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Vocabulary Word

Word: jaded

Definition: tired or uninterested by surfeit; fatigued; surfeited; worn out; wearied; Ex. jaded appetite

Sentences Containing 'jaded'

"Kidnapped" (1978), his first feature, took on political terrorism, recasting it in the form of a group improvisation for jaded, aimless bohemian types who dabble in it like the latest fashion craze.
"Rolling Stone" magazine was generally positive with the album, giving it three stars out of five stars rating, and wrote: "Brandy exudes more pizazz than the Hanson brothers combined and bursts with enough naive charm to make Jewel look like a jaded sailor.
'Yes; and the sense of being unfit for it, or of not having understood it, or of having shown his condition in spite of himself, seems to make him so uneasy, that next day he is worse, and next day worse, and so he becomes jaded and haggard.
After a poor display in a tour match, in which he was hit for 70 runs in 12 overs and appeared jaded, he was dropped from the Test team as V. R. V. Singh became the third pace bowler and captain Rahul Dravid scrapped the five bowler strategy.
After the success of "Young and Jaded", Ben Lee released his solo debut "Grandpaw Would", and Kalinko exited the band to be replaced by Romy Hoffman.
From the alternative/pop Jaded, about changing relationships, to the electro ballad Fallen For You, a love song to God, to the soft and melodious Brianna’s Song, a deeply moving song written about their sister with cerebral palsy.
From the second season through the fifth season of "American Idol", the show's website hosted satirical news coverage by the "Jaded Journalist." The often sardonic Jaded Journalist wrote recaps (summaries) of the show, ran an email feedback column, and conducted video interviews of finalists in Hollywood as well as interviews of auditioners in other cities.
I had had a hard day's work, and was pretty well jaded when I came climbing out, at last, upon the level of Blackheath.
In it a jaded Raffles is growing increasingly cynical about British high society.
In the meantime, Sir Francis Bryan is instructed by the Duke of Suffolk to find a woman to rekindle Henry's jaded love interest, and the beautiful Katherine Howard, a very distant relation of the Duke of Norfolk, is introduced at court and, catching the King's interest, he beds her in secret and a new romance begins.
Jaded is the third album by Finnish gothic metal band To/Die/For.
Jaded political satire also figured in Mitchell’s next feature, "Red Italy" (1979).
Later that same year, the band released their self-titled album, which featured the single "Jaded (These Years)", featuring Benji Madden of Good Charlotte.
Michael Krogmann is an American writer and Internet personality from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who is noted for acting in the sardonic "Jaded Journalist" online column and interview series for the television show, "American Idol".
Noise Addict released another EP with Fellaheen, "Noise Addict vs. Silverchair", before being officially signed and releasing "Young and Jaded" in 1994.
Nonetheless, she is described as "jaded" and is extremely disconnected from the world outside the Villa Straylight.
Out of the Jade Hunter mare Jealous and Jaded, she was sold at the 2007 Keeneland September yearling sale for $35,000.
Seventeen years later, Adam is a jaded ex-substance addict working as a New York City tour guide, while Steve has become a successful psychiatrist. By sheer coincidence the two meet when Adam accidentally stabs his dog and Steve, who dabbled in veterinary medicine, treats the animal at the hospital. Both Adam and Steve fail to recognize each other from their previous meeting.
Some have proposed that the purpose of the Jaded Journalist is to bring edginess and humor to the otherwise saccharine image that "American Idol" tends to promote for itself.
The film was conceived by Warhol as a parody of "Sunset Boulevard" (1950) so Underground USA is a jaded parody of a parody and in those terms is a successful art film.
The identity of the Jaded Journalist, whose face was obscured or hidden in videos, was kept relatively secret from the character's inception until 2004, when his identity was revealed to be Krogmann.
The songs on these albums also cemented Ferry's persona as the epitome of the suave, jaded Euro-sophisticate.
They also felt that although the film was "Slightly reminiscent of "Near Dark", it brought "enough blood and boobs to the table to entertain even the most jaded horror fan."

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