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Vocabulary Word

Word: invincible

Definition: unconquerable

Sentences Containing 'invincible'

#11, Tawny is given permanent anthropomorphic form by the magical superhero Ibis the Invincible, after he proves to be more of an aid to the Marvels than Satanus intended.
A man might have applied that to him, which is recorded of Socrates, that he knew how to want, and to enjoy those things, in the want whereof, most men show themselves weak; and in the fruition, intemperate: but to hold out firm and constant, and to keep within the compass of true moderation and sobriety in either estate, is proper to a man, who hath a perfect and invincible soul; such as he showed himself in the sickness of Maximus.
After West Germany's 1990 World Cup win, with assistant Berti Vogts taking over as the national team coach, the retiring Beckenbauer infamously predicted that the German team, with additional former East Germans to choose from, would be invincible for years to come.
Almost invincible during sprints, he mixed a great prowess at freekicks with an astonishing finishing skill.
Any incidents would be logged at Control and Reporting Centre Sørreisa (CRC) and at the radar station tracking the aircraft. During an exercise three years later on 13 March 1985, two Sea Harriers from HMS "Invincible", then anchored off Andøya, were recorded as being inside the no-fly zone, comparatively close to the 1982 site of "Invincible".
But many thought, and I thought so too, that it was special favour and mercy which Heaven showed to Spain in permitting the destruction of that source and hiding place of mischief, that devourer, sponge, and moth of countless money, fruitlessly wasted there to no other purpose save preserving the memory of its capture by the invincible Charles V; as if to make that eternal, as it is and will be, these stones were needed to support it.
But the declension of the naval power of this latter nation, in consequence of the defeat or miscarriage of what they called their invincible armada, which happened towards the end of the sixteenth century, put it out of their power to obstruct any longer the settlements of the other European nations.
Come, senor governor, get up, and come and enjoy the victory, and divide the spoils that have been won from the foe by the might of that invincible arm."
Dark Horse Comics has published reprints, including several in hardcover collections, of such original Gold Key titles as "Magnus, Robot Fighter"; "Doctor Solar"; "Mighty Samson"; "M.A.R.S. Patrol"; ""; "The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor"; "Dagar the Invincible"; "Boris Karloff's Tales of Mystery"; "Space Family Robinson"; "Flash Gordon"; the Jesse Marsh drawn "Tarzan"; and some of the Russ Manning-produced "Tarzan" series.
During the Bosnian War, as Commanding Officer of HMS "Invincible", he provided air-to-air combat, close air support and photo-reconnaissance over Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1993.
For a time "Hermes" was retained, along with all three of the "Invincible"-class light aircraft carriers.
For such is the wonderful skill, prescience of experience, and invincible confidence acquired by some great natural geniuses among the Nantucket commanders; that from the simple observation of a whale when last descried, they will, under certain given circumstances, pretty accurately foretell both the direction in which he will continue to swim for a time, while out of sight, as well as his probable rate of progression during that period.
For three seasons the cream of the north and the south followed an American-style system with London Towers invincible in the South.
Graham Masterton's horror novel "Tengu" tells of a conspiracy by a secret Japanese society to avenge the American bombing of Hiroshima by producing invincible warriors possessed by the Tengu.
Handed down from that time, then, this order of chivalry went on extending and spreading itself over many and various parts of the world; and in it, famous and renowned for their deeds, were the mighty Amadis of Gaul with all his sons and descendants to the fifth generation, and the valiant Felixmarte of Hircania, and the never sufficiently praised Tirante el Blanco, and in our own days almost we have seen and heard and talked with the invincible knight Don Belianis of Greece.
He approached me, and the first thing he did was to embrace me closely, and then he said to me, 'For a long time now, O valiant knight Don Quixote of La Mancha, we who are here enchanted in these solitudes have been hoping to see thee, that thou mayest make known to the world what is shut up and concealed in this deep cave, called the cave of Montesinos, which thou hast entered, an achievement reserved for thy invincible heart and stupendous courage alone to attempt.
He then goes on to defeat the Demon King who was thought to be invincible.
He was also involved in the decisions that led to the creation of the "through deck cruiser", which became the small Invincible class aircraft carriers.
HMS "Valiant" was a 74-gun third rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, modelled on the captured French ship "Invincible" and launched on 10 August 1759 at Chatham Dockyard. Her construction, launch and fitting-out are the theme of the 'Wooden Walls' visitor experience at Chatham Historic Dockyard. She served under Augustus Keppel during the Seven Years' War, and under Admiral Prince William in 1789.
I may say, in short, that I took part in that glorious expedition, promoted by this time to be a captain of infantry, to which honourable charge my good luck rather than my merits raised me; and that day--so fortunate for Christendom, because then all the nations of the earth were disabused of the error under which they lay in imagining the Turks to be invincible on sea-on that day, I say, on which the Ottoman pride and arrogance were broken, among all that were there made happy (for the Christians who died that day were happier than those who remained alive and victorious) I alone was miserable; for, instead of some naval crown that I might have expected had it been in Roman times, on the night that followed that famous day I found myself with fetters on my feet and manacles on my hands.
If a player kills an opponent, his head will become bigger until he/she reach the maximum stage which will make the player become a Invincible Head.
In June 1950 Reilly created his best-known comic book, "Silver Flash and his Frogmen" for Invincible Press.
Invincible's CEO Tom Ashley had this to say, "Of course we would have preferred an uncut release last year.
It also enhances the mind to cope with and understand these new insights, effectively turning a Mistborn invincible for a short time.
It also introduces new raid bosses like "Hyperius the Invincible" and a new hovering vehicle, the Sandskiff, which can only be driven in the DLC areas.
It has been announced that an uncut version will be released through Invincible Pictures on 22 May 2012 as a limited edition release.
It is true that certain strokes of good fortune, that have given me more than I could have hoped for, have made some alteration in me; but I have not therefore ceased to be what I was before, or to entertain the same desire I have had all through of availing myself of the might of your valiant and invincible arm.
Korean people have come to think of Samsung as invincible and above the law”, said Woo Suk-hoon, host of a popular economics podcast in a "Washington Post" article headlined "In South Korea, the Republic of Samsung", published on December 9, 2012.
Musashi is shocked to discover that Sekishūsai is now an old, bedridden man, but nonetheless has an impacting discussion over the nature of being the greatest swordsman and learns one of his most valuable lessons: "invincible is just a word." Musashi leaves Jotarō in the care of the Yagyū and leaves alone.
The "Lion"-class battlecruisers were designed to be as superior to the new German battlecruisers of the "Moltke" class as the German ships were to the "Invincible" class.
The character of Ryback has been criticized in the media due the fact that he is invincible and would defeat his opponents rather too easily, removing the element of surprise in his personal combat.
The film's North American DVD and Blu-ray release was on 25 October 2011 through Invincible Pictures.
The invincible theme of "Sonic Drift" is based on "Sonic - You Can Do Anything" from the original release of Sonic CD.
The Royal Navy's aircraft carrier HMS "Invincible" was anchored in Vestfjorden and her Sea Harriers were participating, as were a detachment of Hawker Siddeley Harriers of No.
The same inscription states he defeated the invincible "Karnata-Bala" of the Badami Chalukyas.
There are treasure chests scattered around the six worlds for you to find, there is the Invincibility novelty Mickey cap that will make you invincible for a limited amount of time, you got two forms of Mickey currency (Mickey pouch Mickey Token) both will add coins to you and over time give you an extra Try.
They end up meeting 'Team Evil in the final. "Team Evil", helmed by none other than Fung's old nemesis, Hung, who assembled a squad of players who have been injected with an American drug, granting them superhuman strength and speed, making them practically invincible.
They then respawn, invincible for a short amount of time.
This changes when Kojirō befriends Kusanagi Tenki, the local bully who longs to be a great swordsman and achieve the title of "Invincible Under the Sun".
Wallace had few cavalry and few archers; but his solid "schiltrons" (circles) of spearmen were almost invincible.
When a player becomes a Invincible Head he/she will become invincible and use a toy hammer as a weapon for 15 seconds and after 15 seconds the invincibility is going to be taken off and that player has to run off to other side safe to not get killed by enemies.

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