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Vocabulary Word

Word: laud

Definition: praise; N. ADJ. laudable: praiseworthy; ADJ. laudatory: expressing praise

Sentences Containing 'laud'

At mid-summer 1627 dismissed from his ministerial function in Yarmouth church, by a decree in chancery, given upon a certificate made by Archbishop William Laud.
By 1633, Cotton's inclination toward Puritan practices had attracted the attention of Archbishop William Laud who was on a mission to suppress any preaching and practices that did not conform to the tenets of the established Anglican Church.
Dawu have twice had the league's top scorers, namely Ghanaians Abdul Mumuni in 1991/92 and Laud Oscar in 1993/94.
He came to New England with the blessing of Archbishop Laud, who thought that this would be a good place for Vane to get Puritanism out of his system.
He was a talented and influential clergyman and Puritan who had fled his Hingham, Norfolk, England, church after the crackdown by Archbishop Laud.
However, my speech produced nothing else beside a laud laughter, which all the respect due to his majesty from those about him could not make them contain.
Not only does Dugard systematically ignore Palestinian acts of terror and their victims, but he has gone so far as to laud Palestinian 'militarized groups armed with rifles, mortars, and Kassam-2 rockets confront the [Israeli army with new determination, daring, and success.'” Also, while “many UN figures...like to lambaste Israel,” Dugard is “the only appointee of the UN who regularly rails against the UN-sponsored Quartet and its Road Map for Middle East Peace.” Citing Dugard's statement about the recent capture by Hamas of Israeli Corporal Gilad Shalit, in which Dugard expressed sympathy “for all Israel's young soldiers compelled to serve in the army of an occupying power,” UN Watch commented that “Dugard could not bring himself to express sympathy for the captured soldier without wrapping it in a sharp stab, drenched with cynicism, at Israel's morality.
The Bodleian Library houses the oldest manuscript (Laud 108), which is estimated to have been written in 1265, although its editor (Horstmann) dates it 1280-90.
The chapel dates from the 15th century, and includes a gallery pew in dark oak often referred to as ‘Queen Elizabeth’s Pew”, built by Archbishop William Laud.
The houses, and their colours, are Anselm (yellow), Hatton (green), Laud (purple), and Stafford (blue).
William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury and his Star Chamber campaigned against both Puritans and Catholics.

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