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Vocabulary Word

Word: labyrinth

Definition: maze

Sentences Containing 'labyrinth'

"The Battle of the Labyrinth" received generally positive reviews.
"The Battle of the Labyrinth" was adapted in a 10 hour 32 minutes audiobook read by actor Jesse Bernstein.
A labyrinth for walking meditation is a more recent addition.
A little way up the hill, for instance, was a great heap of granite, bound together by masses of aluminium, a vast labyrinth of precipitous walls and crumpled heaps, amidst which were thick heaps of very beautiful pagoda-like plants--nettles possibly--but wonderfully tinted with brown about the leaves, and incapable of stinging.
According to Hurley the surface became "a labyrinth of hummocks and ridges", in which barely a square yard was smooth.
After being attacked by demon cheerleaders at his new school, Percy returns to Camp Half-Blood and learns about the Labyrinth; part of the palace of King Minos in Crete that was designed by Daedalus.
At the same time he told her what, driven by the fierce rage of jealousy, he had said to Anselmo, and how he had arranged to hide himself in the closet that he might there see plainly how little she preserved her fidelity to him; and he entreated her pardon for this madness, and her advice as to how to repair it, and escape safely from the intricate labyrinth in which his imprudence had involved him.
Behind the first cavity is a second cavity so complex and irregular that it is called the labyrinth of the ear.
Between his ribs and on each side of his spine he is supplied with a remarkable involved Cretan labyrinth of vermicelli-like vessels, which vessels, when he quits the surface, are completely distended with oxygenated blood.
But now in this hateful age of ours not one is safe, not though some new labyrinth like that of Crete conceal and surround her; even there the pestilence of gallantry will make its way to them through chinks or on the air by the zeal of its accursed importunity, and, despite of all seclusion, lead them to ruin.
Courses:Green Hill,Marble,Spring Yard,Labyrinth,Scrap Brain Reception.
Don Fernando gave thanks to Heaven for the favour shown to him and for having been rescued from the intricate labyrinth in which he had been brought so near the destruction of his good name and of his soul; and in short everybody in the inn was full of contentment and satisfaction at the happy issue of such a complicated and hopeless business.
During a battle drill with Giant Scorpions at the camp, Annabeth and Percy accidentally find an entrance into the Labyrinth.
Fictional demigod Percy Jackson, who is fifteen years old by the end of the book, tries to stop Luke Castellan and his army from invading Camp Half-Blood through Daedalus's labyrinth by trying to find Daedalus and convince him not to give Luke Ariadne's string, which would help Luke through the Labyrinth.
For the song "Pneumonia", Björk drew inspiration from her own bout with the disease and after an emotionally-moving viewing of the film "Pan's Labyrinth".
Fox has bought the rights to the entire series from author Rick Riordan, so it is possible that "The Battle of The Labyrinth" will be adapted for film.
He settled on a strategy of urban defense, proclaiming that the city would "defend itself on its own ground" and that the White Army would be lost in a labyrinth of fortified streets and there "meet its grave".
I own that this dispute has been so much canvassed on all hands, and has led philosophers into such a labyrinth of obscure sophistry, that it is no wonder, if a sensible reader indulge his ease so far as to turn a deaf ear to the proposal of such a question, from which he can expect neither instruction or entertainment.
In 2008, Shannon was featured in the off-Broadway production of Stephen Adly Guirgis's "The Little Flower of East Orange", presented by LAByrinth Theater Company and The Public Theater, directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman and also featuring Ellen Burstyn.
In a Labyrinth they encounter Medusa, but when the Doctor denies that she is real, she becomes a statue.
In addition, Burman has written or coedited three books including The Labyrinth of Capital Gains Tax Policy: A Guide for the Perplexed and is currently coauthoring a book on U.S. tax policy with Joel Slemrod.
In his last period, in combination with other works, Luis Royo has spent four years developing one of his most personal works, THE LABYRINTH: TAROT.
In radiology, oblique view of skull, to establish better views for petrous bone, bony labyrinth and internal auditory canal. stenvers projection taken to demonstrate internal auditory canal and temporal bones.anterior projections.
In regards to the organization of information, Borges imagines "a labyrinth that folds back upon itself in infinite regression" making the reader of his "Garden of Forking Paths" "become aware of all the possible choices we might make", while Bush imagines "a challenging maze, waiting to be solved by an appropriately organized and clever team effort."
It is composed of a labyrinth of channels, swamps, lakes, and flood plain sediments (Chars).
It is set within a concealed labyrinth where five humanoid characters have been imprisoned.
It was a labyrinth of an old house, with corridors, passages, narrow winding staircases, and little low doors, the thresholds of which were hollowed out by the generations who had crossed them.
Later he published "Dark Labyrinth", which was translated into English by Miguel Guerra.
Percy soon learns that Luke had used this entrance before and will try and lead his army through the Labyrinth straight into the heart of Camp Half-Blood.
Peterson had rushed forward to protect the stranger from his assailants; but the man, shocked at having broken the window, and seeing an official-looking person in uniform rushing towards him, dropped his goose, took to his heels, and vanished amid the labyrinth of small streets which lie at the back of Tottenham Court Road.
She also played the role of the stepmother in Jim Henson's 1986 fantasy epic "Labyrinth.
The AN/FPS-16 is a C-band monopulse radar utilizing a waveguide hybrid-labyrinth comparator to develop angle track information.
The anatomical fact of this labyrinth is indisputable; and that the supposition founded upon it is reasonable and true, seems the more cogent to me, when I consider the otherwise inexplicable obstinacy of that leviathan in HAVING HIS SPOUTINGS OUT, as the fishermen phrase it.
The Battle of the Labyrinth is a 2008 fantasy-adventure novel based on Greek mythology; it is the fourth novel in the "Percy Jackson the Olympians" series by Rick Riordan.
The Battle of the Labyrinth was followed by "The Last Olympian", the final book in the series, which was released 5 May 2009.
The characters take the audience through the labyrinth in an attempt to discover the possible ways they and the audience can resolve the mystery of their imprisonment and so effect an escape.
The film will likely have the title Percy Jackson: Battle of the Labyrinth.
The labyrinth classically represented the quest to find the center (the start, the spirit, the center of time and space in the microcosm of a maze).
THE LABYRINTH: TAROT is a completely new work by Luis Royo, published in December 2004 in two formats: a unique set of cards and a book including all the illustrations together with explanatory studies of each card, written by himself.
The main road runs along the foot of a steep escarpment on which the majority of the older houses are located in a labyrinth of steep narrow lanes.
The men are freed from the labyrinth after his departure.
The pieces of Osiris are located within a labyrinth where hieroglyphs come alive to prevent the player from completing this task.
The transmitter output is delivered to the comparater labyrinth, which now acts to divide the outgoing power equally between all four horns.
The Villa Straylight is a baroque, feminine labyrinth which serves as the maternal hive of the Tessier-Ashpool construct, a counterpoint to the geometric lattices of cyberspace.
This labyrinth is filled with a fluid in which are spread out the delicate sensitive fibers of the auditory nerves; and it is to these that the vibrations must be transmitted.
Those who have visited mines, and have gone into the heart of the underground labyrinth, know how difficult it is for fresh air to make its way to the miners.
We rattled through an endless labyrinth of gas-lit streets until we emerged into Farrington Street.
When they leave, Osiris is stunned that his sister, Isis that he is not welcome in Khandaq of his bloodlust. Upon returning to the labyrinth, Deathstroke reveals to them that his proceeding items were used to create a healing machine called "Methuselah" for his dying son, Jericho.
While fighting a losing battle, the entire camp is either injured or killed, and Daedalus and Briares come out of the Labyrinth to help fight the battle and destroy Kampe.
``Ah,''cried Albert,``it is very lucky that M. Morrel comes to aid me; you are vexed, are you not, that he thus gives a clew to the labyrinth?''

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