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Vocabulary Word

Word: legislature

Definition: legislating branch of government; CF. legislate: make laws

Sentences Containing 'legislature'

60% of the deputies in this legislature were newly elected.
A bill is a proposed law under consideration by a legislature.
Along with continued majorities in the legislature, Democrats have also had some other victories.
As a young man, Brown was elected to Montana Legislature.
Buckner proposed a number of progressive ideas, most of which were rejected by the legislature.
Draffin served in the Manitoba legislature from 1945 to 1949.
During his time in the Legislature he served numerous portfolios in the cabinet including.
Embury retired from the legislature at dissolution in 1986.
Eventually, the legislature approved the funding.
He did not run for a fifth term when the legislature was dissolved in 2007.
He had served as County Judge and as a member of the Nebraska Territorial Legislature.
He has been a member of the Khanty–Mansi legislature since 1996.
He is a member of Manitoba legislature for the riding of Lakeside.
He is a member of the Manitoba legislature.
He later served as Speaker of the Legislature.
He ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the provincial legislature in 1879.
He resigned his seat in the legislature on January 15, 2007.
He served in the Missouri State Legislature 1964-1966.
He served in the Washington House of Representatives in the State Legislature.
He served several terms in the legislature.
He was a Presidential Elector, chosen by the legislature, in 1808, 1816, and 1820.
He was admitted to the bar by an act of the legislature in 1880, then being a minor.
He was elected to the first West Virginian legislature.
He was elected to the Washington State Legislature.
He was narrowly reelected by the legislature.
He was the first Latino elected to the Wisconsin legislature.
His brother Donovan served as a member of the Manitoba legislature.
In 1873 the legislature limited jury duty to white males.
In Oregon, he would serve in the Provisional Legislature of Oregon and the Oregon Territorial Legislature.
In the composition of this statute, the legislature itself seems to have been as negligent as the copiers were in the transcription of the other.
It is not my business to be petitioning the Governor or the Legislature any more than it is theirs to petition me; and if they should not hear my petition, what should I do then?
It was held on the same day as the elections to the national legislature, the Chamber of Deputies.
Kyle was reelected to the Senate by the state legislature in 1897.
Only one of these vetoes was overridden by the legislature.
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Previous: 52nd Legislature • Next: 54th Legislature Major legislation.
Prior to joining the court he was in the Oregon Territorial Legislature and the first State Legislature.
She was also minority leader of the legislature from March to December 1999.
The Cantonal Council of Zürich () is the legislature of the canton of Zürich, in Switzerland.
The Judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature.
The legislation passed both houses of the State Legislature and was signed into law.
The legislature accepted Szaton's initial sketch.
The legislature has done so several times.
The Legislature of the Virgin Islands is the territorial legislature of the United States Virgin Islands.
The Legislature officially organized the Kansas Highway Patrol in 1937.
The new body consisted only of deputies who sat in the legislature"”.
The said Act was passed by the West Bengal Legislature.
Two reporters were based out of the B.C. Legislature.
Until his death on February 23, 1827, he served the legislature.
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