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Vocabulary Word

Word: juridical

Definition: of the law and its administration; CF. judicial: of courts of law; CF. judiciary

Sentences Containing 'juridical'

For the men, it gives what it now calls the Historical-Juridical List of Precedence.
He was also shown the juridical solution to put the two together.
In his French-language address, he lamented a "loss of faith in the value of dialogue, and the temptation to favor 'a priori' one of the sides in regional and national conflicts," saying that this threatens "respect for the juridical mechanisms of the United Nations."
It recognized no totally indispensable religious vows and thereby abrogated for the Latin Church the special consecration that distinguished "orders" from "congregations", while keeping some juridical distinctions.
Land administration functions may be divided into four components: Juridical, regulatory, fiscal, and information management.
SDFI was created on January 1, 1985 as a separate juridical entity managed by Statoil.
She later attended Harvard Law School, obtaining an LLM in 1982 and a Doctor of Juridical Science degree in 1988.
Since 1976, when work was already advanced on revising the Code of Canon Law, the list has been qualified as "historical-juridical" and still includes as "orders" the following institutes for men of the Latin Church, while not distinguishing between "orders" and "congregations" in the case of the Eastern Catholic Churches and Latin Church women.
The 1917 Code maintained a juridical distinction by declaring invalid any marriage attempted by solemnly professed religious or by those with simple vows to which the Holy See had attached the effect of invalidating marriage, while stating that no simple vow rendered a marriage invalid, except in the cases in which the Holy See directed otherwise.
The boats were asked to leave, but China also claims the Scarborough Shoal. The Philippines is asserting jurisdiction over the shoal based on the juridical criteria established by public international law on the lawful methods for the acquisition of sovereignty.
The current Code of Canon Law, which came into force in 1983, maintains the distinction between solemn and simple vows, but no longer makes any distinction between their juridical effects, including the distinction between "orders" and "congregations".
The jury was composed of Agnidipto Tarafder, an eminent debater from the National University of Juridical Sciences; Waled Aadnan, the President of the Public Speaking Society at the Presidency University; and Abhishek Pal,the President of the Debating Society Jadavpur University.
The motion for the finals was "In the opinion of the house, Given the current situation in Kashmir, a plebiscite is a must." The motion was carried by the government with The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences winning the debate, followed by Jadavpur University and Loreto College, Kolkata in the first and second runners up positions.
The oldest monument in Romania stands in the middle of the park, the Obelisk of Lions (1834), a tall obelisk, dedicated to the Law of Organic Rules, the first law on political, administrative and juridical organization in Romanian Principalities.
The process of protofeudalization inevitably carried with it a splintering of juridical and economic sovereignty that further weakened political unity.
The three-category "Amateur Division" awards original works that have not been commercially marketed regardless of whether the entrant is a juridical entity, group or individual. History.
The winners of each of the four Semi Finals qualified for the Finals; these included teams from the The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences or NUJS, Loreto College, Kolkata and Jadavpur University.

More Vocab Words

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