and commerce south, indolence north; pleasant dispositions south, quarrelsome tempers north; education south, illiteracy north.
Even though group dhikr is popular and makes up the spiritual life of most Sufi adherents, other more private forms of dhikr are performed more routinely - usually consisting of the order's "wird" (daily litany) - which adherents usually recite privately, even if gathered together.
I am bidding thee avoid proverbs, and here in a second thou hast shot out a whole litany of them, which have as much to do with what we are talking about as 'over the hills of Ubeda.'
In his official report on Gettysburg, John Gibbon, Harrow's superior, openly praised his other two division commanders, but, notably, did not mention Harrow in his litany of officers deserving recognition.
On the Brooklyn Bridge, however, right as Steve prepares to propose to Adam, Adam absentmindedly muses that his entire litany of substance abuse and relationship problems were sparked by his disastrous affair with an incontinent Dazzle Dancer back in 1987.
The first to halt were those who were carrying the image, and one of the four ecclesiastics who were chanting the Litany, struck by the strange figure of Don Quixote, the leanness of Rocinante, and the other ludicrous peculiarities he observed, said in reply to him, "Brother, if you have anything to say to us say it quickly, for these brethren are whipping themselves, and we cannot stop, nor is it reasonable we should stop to hear anything, unless indeed it is short enough to be said in two words."

More Vocab Words

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::: daub - smear (as with paint); cover with something sticky; Ex. daub one's clothes with mud/paint; N: small bit of sticky substance; Ex. a daub of paint
::: paroxysm - fit or attack of pain, laughter, rage; sudden outburst
::: excerpt - selected passage (written or musical) taken from a longer work; V.
::: laud - praise; N. ADJ. laudable: praiseworthy; ADJ. laudatory: expressing praise
::: effectuate - effect; produce; achieve; Ex. effectuate a reconciliation
::: retribution - deserved punishment for wrongdoing; punishment for offenses; compensation; vengeance; CF. pay back
::: rankle - irritate; fester; annoy