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Vocabulary Word

Word: leeway

Definition: room to move; margin; latitude; Ex. leeway for the deadline

Sentences Containing 'leeway'

A yacht beating to a mark directly upwind one mile away will cover a distance through the water of at least 1.4 miles, if it can tack through an angle of 90 degrees including leeway.
According to Robert Osborne, the primary host of Turner Classic Movies, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev was a fan of the director, so Chukrai was given more leeway than normal. Reception.
Actual course over the ground will be worse due to leeway.
Because the yacht is heeled over when sailing upwind the leeward foil is closer to vertical and provides additional side force, reducing the leeway angle, hence making the boat sail upwind more efficiently.
Born to Expire is the debut album from New York band, Leeway.
By appointing his own followers as bishops, he was able to retain some independence from the Carolingians, who most likely were content to give him leeway as long as Christianity was imposed on the Saxons and other Germanic tribes.
If the wires were stretched taut in the summer, there would not be sufficient leeway for the contraction which accompanies cold weather, and in winter they would snap.
International Skating Union rules allow some leeway in the size and radius of curves.
Leeway just about killed hardcore because we used heavy guitar sounds and spent time on actual tones and textures instead of throwing things together haphazardly."
Lyrically and vocally, Leeway were firmly rooted in the hardcore punk genre as could also be seen by the company they chose to keep – Corrosion of Conformity, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks, Sick Of It All, and Prong to name but a few.
No: he desired a canoe like those of Nantucket, all the more congenial to him, being a whaleman, that like a whale-boat these coffin-canoes were without a keel; though that involved but uncertain steering, and much lee-way adown the dim ages.
Raising the dinghy centreboard can reduce heeling by allowing more leeway.
When syncing music to picture, generally a leeway of 3-4 frames late or early allows the composer to be extremely accurate.

More Vocab Words

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