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Vocabulary Word

Word: legacy

Definition: gift made by a will; something handed down from an ancestor

Sentences Containing 'legacy'

Alternate views on van der Stel's legacy.
Boris Johnson predicted it would become "the perfect iconic cultural legacy".
Both manhunt.net and the legacy site serve Japan.
Brown's legacy as a horse breeder was significant.
But perhaps his greatest legacy is his understanding of Justification and Atonement.
But the main legacy of those discussions was what became the United Church of Christ in 1957.
Despite the confusion regarding the ultimate legacy of Abbott and its various subsidiaries as a legal entity, its artistic legacy is secure.
Elliott Gruenberg, formerly of Legacy, will be permanently on guitar.
Every resident of Northern Colorado benefits from the legacy and strategic planning of previous generations.
Evidence about his life is scarce but his literary legacy suggests an excellent knowledge of Greek.
Great grandson is film producer John F Dodge III Death and legacy.
He achieved a final the rank of brigadier general. Legacy.
He claimed he was a great believer in family values, who never swore in front of his mother: Legacy.
He died less than an hour later in the hospital. Legacy.
He was honored posthumously at Purdue University Theatre's October 2010 Legacy weekend.
Her contributions to her beloved State are immeasurable and significant in the legacy she leaves us all.
Her gesture was a living legacy as she saw Sharon as the daughter she never had.
Her many awards include: Legacy and philanthropy.
Her niece Anna Letitia Le Breton carried on her literary legacy after her death.
His widow Jessie, surviving him by 3 decades, had lived and managed his legacy there until then.
John Wesley's legacy and the spread south.
Juwayriya was described as being very beautiful and refined: Legacy.
Many publications have covered his architectural legacy and sculptural work.
On the other hand, the interiorization of a common legacy is a slow process, which B. Villalba compares to acculturation.
Passage of “Land and Water Legacy Constitutional Amendment”.
Porter describes elites in the following way: Legacy.
Prof. Stietencron represents the German legacy of Indology.
Robinson's lasting legacy on the game will be his invention of the "Robby Pad" in 1980.
Some systems impose a maximum length for compatibility with legacy systems.
Such an event also occurred after the release of . Mortal Kombat: Legacy.
The awards listed are legacy FreeNAS ones.
The conversion of National City to PNC was completed in June 2010, in the following phases: Legacy.
The Cooperative Extension Service is a legacy to Lever.
The Estanislao Zuleta Foundation is the institution that keeps and promotes the legacy of the Colombian philosopher.
The film evaluates the legacy of three generations of Asian American femme fatales in Hollywood.
The film was edited by Richard Lyford. Legacy.
The final recruit for Fang's Flock, Holden was experimented on and has scars on his arms as a legacy.
The legacy of the play has continued in audioplays and radio.
The legacy of these social divisions was to linger for many decades.
The legacy of traditions and worships in the temple mirrors a heritage in its past and present flowing into eternity.
The Legacy Trail, which runs on a former railroad route, also runs through and connects with the park.
The new orphanage building, where her legacy continues, is next to the farm.
The same year he appeared in the documentary film "Standing Strong," commenting on the legacy of Beirut and the bombing.
The work meant a great deal to him, so that is why I want to carry on his legacy."
There is some disagreement regarding van der Stel's legacy.
They de-emphasize the firm's imperial legacy.
They emphasize the efficacy of the firm's internal operations as its main commercial legacy.
This tome, in addition to his poetic works, were the true legacy of the sailor.
When he retired, he left behind a legacy of bipartisan friendship and cooperation.
Woodbridge clothing company Legacy Sportswear had a contract to provide Moose in the City memorabilia.
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