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Vocabulary Word

Word: irreparable

Definition: not able to be corrected or repaired; impossible to repair

Sentences Containing 'irreparable'

At last he went to bed, out of spirits and heavy at heart, as much because he missed Sancho as because of the irreparable disaster to his stockings, the stitches of which he would have even taken up with silk of another colour, which is one of the greatest signs of poverty a gentleman can show in the course of his never-failing embarrassments.
Even a brief visit to a church could mean loss of employment and irreparable career damage, expulsion from educational establishments and even to arrest. People who wore pectoral crosses underneath their clothing could be subject to persecution.
He suggested that the plaintiff had to show that 'irreparable injury' would be suffered, for which common law damages would not be adequate compensation, unless an injunction was granted.
If gentlemen, great lords, nobles, men of high birth, were to rate me as a fool I should take it as an irreparable insult; but I care not a farthing if clerks who have never entered upon or trod the paths of chivalry should think me foolish.
It was fortunate for Clermont that this was so because one of his captains wrote shortly afterwards that if the Constable (Richemont) had not come when he did, Clermont's army would have suffered "irreparable damage".
Logan and Graem agree that the president must commit suicide, reasoning that his trial would do irreparable damage to the country.
Mr. Mell having left me while he took his irreparable boots upstairs, I went softly to the upper end of the room, observing all this as I crept along.
Notably, the petitioners argued that the export of First Nations artifacts was particularly troubling, under the premise that “their loss frequently irreparable.” On October 25, 1886, the 15 by 20 foot Provincial Museum of Natural History and Anthropology opened in the Birdcages (the former BC Legislative buildings).
Notwithstanding the family chaos, Balachandran's younger sister Shubha walks out with Adivasi leader Sreedharan on the day of Balachandran’s marriage, causing irreparable damage to the family reputation, following which his mother dies.
One such entry for February 7, 1939 depicts Aderca stating his regret that Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, founder of the fascist Iron Guard, had been killed during the political purges of 1938: " told me that he deplores the death of Codreanu, who was a great man, a real genius, a moral force without equal, whose 'saintly death' is an irreparable loss."
The Court stated in its opinion that:Based on the medical information before the court and the government's representations about the conditions under which it will transport the petitioner, which include an aircraft equipped as a medical air ambulance and attendance by medical personnel, the court cannot find that the petitioner's removal to Germany is likely to cause irreparable harm sufficient to warrant a stay of removal. The Court also ruled that it was unlikely that Demjanjuk could demonstrate that he would be "tortured" in Germany and that this claim did not sufficiently support his request for a stay.
The site of the original church remains as a ruined burial ground, including an impressive mausoleum to Lord Belhaven, although the church is in an irreparable state.
This church was a marvellous miracle of architecture, but unfortunately it was demolished in the early sixties (1960') as a result of irreparable damages in its structure.
Three years previously, Rachel Carson had published "Silent Spring", which implicated big business and industry in profiting from practices that caused irreparable environmental harm.
``Alas, madame,''said the procureur with his imperturbable calmness of manner,``I consider those alone misfortunes which are irreparable.''
``Sire, I believe it to be most urgent, but I hope, by the speed I have used, that it is not irreparable.''

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