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Vocabulary Word

Word: invocation

Definition: prayer for help (used in invoking); calling upon as a reference or support; act of invoking

Sentences Containing 'invocation'

"Realm of Disease" is a re-recorded song from "Invocation".
A more common use case is the invocation of badblocks as part of e2fsck when passing the option codice_1 to scan for bad blocks and prevent data from being stored on these blocks.
A relieved Amaravathi says that she would be counting the songs, and would appear before him at the end of the ordeal. The court assembles next day at the vasantha madapam, and in the august presence of the King, ministers and scholars, Ambikapathy commences his soiree with a short invocation to Saraswathi, the Goddess of learning.
Any changes made to the member variables of the C++ classes can be extrapolated by ReplicaNet using several pre-defined filters to reduce the amount of network traffic when transmitting changes in the object. This approach of describing objects that can then be processed by other computers is similar to other systems such as CORBA, Java remote method invocation and Distributed Component Object Model.
At this stage, he worked largely as a singer, lending his rich baritone voice to performances of various pieces, including Handel’s “Invocation To Music” and “So Fahr Ich Hin,” a motet by Heinrich Schütz.
But in his joy at the enchanted, tacit acquiescence of the mate, Ahab did not hear his foreboding invocation; nor yet the low laugh from the hold; nor yet the presaging vibrations of the winds in the cordage; nor yet the hollow flap of the sails against the masts, as for a moment their hearts sank in.
Dance in Cambodia ( "robam") consists of three main categories: classical dance of the royal court used for invocation, entertainment and to pay homage, folk dance which portrays cultural traditions, and social dances performed in social gatherings.
Dhikr (or Zikr, "Remembrance God", "pronouncement", "invocation"; ', plural ', ), is an Islamic devotional act, typically involving the recitation—mostly silently—of the Names of God, and of supplications taken from hadith texts and Qur'anic verses, according to Sunni Islam.
Each band played a musical selection, and then Rev. Henry A. Brown provided the invocation.
He tells Dawn that he has come to Sunnydale in response to her "invocation", and he will take her to his dimension to make her his bride ("What You Feel") when his visit is complete.
His long reign of forty-seven years is chiefly marked by ambitious and corrupt dealings with the Tartar chiefs, and by his hazardous invocation of the Mongols, which so soon brought his own dynasty to an end.
Hoebel's definition, unlike that of neoconservative thought and its invocation of Leo Strauss for justification of government deception, is that to be legal, law must be based on social norms, and norms on agreements within communities, rather than the dominance of the few.
However, with the invocation of the escalator clause, they were completed with 16-inch guns.
I now approach a period of my life, which I can never lose the remembrance of, while I remember anything: and the recollection of which has often, without my invocation, come before me like a ghost, and haunted happier times.
In computer science, polymorphic recursion (also referred to as Milner–Mycroft typability or the Milner–Mycroft calculus) refers to a recursive parametrically polymorph function where the type parameter changes with each recursive invocation made instead of staying constant.
In non-interactive mode, i.e. when the first argument is a name or Internet address of the host being searched, parameters and the query are specified as command line arguments in the invocation of the program.
In September 2008, he gave an invocation at the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
In some languages with no built-in support for properties, a similar construct can be implemented as a single method that either returns or changes the underlying data, depending on the context of its invocation.
In the mid-sixties the newsletter began to include more commentaries on spiritual practices such as meditation, mantra, hatha yoga, and the Divine Light Invocation.
It is performed for invocation of deities and spirits as well as to pay homage to royalty and guests.
Its invocation of El may show that that deity was worshipped in Edom, along with Kaus and others.
JSR 292 ("Supporting Dynamically Typed Languages on the Java™ Platform") added a new codice_8 instruction at the JVM level, to allow method invocation relying on dynamic type checking (instead of the existing statically type-checked codice_9 instruction).
Minister: You came to call sinners ("or a similar invocation"): Christ, have mercy.
Minister: You plead for us at the right hand of the Father ("or a similar invocation"): Lord, have mercy.
Minister: You were sent to heal the contrite ("or a similar invocation"): Lord, have mercy.
On 29 August 1414, a brotherhood was founded under the invocation of 'Sancta dels Folls Dona Nostra i Desamparats Innocents' (Our Lady of the Insane and the Forsaken Innocents).
On an auspicious day Devaraja Mahadesikan commenced the teaching with the invocation of the song which began with the words ‘Akhila Bhuvana’.
Patrick's Catholic Church provided the invocation.
The album features an improved production over "Invocation".
The building resulted from the enlargement of the minor chapel (to the same invocation) which was ordered built by descendents of Captain António de Medeiros and his wife Maria Francisca.
The EP features an intro and 5 songs, of which 2 are new, "Insipid" and "Ascendency", and 2 are re-recorded versions from "Invocation", "Immolation of the Dragon" and "Occupy".
The invocation was offered by Pastor John Roberts of Raceway Ministries.
The word dhikr is commonly translated as "remembrance" or "invocation".
This was an invocation to Steerforth to place himself under her hands; who, accordingly, sat himself down, with his back to the table, and his laughing face towards me, and submitted his head to her inspection, evidently for no other purpose than our entertainment.
To begin pre-race events, Reverend Mark Stokes of Alabama Raceway Ministries gave the invocation.
Without attending to this invocation, we stood by, until he put up his pocket-handkerchief, pulled up his shirt-collar, and, to delude any person in the neighbourhood who might have been observing him, hummed a tune with his hat very much on one side.

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