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Vocabulary Word

Word: isthmus

Definition: narrow neck of land connecting two larger bodies of land

Sentences Containing 'isthmus'

"Homodiaetus" is currently distinguished from other genera of Stegophilinae by the combination of the origin of the pelvic fin midlength between the tip of the snout and the caudal-fin origin, the opercle with three or more odontodes, and the gill membranes confluent with the isthmus.
"Remarks on the Isthmus of Suez, with Special Reference to the Proposed Canal" was published in the "Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London" in 1859, and "Proposed Transit-Route across Central America, from a New Harbour in Nicaragua" was published three years later.
A stagecoach then crossed the narrow isthmus to San Juan del Sur, where another steamer travelled to San Francisco. The ATC provided the cheapest route to California from the east coast, and was soon carrying 2,000 passengers a month at a fare of $300 each, later reduced to $150.
All but two of the prehistoric sites are within this river isthmus.
By August 1938 the Deisslers resided in a five-bedroom home built in 1937 at 50 Sotelo Avenue, Piedmont, California, "an isthmus of white wealth", and the "city of millionaires", where the Deisslers would live together until at least August 1942.
Changes of level in the land must also have been highly influential: a narrow isthmus now separates two marine faunas; submerge it, or let it formerly have been submerged, and the two faunas will now blend together, or may formerly have blended.
During the battles on the Karelian Isthmus, he was awarded the Mannerheim cross.
During the winter of 1749-1750, Louis La Corne was dispatched from Quebec and arrived at the settlements near the Isthmus of Chignecto, along the rivers Petitcodiac, Chipoudie, and Memoramcook.
During World War II, he was responsible for defending the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec from Axis aggressions.
Even when at last convinced that they were different, he still flattered himself that those rich countries were at no great distance; and in a subsequent voyage, accordingly, went in quest of them along the coast of Terra Firma, and towards the Isthmus of Darien.
Following his victory at the Battle of Thermopylae, Xerxes sacked the evacuated city of Athens and prepared to meet the Greeks at the strategic Isthmus of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf.
Fort Cumberland was located on the Isthmus of Chignecto, which connects modern mainland Nova Scotia with New Brunswick.
He states that it is a precarious, delicate, subtle but founding isthmus.
However, in 1633 and 1634 the Mount Batten isthmus was breached.
In 1855, another earthquake further lifted the isthmus so that it became permanently dry land.
In 243 BC, in an attack by night, he seized the Acrocorinth, the strategically important fort by which Antigonus controlled the Isthmus and thus the Pelopennese.
In February 1940, a major Soviet offensive broke through the Mannerheim Line on the Karelian Isthmus, exhausting Finnish defenses and forcing the country's government to accept peace negotiations on Soviet terms.
In some few cases, however, as by the breaking of an isthmus and the consequent irruption of a multitude of new inhabitants into an adjoining sea, or by the final subsidence of an island, the process of extinction may have been rapid.
It is located between Madison's Northeast side to the east and the University of Wisconsin campus to the west. The southwestern portion of the isthmus is home to the Wisconsin State Capitol, State Street, and Madison's main business and financial districts.
It is on the Rongotai isthmus, between the Miramar Peninsula and the suburbs of Kilbirnie and Lyall Bay.
It originates from eastern Mexico and the Bay of Campeche as a post-frontal northerly wind, accelerated southward by cold air damming, which crosses the isthmus and blows through the gap between the Mexican and Guatemalan mountains.
It was the sacred thirst of gold that carried Ovieda, Nicuessa, and Vasco Nugnes de Balboa, to the Isthmus of Darien; that carried Cortes to Mexico, Almagro and Pizarro to Chili and Peru.
Its highest point is the peak "Makryplagi", elevation 1,351 m. It covers the northern part of the isthmus between the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf.
Juchitán de Zaragoza (; Spanish name; Isthmus Zapotec: "Xabizende" ) is an indigenous town in the southeast of the Mexican state of Oaxaca.
Known as a strategist and gentleman of politics, was the last governor of the department of the Isthmus of Panama in 1903 and during the first government of the Republic, served as the first Vice-President, 1904-1908.
Located on the northern part of the Isthmus of Panama, it has a deep natural harbor and was used as a center for silver exporting before the mid-eighteenth century and destruction in the War of Jenkins' Ear.
Madison, Wisconsin is one of only two major U.S. cities built on an isthmus, the other being Seattle, Washington.
Many of the hilliest areas are near the city center, with Capitol Hill, First Hill, and Beacon Hill collectively constituting something of a ridge along an isthmus between Elliott Bay and Lake Washington.
Mr. Prestwich, in his admirable Memoirs on the eocene deposits of England and France, is able to draw a close general parallelism between the successive stages in the two countries; but when he compares certain stages in England with those in France, although he finds in both a curious accordance in the numbers of the species belonging to the same genera, yet the species themselves differ in a manner very difficult to account for considering the proximity of the two areas, unless, indeed, it be assumed that an isthmus separated two seas inhabited by distinct, but contemporaneous faunas.
Scholars and historians believe it to have originally been an island, which later joined the shore to form a sand isthmus.
So that when I shall hereafter detail to you all the specialities and concentrations of potency everywhere lurking in this expansive monster; when I shall show you some of his more inconsiderable braining feats; I trust you will have renounced all ignorant incredulity, and be ready to abide by this; that though the Sperm Whale stove a passage through the Isthmus of Darien, and mixed the Atlantic with the Pacific, you would not elevate one hair of your eye-brow.
Squillace is situated on the east coast of Calabria, on the shores of an extensive bay, the Gulf of Squillace (), which indents the coast of Calabria on the east as deeply as that of the Gulf of Saint Euphemia (Italian: "Golfo di Sant'Eufemia") does on the west, with a comparatively narrow isthmus between them.
The city is situated on a narrow isthmus between Puget Sound (an inlet of the Pacific Ocean) and Lake Washington, about south of the Canada–United States border.
The island is divided into east and west halves by an isthmus.
The Isthmus of Chignecto lies directly northeast of the basin, and Shepody Bay joins the Cumberland Basin near its entrance into the larger water body, Chignecto Bay.
The known distribution of "Marmosa robinsoni" extends from Finca Santa Clara in the western Panamanian province of Chiriquì, eastward across the isthmus to Colombia and northern Venezuela. Although most Venezuelan specimens are from north of the Orinoco River, found one specimen from Ciudad Bolivar on the south (right) bank of the river in Bolivar state.
The Madison Isthmus is an isthmus in Madison, Wisconsin between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona.
The marine inhabitants of the eastern and western shores of South America are very distinct, with extremely few shells, crustacea, or echinodermata in common; but Dr. Gunther has recently shown that about thirty per cent of the fishes are the same on the opposite sides of the isthmus of Panama; and this fact has led naturalists to believe that the isthmus was formerly open.
The municipality is situated on the Lyngen peninsula, with the Lyngen fjord to the east and Ullsfjorden to the west. The municipal centre is Lyngseidet, a pretty settlement on an isthmus that almost cuts the peninsula in the middle.
The only part of the current isthmus above water was the small hill which now has the airport control tower on it; the Miramar Peninsula was an island known as Te Motu Kairangi at the entrance to Wellington Harbour.
The Paraguaná Peninsula is connected to the rest of the state by a natural isthmus of Médanos.
The street grid within the isthmus is laid out in a southwest-to-northeast pattern.
The United States government was seeking to halt (or roll back) the advances of what it considered to be pro-Soviet forces on the isthmus.
The violent history of Juchitán involves the strategic geopolitical location of the area, which is located on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the thin part of Mexico between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The zone has been coveted by many countries since the McLane-Ocampo Treaty, which was signed in December 1859.
They lie off the north coast of the Isthmus of Panama, east of the Panama Canal. They are home to the Kuna Indians and a part of the "comarca" (district) Guna Yala (also spelled Kuna Yala) along the Caribbean coast of Panama.
Under the treaty, President Benito Juárez received a loan in exchange for the use of the isthmus of Tehuantepec by the United States.
Until about the 15th century, the Rongotai isthmus was probably a shallow channel known as Te Awa a Tia.
When gold was discovered in California, Brown decided to try cash in and traveled to Central America in 1849, planning to establish a cheaper and faster commercial route west from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans across the isthmus of Nicaragua.
Zhdanovsky Island (; ) is a peninsula on Karelian Isthmus, along the southern shore of Vuoksi River.

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