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Vocabulary Word

Word: lexicographer

Definition: compiler of a dictionary; CF. lexicography: work of compiling a dictionary

Sentences Containing 'lexicographer'

And here be it said, that whenever it has been convenient to consult one in the course of these dissertations, I have invariably used a huge quarto edition of Johnson, expressly purchased for that purpose; because that famous lexicographer's uncommon personal bulk more fitted him to compile a lexicon to be used by a whale author like me.
Angus Fraser Cameron (11 February 1941 – 27 May 1983) was a Canadian linguist and lexicographer.
During his travels, Elmas became closely acquainted with, among others, the Russian composer and pianist Anton Rubinstein, the French composer Jules Massenet, the French pianist Joseph-Édouard Risler and the French lexicographer Guy de Lusignan.
Edial Hall School, Edial is celebrated as the house in which lexicographer, Samuel Johnson, opened an academy in 1736, where he taught and commenced writing the tragedy 'Irene'.
He is not to be confused with another Hebrew lexicographer, Jacob Knaani, who also had the German-Yiddish surname Kaufmann.
In his entry on "Lymphae", the lexicographer Festus notes that the Greek word "nympha" had influenced the Latin name, and elaborates: Popular belief has it that whoever see a certain vision in a fountain, that is, an apparition of a nymph, will go quite mad.
Judah Even Shemuel (Ukraine, 1886-Jerusalem, 1976) was a Ukrainian born, later Israeli, lexicographer, whose English-Hebrew dictionary was known as the "Kaufmann Dictionary".
Peter Bowler is an Australian lexicographer and author of "The Superior Person's Book of Words", "The Superior Person's Second Book of Weird and Wondrous Words", and "The Superior Person's Third Book of Well-Bred Words".
Rajna Dragićević, PhD, (Serbian Cyrillic: Рајна Драгићевић) is a Serbian linguist, lexicologist and lexicographer.
Stjepan Musulin (Sremska Mitrovica, 1885–1969) was a Croatian linguist, comparative Slavicist, philologist, lexicographer and translator.
Thanasis Costakis (, 1907–2009) was a Greek linguist and lexicographer best known for his work on the now-moribund Tsakonian language spoken in the eastern Peloponnese.
The first lexicographer to attempt a systematic documentation of Australian English words was Edward E Morris whose "Austral English" was published in 1898.
They have two sons: Carl Zimmer, a science writer, and Benjamin Zimmer, a linguist and lexicographer.
William Torrey Harris (September 10, 1835 – November 5, 1909) was an American educator, philosopher, and lexicographer.
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