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Vocabulary Word

Word: laity

Definition: laypersons; laymen; persons not connected with the clergy

Sentences Containing 'laity'

According to the Apostolic Constitution "Ut sit" issued by John Paul II: “From its beginnings, this (Opus Dei) has in fact striven, not only to illuminate with new lights the mission of the laity in the Church and in society, but also to put it into practice; it has also endeavored to put into practice the teaching of the universal call to sanctity, and to promote at all levels of society the sanctification of ordinary work, and by means of ordinary work.
After 1929 and through the 1930s, the closing of churches, mass arrests of the clergy and religiously active laity, and persecution of people for attending church reached unprecedented proportions.
Anti-clericalism, and attempting to divide religions by pitting laity against their hierarchy was still encouraged.
As with most religious congregations in the Catholic Church there is significant involvement on the part of the laity, who may also serve on the missions.
Asi is a founding member of Maktaba-e-Anaveem Pakistan Institute for Laity and a famous local theologian of Pakistan.
Broader Jansenist theology encouraged a certain degree of individual conscience among the laity.
But on February 14, 1943, he said he received an illumination from God on how to continue serving both the laity and the diocesan clergy.
Cruz has published many books, including "CBCP Guidelines on Sexual Abuse and Misconduct: A Critique", and "Call of the Laity".
Further tension emerged with disagreements on various doctrinal issues, deepening the conflict between the priesthood and laity, a situation which many paralleled to the Protestant Reformation.
Germain published the "Treatise Concerning the Division between the Spiritualty and Temporalty", a pamphlet purporting to mediate between the laity and the clergy, but, as Thomas More argued in a response, his "Apology", actually interested in increasing the divide.
He attended a Vocational Seminar at Maktaba-e-Anaveem Pakistan Institute for Laity on 15 July, 2010.
He is Secretary of the Catholic Bible Commission of Pakistan and a Board Member of the Theological Institute for Laity The Institute has spent 20 years teaching theology to ordinary people in a country where only 2% of the population is Christian.
In 1968, reflecting a more ecumenical spirit from the Second Vatican Council and partnerships with neighboring Christian (Protestant and Eastern Orthodox) and having additional space and resources due to a decline in the number of priests in formation by the late 1960s, an "Ecumenical Institute of Theology" was established with a separate board and began offering courses, programs, events with library resources and religious training on a graduate-level to the laity and clergy of the central Maryland area.
It also criticized the Jansenists for subverting the Church hierarchy by exalting the religious role of the laity and the lower clergy.
laity) staff in co-operation with the Augustinian order and ethos.
On his return to Saint Louis, many Catholics expected him to make several changes to the existing administrative structure to give priests and laity a greater role in Church governance, as recommended by the Council.
Some Japanese laity can also be seen wearing a "rakusu", a short cloth worn around the neck of Zen Buddhist laity.
The Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate are honorees of the Patriarch of Constantinople, who have been selected from among the laity due to service to those portions of the Eastern Orthodox Church under his particular guidance.
The authorities permitted the main local cathedral to open once a year on February 14, when the former monks, nuns and laity came to it and had services.
The Autocephalists encountered the same problem as the Renovationists in that they failed to attract the Ukrainian laity.
The number of laity killed likely greatly exceeds the number of clergy.
The records of the Royal Visitation of 1615 (carried out by the Archbishop of Dublin) note that John Credlan was at that time Rector of Coolock Parish and Curate at Rathenny, with Raheny being in the care of the laity, the tithes going to one Thomas Wingfield.
The Renaissance saw an increase in monumental secular works, but until the Protestant Reformation Christian art continued to be produced in great quantities, both for churches and clergy and for the laity.
The Renovationists failed to attract the laity, who largely remained with the Patriarchal church and produced a firestorm of opposition to their temporary takeover of the Russian Orthodox church.
The Soviet press after the campaign accused the clergy and laity of hiding or stealing church valuables.

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