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Vocabulary Word

Word: irrelevant

Definition: not applicable; unrelated

Sentences Containing 'irrelevant'

According to this version of the stolen body hypothesis, there was no conspiracy; Jesus's body was moved from the tomb for unknown or irrelevant reasons.
All the attention was focused on the permanent figures of the court, while us witnesses, and those in the dock, seemed irrelevant".
Although many contemporary scholars argue that "Third World" is outdated, irrelevant or inaccurate, others may use the term "Fourth World" in reference to least developed countries (although Fourth World is also used to refer to stateless ethnic groups).
An initial finding of a fragment of what was believed to be a child's skull was widely publicised, but forensic tests later confirmed that the finding was irrelevant.
Brought by a group of Israelis of Sephardic descent who felt that the dramatised history of Zionism unfairly minimised their communities' contribution to the movement, the Supreme Court indicated that in this case fairness was "irrelevant"; broadcast could not be censored, but "another aspect of the issue should be presented".
By the mid-1920s Islamic courts became irrelevant to criminal or civil suits, and they were replaced by Soviet courts.
Cameron realizes Jessica's implication that it was Donna ('the redhead'), but claims it's irrelevant as Harvey did nothing to prevent Jessica from using the evidence against him; Jessica replies, "so after you threw him under the bus and I saved him, he should've thrown himself back under the bus?"
Controls over gun shows were seen as irrelevant to preventing the Columbine shootings because the friend who legally purchased the long guns could have also legally purchased the very same guns in a gun store.
Criticism was given to the album's fourth track, "I Want a Cowboy", characterizing the song as an "annoying stop-and-go melody and lyrics more befitting a 17-year-old Lila McCann, it is a song so generic and irrelevant that it would be album filler on the worst albums".
For example, conservative writer David Horowitz argues that the increasing use of the term "neoconservative" since the 2003 start of the Iraq War has made it irrelevant: The term may have lost meaning due to excessive and inconsistent usage.
He continued to perform with both bat and ball at the domestic level, although his sedate pace is frequently criticised as being irrelevant at the international level.
He was drafted with the final pick of the 1997 NFL Draft by the Green Bay Packers, thus earning the distinction of being Mr. Irrelevant.
However, some policy analysts argue that the specific gun control measures proposed in the Columbine aftermath are largely irrelevant.
In the sixties, Marshall McLuhan caused wide irritation with his statement that the traditional, book-oriented intellectuals had become irrelevant for the formulation of cultural rules in the electronic age.
It is argued that there exists a color blindness or an "understanding that cultural differences rooted in racial identities are irrelevant for peoples' prospects and their overall well-being".
It is reported to feature hip-hop artists Heath McNease, Irrelevant and Manchild.
Mark Olsen of the "LA Times" criticized the film as "unfocused," with several moments that are "theatrical but irrelevant," calling the film "a one-sided attack piece" that "doesn't add much to the conversation."
MSN Music's Robert Christgau said that Rose succeeds on "his own totally irrelevant terms" and asserted, "Since he's no longer capable of leading young white males astray, this effort isn't just pleasurable artistically.
Not that I have ventured to strike out all such interjections; I have removed only those which were obviously irrelevant; wherever one occurred which I felt any question about, I have judged it safest to let it remain.
Paul’s was perceived as irrelevant, if not invisible.”
Referring to Wilson (1994), Ströhle et al. argue that "the number of generations that a species existed in the old environment was irrelevant, and that the response to the change of the environment of a species would depend on the heritability of the traits, the intensity of selection and the number of generations that selection acts."
Replies from proponents include noting that if the motive of the graverobbers was body parts for necromancy, the cloths might be irrelevant; and if the culprit was a "pious thief", then the wrappings might have been "deliberately" left behind to foster the notion of the body miraculously disappearing.
Right, some Paksiw recipes have ginger, but your argument is still irrelevant.
She asserts that the Miller-Urey experiment was irrelevant as views on the atmospheric composition have been revised.
Since a shift by a constant is sometimes irrelevant in applications (e.g. hash tables), a careful distinction between the uniform distance property and pairwise independent is sometimes not made.
Since then, WOW FM has been a relatively irrelevant force in the Penrith area.
Starting with the truth table for a set of logic functions, by combining the minterms for which the functions are active—the ON-cover—or for which the function value is irrelevant—the Don't-Care-cover or DC-cover—a set of prime implicants is composed.
Stimuli are of three types: 1) "irrelevant" stimuli that are irrelevant to the investigated situation and to the test subject, 2) "target" stimuli that are relevant to the investigated situation and are known to the subject, and 3) "probe" stimuli that are relevant to the investigated situation and that the subject denies knowing.
The book/dossier concludes with an irrelevant administrative memo, there is no remorse whatsoever about the tragic consequences of the investigation.
The decision proved irrelevant, however, as Kristatos was knifed to death by Columbo while reaching for a concealed knife.
The reason for the change was that Kevin McNeal, the ABA Number One Pro for 1981, had a runaway season and had wrapped up the title a full month before the Grand National, rendering the event vis a vis Number one Pro irrelevant.
The Roman Catholic Church holds that it has a continuous teaching authority, magisterium, which preserves the definitive, i.e. the truthful, understanding of the faith, irrelevant of a literal interpretation of the Bible.
The second lesson is that the presence of such human outposts in the Murasaki system has been totally irrelevant to the pre-programmed local cycles of destruction and rebuilding.
The semantic turn suggests a distinction between the technical and user-irrelevant working of artifacts and the human interactions with artifacts, individually, socially, and culturally.
The subject is told why the probes are significant (e.g., "You will see several items, one of which is the murder weapon"), but is not told which items are the probes and which are irrelevant (Farwell 1994, Farwell 2012, Farwell "et al." 2012).
The suits are irrelevant for this game, and the ranks are not ordered in a hierarchy.
The theory is that the brain processes known and relevant information differently from the way it processes unknown or irrelevant information (Farwell Donchin 1991).
The trial court cited a Yale Law Journal Note which said the system "would be similar and no less tenable should the state make educational expenditures dependent upon some other irrelevant factor, such as the number of telephone poles in the district" (81 Yale L.J. 1303, 1307).
The Webb–Kenyon Act became irrelevant with the adoption of national prohibition under the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Volstead Act. With the movement to repeal prohibition by the adoption of the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution, the question of the Act's validity and enforcement became a political and policy issue once again.
These values no longer correspond to their namesakes in modern disk drives, as well as being irrelevant in other devices such as solid-state drives which do not physically have cylinders or heads.
This, however, presumes a bizarre notion of physical compositeness, in which a boundstate could be essentially decoupled from its constituents near its compositeness scale by the effects of superstrong irrelevant operators.
Those opposed claim that the subject is irrelevant and fraudulent.
Thus biconditionals, multiple realizability, etc., are irrelevant.
When an irrelevant stimulus is presented, a P300 is not expected to occur (Picton 1988, Farwell Donchin 1991, Farwell Smith 2001).
When the pivot is uniquely defined or irrelevant, we omit it and write simply formula_44.
Whether the female asks the male, or vice versa, is irrelevant.
Whether the slot machine pays the bank robber in coins or a slot ticket is irrelevant because the traceable money is in the machine and the bank robber will effectively receive "clean" or "laundered" money.
Whether they had anything further to do with Siegen is irrelevant.)" Sundry.
Widerøe, de Havilland Canada and the initial investigation commission were of an opinion that this was irrelevant for the accident, while Transport Canada and the Swedish Defence Research Agency were of the opinion that this caused a weakening in the structure.
With the only considerations now involving decency things like unfortunate format changes and declining sound quality seem irrelevant.

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