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Vocabulary Word

Word: levee

Definition: earthen or stone embankment to prevent flooding; CF. raise

Sentences Containing 'levee'

According to estimates in the past decade, the storm was responsible for 372 deaths in the Southeastern United States, 114 of which took place in Miami and at least 150 at Moore Haven, where a storm surge estimated as high as overtopped portions of a levee on Lake Okeechobee.
Again: because it is a general complaint, that the favourites of princes are troubled with short and weak memories; the same doctor proposed, “that whoever attended a first minister, after having told his business, with the utmost brevity and in the plainest words, should, at his departure, give the said minister a tweak by the nose, or a kick in the belly, or tread on his corns, or lug him thrice by both ears, or run a pin into his breech; or pinch his arm black and blue, to prevent forgetfulness; and at every levee day, repeat the same operation, till the business were done, or absolutely refused.” He likewise directed, “that every senator in the great council of a nation, after he had delivered his opinion, and argued in the defence of it, should be obliged to give his vote directly contrary; because if that were done, the result would infallibly terminate in the good of the public.” When parties in a state are violent, he offered a wonderful contrivance to reconcile them.
But the change of changes was on the`levee.'
Fictitious property in slaves was not only righteously destroyed, but very much of the work which had depended upon the slave labor was also destroyed or greatly impaired, especially the levee system.
His other compositions in 1897 included "A Night on the Levee" and "Savannah Jubilee".
I used to attend the king’s levee once or twice a week, and had often seen him under the barber’s hand, which indeed was at first very terrible to behold; for the razor was almost twice as long as an ordinary scythe.
In addition, statistics show that the province of Fujian 06,300 houses collapsed, 17,700 damaged; crops affected area of 107,160 hectares, 37,240 hectares disaster area, total destruction of an area of 13,170 hectares, a reduction in 49,000 tons of food, aquatic products loss of breeding area of 08,360 hectares, 64,400 tons; 1028 production of industrial and mining enterprises, roads interrupted 50 times, the destruction of 187.02 kilometers roadbed; damage to the transmission, communications line 359.75 kilometers; 305 damaged embankments, 44.85 kilometers, levee breach 19 Department, 1.4 km, damaged embankment, irrigation facilities in 1348, damaged locks, hydrological stations, electrical and mechanical pumping station, Station 238, 110 destroyed.
Levee breaks were observed in several areas, most notably in Southeastern Missouri, where levee breaks occurred through mid-April.
Louis "Globe-Democrat" in 1895 read: William Lyons, 25, a levee hand, was shot in the abdomen yesterday evening at 10 o'clock in the saloon of Bill Curtis, at Eleventh and Morgan Streets, by Lee Sheldon, a carriage driver.
Morgan advanced Osterhaus (accompanying his remaining brigade) along the levee of the river following by his remaining division under Andrew J. Smith.
Some believed that the higher you build your levee, the higher the river's bottom will rise; and that consequently the levee system is a mistake.
That levee provided most of the seating for the inaugural series' attendees.
The band were inspired by the song "When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin and used it as a reference point to bring guitars into the mix and seeing how far they could push their sound and channel the groove.
The fields on which the games were played are between the street and a levee built to protect the town from the West Branch Susquehanna River.
The levee is the crowning work of bank revetment, although not necessarily in immediate connection.
The negroes had given up all thoughts of a crevasse there, as the upper levee had stood so long, and when it did come they were at its mercy.
The night before the`Pennsylvania'left, Henry and I sat chatting on a freight pile on the levee till midnight.
The river has since been the focus of an intensive flood control project. The Floyd's lower channel through Sioux City has been straightened, channelized, lined with riprap and banked by a high earthen levee.
The top of the protecting levee could be seen here and there, but nearly all of it was submerged.
Unlike the Great Flood of 1993, which affected this same region, the majority of homes and businesses in Valley Park were protected from the flooding by a new levee built in 2005.
Yao Wei said on, according to Flood Control and Drought Prevention Headquarters of Zhejiang cities reported preliminary summary statistics of the disaster, a total of four City Zhejiang 26 counties (cities), 465 villages and towns affected 6.092 million people, the collapse of housing 5710.Crops affected 183,220 hectares of farmland, destroyed an area of 45,400 hectares, 62,769 industrial and mining production, interrupted Highway 447, 598.2 kilometers roadbed damage, 522.7 kilometers of transmission line damage, damage to communication lines 408.7 kilometers, or damage to beware of 1112, 203.0 kilometers, levee breach 653, 46.6 kilometers, 60 small hydropower stations.

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