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Vocabulary Word

Word: kinetic

Definition: producing motion; of motion

Sentences Containing 'kinetic'

"Kinetic activity" as a buzzword for combat, in use since the inception of the War on Terror, has been criticized as a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy for murder.
"Kinetic Faith" was a drastic departure from the music on Bride's first three albums, abandoning the previous classic metal, speed metal and thrash metal roots.
"Kinetic Faith" was recorded in a studio in Nashville called the Salt Mine.
, works of high-speed photographer Harold Edgerton and kinetic artist Arthur Ganson are the two largest long-running displays.
A diabatic transformation of the adiabatic states replaces these off-diagonal kinetic energy terms by potential energy terms.
Although the term is historically related to the concept of inelastic collision in dynamics, the two concepts are quite distinct; the latter refers to processes in which the "total" kinetic energy is not conserved.
Among his teachers were Josef Loschmidt, Joseph Stefan, Andreas von Ettingshausen and Jozef Petzval. Boltzmann received his PhD degree in 1866 working under the supervision of Stefan; his dissertation was on kinetic theory of gases.
Because of this cooperativity, the kinetic interaction of glucokinase with glucose does not follow classical Michaelis-Menten kinetics.
Boltzmann's kinetic theory of gases seemed to presuppose the reality of atoms and molecules, but almost all German philosophers and many scientists like Ernst Mach and the physical chemist Wilhelm Ostwald disbelieved their existence.
Boltzmann's most important scientific contributions were in kinetic theory, including the Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution for molecular speeds in a gas.
Discussing the work "Lift Off", Black stated: “The sculpture appears kinetic as one passes by – reflecting the spirit and vibrancy of the new neighborhood,".
He has published extensively in plasma physics, fluid dynamics, kinetic theory and quantum fluids.
He used momentum, rather than the kinetic energy on which the later established theory is based, as it seemed to him to avoid some difficulties around whether elastic collisions were possible between indivisible atoms.
However, glucokinase is coded by a separate gene and its distinctive kinetic properties allow it to serve a different set of functions.
In 1836, he published a calculation of the mean molecular speed in a gas based on his kinetic theory and hence the speed of sound.
In chemistry, nuclear physics, and particle physics, inelastic scattering is a fundamental scattering process in which the kinetic energy of an incident particle is not conserved (in contrast to elastic scattering).
In November 2013, the Museum opened "5000 Moving Parts", a year-long exhibition of kinetic art, featuring the work of Ganson, Anne Lilly, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, John Douglas Powers, and Takis.
Its published results did much to bring about general acceptance of Joule's work and the kinetic theory.
John G. Harries considered a common ground in the ideas that underlie developments in 20th-century art such as Serial art, Systems Art, Constructivism and Kinetic art.
John James Waterston was another contemporaneous Scottish physicist who also worked on the kinetic theory, and whose work was also neglected at the time.
Jonathan Davies, the drummer for local band Kinetic Ideals, expressed an interest in assisting with production, and 3 months before the release replaced Jones in the live line-up.
Joule's more exact measurements were pivotal in establishing the kinetic theory at the expense of caloric.
Kaluta was a fan of the contributing artist Moebius, particularly his kinetic line and non-linear, surprising stories.
Kinetic Faith is the fourth album by the American heavy metal band Bride, released in 1991.
Lau later became a record executive with a Sire Records subsidiary known as Kinetic, a label specializing in indie dance music.
Light sculpture and moving sculpture are the components of his "Light-Space Modulator" (1922–30), which is one of the first light art pieces which also incorporates kinetic art.
Moreover, the mechanism of glycosidic bond forming reaction (3→2) was examined thoroughly by the determination of kinetic isotopic effects (KIEs) and NMR spectroscopy.
Off-diagonal elements in these equations are nuclear kinetic energy terms.
On the Earth, temperature is defined in terms of the kinetic activity of the surrounding atmosphere.
One of the most popular permanent galleries features approximately a dozen works of kinetic art by Arthur Ganson.
Paradoxically, this leads to situation when a kinetic armor-piercing projectile is "more" usable at long ranges than a HEAT projectile, despite the latter having a "higher" armor penetration.
see probability density); or, more concretely, the quantity directly related to the kinetic energy in the flow model that corresponds to dissipation effects in the fluid.
Such a symmetry will not forbid Higgs kinetic terms like formula_7 or tachyonic mass terms like formula_8 or self-coupling terms like formula_9 (fortunately!)
The decrease of angular momentum is transferred as kinetic energy to the outer vortex, resulting in separated flows of hot and cold gas.
The exhibition inaugurates a "year of kinetic art" at the Museum, featuring special programming related to the artform.
The Museum runs the annual "Friday After Thanksgiving" (FAT) competition, which usually has been emceed by kinetic artist Arthur Ganson, sometimes accompanied by fellow artist Jeff Lieberman.
The non separable terms are due to the nuclear kinetic energy terms in the molecular Hamiltonian and are said to couple the potential energy surfaces.
The nozzle of the rocket converts the thermal energy of the propellants into directed kinetic energy.
The nuclear kinetic energy is a sum over nuclei "A" with mass "M"A, (Atomic units are used here).
The specificity constant is a very useful kinetic value as it identifies the best substrate for a particular enzyme, in other words the specificity of an enzyme for a substrate.
The surfaces formula_36 and formula_37 are adiabatic PESs obtained from clamped nuclei electronic structure calculations and formula_38 is the usual nuclear kinetic energy operator defined above.
The two isoforms have the same kinetic and functional characteristics.
There is a transfer of energy between the translational mode (kinetic energy) and rotational and vibrational modes.
There is no kinetic data available for these reactions as the entire reaction is not verified nor well understood.
These modes of locomotion typically require an animal start from a raised location, converting that potential energy into kinetic energy and using aerodynamic forces to control trajectory and angle of descent.
This movement around 1900 deeply depressed Boltzmann since it could mean the end of his kinetic theory and statistical interpretation of the second law of thermodynamics.
Though Rumford was to come to associate heat with motion, there is no evidence that he was committed to the kinetic theory or the principle of "vis viva".
To quote Planck, "the logarithmic connection between entropy and probability was first stated by L. Boltzmann in his kinetic theory of gases."
Two important kinetic properties distinguish glucokinase from the other hexokinases, allowing it to function in a special role as glucose sensor.
When Polaris recovers, the Flash gives him a bit of his speed, which has the same effect as applying kinetic energy to a magnet; Doctor Polaris' body attracts the remains of the sunken "Aurora Borealis", containing him.

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