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Vocabulary Word

Word: lavish

Definition: liberal; wasteful; generous or wasteful in giving or using; abundant; profuse; great; Ex. decorated lavishly; V. give in abundance

Sentences Containing 'lavish'

A steamer came along, finally, and carried the unfortunates to Memphis, and there the most lavish assistance was at once forthcoming.
Along the road are numerous villas, including the Villa Mosca, surrounded by a lavish 18th century-style garden.
Antonio is lavish and steals his stingy brother's money.
As a result of these changes, in 1990, "JATE" could occupy the county headquarters of that party, a lavish seven-storey building; which now houses the Financing Office and parts of the Faculty of Law.
As evidenced by the scenography and photography, the resources for the film appear to have been lavish, but once finished the film was declared unsuitable for release; the reasons were evidently to do with the way the imperial family is portrayed.
Belmont threw lavish balls and dinner parties, receiving mixed reviews from New York's high society.
But unlike his grandfather Kyaswa, who would rather build a small temple than to resort to forced labor, Narathihapate built a lavish temple, the Mingalazedi Pagoda with forced labor.
Casablanca spent lavish amounts of money on promoting its releases, which made its artists happy, but not necessarily PolyGram, which now owned a 50% stake in the label.
Decorative features include lavish stonework and finials on the west wing bay window and false windows on the kitchen chimney stack wall creating a decorative feature on a plain wall.
For example, by adding three-speed automatic and five-speed manual transmission models, a sliding second-row seats that could be made to face either forward or backward, and the release of Grand Extra model with its lavish cabin.
Granting other whales to be in sight, the fishermen will seldom give chase to one of these Grand Turks; for these Grand Turks are too lavish of their strength, and hence their unctuousness is small.
Guan was said to be quiet and not lavish on the way, impressing the people of Huigu.
He made the castle his main residence and rebuilt it in a lavish Renaissance style.
He was neither corrupt nor did he make a lavish display of his power or status.
In early 2011, Bragdon angered some state employees for suggesting that many state retiree pensions were “lavish” compared with those in the private sector.
Many groups endeavor to create a professional wrestling federation, complete with lavish arenas, websites, and both live and taped events.
Moroccan and Algerian Jews throw open their homes to visitors, after setting out a lavish spread of traditional holiday cakes and sweetmeats.
On the contrary only the most advanced ant societies can expend such lavish care to their offspring as required by Atta larvae.
On the very same morning of his Queen's execution, Henry enjoys a lavish breakfast, symbolically consisting of the mate of a swan he has seen outside his window, as he looks forward to a new start and heirs with Lady Jane Seymour.
Ordos is known for its lavish government projects, including the new Ordos City, a large city with abundant infrastructure, seldom used by residents and frequently described as a "ghost city".
She has held out information which the reader should have had, and, not content with scattering false clues with a lavish hand, she has carefully avoided leaving any clues pointing to the real criminal. Worst of all, the solution itself is utterly preposterous.
She was buried in Lake Lawn Metairie Cemetery, in a lavish mausoleum she and her friend and business partner, Lana Duke, had commissioned in 1995, and which cost over $500,000.
Situated across the street from each another, the buildings both feature extensive and lavish use of decorative terra cotta.
The awards were founded in 1984 to replace the less-lavish Soapy Award; those awards shows had run since 1977.
The construction of Munro Hall in 1894 was an indication of expansion and lavish spending at Deveaux School.
The drawing room had a feet high ceiling with lavish plaster work (a small portion of which survives today) and a parquet floor.
The entire Polignac family benefited enormously from the queen's considerable generosity, but their increasing wealth and lavish lifestyle outraged many aristocratic families, who resented their dominance at Court.
The film opens up with Slaughter (Jim Brown) at a friend's house during a lavish outdoor picnic/lunch celebration.
The general remark is,`Oh, it can not be expected that one of so stern a character as M. Villefort could lavish the tenderness some fathers do on their daughters.
The label was also known to spend lavish amounts of money on parties, events, and promotion.
The lavish decoration made excessive use of gilded "carton-pierre" decorations and sculptures, red velvet and brocade.
The more liberal member of Russian society were invited to lavish parties at his residence.
The notation documents Petipa's original choreography - one of his signature lavish dances for a massive "Corps de Ballet".
The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show began in 1933 when the Music Hall presented lavish live stage shows along with the latest Hollywood feature films.
The Record Book (also known as the "Book of Patriots") published by the society was lavish.
The show features over 140 performers, lavish sets and costumes and an original musical score.
The station is a Grade II listed building, and a lavish restoration project to the platform canopies and to the booking hall was finally completed in the summer of 2008.
The words "gossipy and contumaceous" replace the original "lavish or vicious"; and the words following "he must depart" were originally "lest, by sympathy with him, others also become contaminated."
Their major effort ten years before had been unsuccessful; at that time, Sherman Billingsley was accused of attempting to influence his employees to stay out of the union with lavish staff parties and financial gifts.
These were among other plans for drawing in new (and younger) audiences without deterring the older opera lovers, the wealth and patronage of some of whom sustains the most lavish privately financed opera house in the world.
This album saw the band adding more lavish sounds but still riding on the same formula that had gained it such a following.
This structure, dating to 1928, is the extension wing of a lavish hotel complex, the Edgewater Beach Hotel.
Van Rossem's lavish lifestyle and extravagance came to the fore, having purchased a US$20 million Gulfstream Jet 4 prior to the Phoenix Grand Prix.
When altruists lavish their resources on non-altruists at the expense of their own kind, the altruists tend to die out and the others tend to grow.
When Casablanca's lavish spending habits were realized by PolyGram, it quickly made an offer to purchase the other 50% of Casablanca in 1980.
Why, it is a rank of itself in France, and from the way in which you lavish money, it is a place that must be worth a hundred thousand francs a year.''
With volumes such as these, backed by lavish Soviet and Chinese aid, and thorough organization, PAVN persevered until final victory.
Yet it was because of its black matriculates, its Republican faculty, and its lavish support that the University became a symbol the Redeemers sought to destroy.
Young's financial problems have reportedly been a result of lavish spending and, by his account, the betrayal of trusted advisers.
``Indeed he does, and in a most lavish manner, I can assure you.''

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