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Vocabulary Word

Word: knoll

Definition: little round hill; hillock

Sentences Containing 'knoll'

After shots rang out in Dealey Plaza, MacNeil, who was with the presidential motorcade, followed crowds running onto the Grassy Knoll (he appears in a photo taken just moments after the assassination).
Before the Somerset Levels were drained, Brent Knoll was an island, known as the Isle (or Mount) of Frogs, that provided a safe haven from the water and marshes.
Between Mugdock Castle and Craigend is a round knoll, called the Moot Hill or place of judgement.
Beyond, on a knoll to the southwest, in the southern part of today’s Finsbury Park, stood one of the last remnants of the forests, Hornsey Wood which survived throughout the period.
Brent Knoll Camp is an Iron Age Hill fort at Brent Knoll, from Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, England.
Brent Knoll has seen human settlement since at least the Bronze Age, becoming an Iron Age Fort about 2,000BC, which covers an area of . It is defended by a single wall around high and by a single ditch, with an entrance on the eastern side, with a second bank on the north east side.
Doon Hill fort (which is not a dun), Capenoch Croft, west of Barnbarroch, occupies a rocky knoll from which the ground falls away steeply to the E. Around the rim of the knoll there is the remains of a substantial stone wall, enclosing an area some 34.0m NE-SW by 30m transversely.
Herrick ordered his men to form a defensive perimeter on a small knoll in the clearing.
His father, Jeff is a computer programmer, and his mother, Cynthia (née Boscia) is an executive at Knoll Furniture.
How often, at hare and hounds, have I seen him mounted on a little knoll, cheering the whole field on to action, and waving his hat above his grey head, oblivious of King Charles the Martyr's head, and all belonging to it!
In 1988 he was the Republican nominee for State Treasurer but was defeated by Democrat Catherine Baker Knoll.
In the 4 x 100 metre relay she finished fifth at the 1993 World Championships and won the gold medal at the 1994 European Championships, the latter with teammates Melanie Paschke, Silke Knoll and Silke Lichtenhagen. She competed for "TV Schriesheim" (1991–1995) and TV Wattenscheid 01 (1996–).
In the early twentieth century, Park Square was the site of Oak Knoll Farm and the area contained a diner, a gas station, an amusement park, a trolley barn and fairground.
It was mapped by Norwegian cartographers from air photos taken by the Lars Christensen Expedition, 1936–37, and named Vesthovde, meaning "west knoll."
It was not until the invention of the electron microscope in 1931 by the German engineers Ernst Ruska (1906–1988) and Max Knoll (1887–1969), that virus particles, especially bacteriophages, were shown to have a complex structure.
Limestone was quarried from the knoll, possibly during the 19th century but the exact date is unknown.
Making use of fire support, the relief force slowly but successfully made its way to the knoll without encountering PAVN elements.
Old prints of West Point show this monument located on a knoll near the flag pole.
Rock Creek was used by the Underground Railroad (at McAllister's Mill, "slaves would slosh through the water to throw off the tracking dogs that were pursuing them") and flows near several Gettysburg Battlefield sites, including Culp's Hill, the Benner Hill artillery location, and Barlow Knoll.
She viewed the historic district's grassy knoll as a monumental place in Dallas and that she "tied it in a way that compared that assassination to the character assassination one would go through after showing his or her self completely.
Specialist Galen Bungum of Herrick's Platoon later said of the stand at the knoll: "We gathered up all the full magazines we could find and stacked them up in front of us.
The descending ridge turns north east at Arthur's Pike, passing over the knoll of White Knott as it falls between Aik Beck and the lake, heading for Pooley Bridge.
The following acquaintances of Hodel were questioned and none were able to connect the suspect with murder: Fred Sexton, 1020 White Knoll Drive; Nita Moladero, 1617½ North Normandy [Normandie; Ellen Taylor 5121 Fountain Avenue; Finlay Thomas, 616½ South Normandy ; Mildred B. Colby, 4029 Vista Del Monte Street, Sherman Oaks, this witness was a girlfriend of Charles Smith, abortionist friend of Hodel, Turin Gilkey, 1025 North Wilcox; Irene Summerset, 1236¼ North Edgemont; Norman Beckett, 1025 North Wilcox; Ethel Kane, 1033 North Wilcox; Annette Chase, 1039 North Wilcox; Dorothy Royer, 1636 North Beverly Glenn.
The pagoda is situated on a knoll at the south bank of Pearl River.
The PAVN, using bugles to signal their forces, were repelled from the knoll with artillery, grenade, and rifle fire.
The Tangra 2004/05 team covered either on ski or on foot an overall distance of some 200 km, mostly in harsh weather conditions and challenging unfamiliar terrain in eastern Livingston Island, including the first crossing of Bowles Ridge, and first visit and routes to Vidin Heights, Gleaner Heights, Melnik Ridge, Levski Ridge, Saedinenie Snowfield, Kaliakra Glacier, Struma Glacier, middle Huron Glacier, Leslie Gap, Elhovo Gap, Gurev Gap, Yankov Gap, Pirdop Gate, Lozen Saddle, and the peaks Lyaskovets, Zograf, Lozen Nunatak, Erma Knoll, Aheloy Nunatak, Ravda, Komini, Ongal, Melnik, Castra Martis Hill, Radnevo, Zemen Knoll, and Miziya, as well as the third ascent of Presian Ridge and the summit Mount Friesland.
The troops on shore engaged in a skirmish with some 300 Chinese soldiers, afterward reinforced by 150 more, near a commanding knoll which both forces were desirous of occupying.
The word 'knoll' usually means a small hill or hill-top.
The wrist-guards are small rectangles of stone (often slate) with a number of perforations, typically between two and six, which might allow attachment to the arm with cord. One, from Hemp Knoll in Wiltshire, had markings which clearly indicate its attachment to the arm by two cords.
There is a ditch around the base of the knoll, except on the E, where there are steep slopes.
There is a small reservoir on the south east flank of the knoll.
To the east is a rocky hill on the edge of the Sevier Plateau known as the Black Knoll, marked with a hillside letter "V" ().
Under Savage's leadership, and with the extraordinary care of platoon medic Charlie Lose, the men held the knoll for the duration of the battle at X-Ray.

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