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Vocabulary Word

Word: lance

Definition: pierce with a lance; cut into; N: spearlike weapon

Sentences Containing 'lance'

Abner came into the game in the top of the 8th inning as a pinch hitter for Lance McCullers.
After being trained by both Mike Quackenbush and Chris Hero, Fire Ant and Soldier Ant debuted as Team Colony at the 2006 Tag World Grand Prix, where they lost in the first round to Lancelot (Lance Steel and Lance Steel).
Also found was a lance whose head was about 32 cm long.
An acquisition was Lance Armstrong, formerly of Motorola Cycling Team.
And he renewed the flame of his lance with a gesture which made one think of Dionysus of Crete.
Bildad, thou used to be good at sharpening a lance, mend that pen, will ye.
Don Quixote, seeing him so roughly handled, attacked the man who had struck him lance in hand, but so many thrust themselves between them that he could not avenge him.
Following the 14th stage of the Tour, Lance Armstrong referred to Rolland as a "rockstar."
Give me something for a cane--there, that shivered lance will do.
He battled it out with his seven breakaway companions in the final sprint, which included Lance Armstrong, and prevailed.
He is shown stabbing a dragon with the lance.
He sprang upon him at once, and placing the lance over his visor said to him, "You are vanquished, sir knight, nay dead unless you admit the conditions of our defiance."
He was a British Army lance corporal who was killed in action during World War I in 1914.
His battalion was posted to France in March 1915, where he was promoted to lance corporal and awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. His citation for the DCM reads: "2371 Lance-Corpl. F.W. Harvey, 1/5th Gloucestershire R.
In August 2011, Lance Dutson was hired as chief executive officer.
It became imperative to lance the flying whale, or be content to lose him.
It stars Lance Henriksen and Giovanni Ribisi.
Lance Caldwell is charged with the murder of a sentry.
Lance lets the group onto the property, where they promptly discover a pentagram made of twigs.
Lance Reddick received the role of Cedric Daniels after auditioning for several other parts.
Lance-Corporal Harvey pursued, felling one of the retreating Germans with a bludgeon.
Most Outstanding Players: Lance McIllhenny and Wes Hopkins
One single, solitary light was burning there, and it appeared like a star set in a heaven of blackness; it was Selim's flaming lance.
She also formed a well known piano duo with Lance Dossor.
She tearfully obliges Gwen's wish and then tries to escape with Lance, but is ambushed by Mona Kyser.
shouted the harpooneers and seamen, running closer to the excited old man: "A sharp eye for the white whale; a sharp lance for Moby Dick!"
Since 1991, he has been a free-lance writer of nonfiction and fiction.
The aristocracy of the lance has allied itself with the nobility of the cannon.
The banner was red or orange-red silk and flown from a gilded lance.
The Lance Todd Trophy is awarded to the annual Challenge Cup Final's man of the match.
The Lanzón takes its name from the Spanish word for "lance," an allusion to the shape of the sculpture.
The leaves are spatulate or lance shaped and spiny at the tip, they range from long and up to wide.
The oppositely arranged leaves have oval to lance-shaped blades with toothed edges.
The pale green or grayish leaves are oval or lance-shaped and often toothed.
The Red Sox were later sent pitcher Lance Clemons.
The report was released to the family of Lance Corporal Hull and later to the public.
The SPARCstation 20 has one integrated AMD Lance 10baseT Ethernet interface.
Theme park enthusiasts such as Lance Hart from Screamscape said, "Instead of selling your picture [...]
They also fire long, lance-like metal rods.
They are mostly young, of stalwart frames; fellows who have felled forests, and now seek to drop the axe and snatch the whale-lance.
They're rescued by Lance and the trio tries to escape, only for the adult male killer to knock Lance unconscious and drag him off.
This suggests that the "lance" was originally the important object, with the banner simply a decoration, but this changed over time.
What precise purpose this ivory horn or lance answers, it would be hard to say.
What you must do is carry me in your arms, and lay me across or set me upright in some postern, and I'll hold it either with this lance or with my body."
When close to the whale, in the very death-lock of the fight, he handled his unpitying lance coolly and off-handedly, as a whistling tinker his hammer.
Where is the country's champion, the Moore of Moore Hill, to meet him at the Deep Cut and thrust an avenging lance between the ribs of the bloated pest?
why weary, and palsy the arm at the oar, and the iron, and the lance?
With this once long lance, now wildly elbowed, fifty years ago did Nathan Swain kill fifteen whales between a sunrise and a sunset.
Wyoming Highway 271 travels from Wyoming Highway 270 at Lance Creek west 3.19 miles to West Lance Creek where it ends and Niobrara CR 23 takes over.
`Oh, make yourself easy on that head,'said Ali, smiling;`Selim and his flaming lance will settle that matter.

More Vocab Words

::: lancet - small surgical tool for making incisions
::: infernal - pertaining to hell; devilish; N. inferno: place of fiery heat or destruction
::: encroachment - gradual intrusion; Ex. I resent all these encroachments on my valuable time; V. encroach: take another's possessions or right gradually or stealthily; intrude; Ex. encroach on/upon
::: dysentery - inflammatory disorder of the lower intestinal tract
::: baleful - evil; malignant in intent or effect; deadly; having a malign influence; portending evil; ominous; threatening; Ex. baleful look
::: exalt - raise in rank or dignity; praise highly; inspire; Ex. exalt the imagination; ADJ. exalted; N. exaltation
::: anesthetic - substance that removes sensation with or without loss of consciousness; N. anesthesia
::: devolve - deputize; pass or be passed to others (power, work, or property); Ex. devolve on/upon/to
::: minion - servile dependent; obsequious follower
::: heinous - atrocious; wicked; hatefully bad; Ex. heinous crime