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Vocabulary Word

Word: invert

Definition: turn upside down or inside out; reverse the position or condition of

Sentences Containing 'invert'

After training more thoroughly with his "zanpakutō", Shinji is even able to invert the words he says, as well as make those more susceptible to the ability "Sakanade" very ill.
An alternative is the LU decomposition which generates upper and lower triangular matrices which are easier to invert.
Chest wall deformities such as pectus excavatum can cause the sternum to invert, thus increasing the index, which can reach 3.25 or even as high as 5.5
Fill a medium sized bottle with water, cover it with a glass plate, invert the bottle in the trough, and then remove the glass plate.
For most practical applications, it is "not" necessary to invert a matrix to solve a system of linear equations; however, for a unique solution, it "is" necessary that the matrix involved be invertible.
Gender and sexuality within this world is fluid and expansive, with the principal official categories of "self-image for gender" listed to include feminine, masculine, androgynous, gyandromorphous, hermaphrodite, ambisexual, bisexual, intersex, neuter, eunuch, nonsexual, undifferentiated, gay, lesbian, queer, invert, homosexual, polymorphous, poly, labile, berdache, hijra, and two-spirit.
Give not thyself up, then, to fire, lest it invert thee, deaden thee; as for the time it did me.
He is, at best, a poor plagiarist; all he can do is to follow slavishly the lead given him by Cervantes; his only humour lies in making Don Quixote take inns for castles and fancy himself some legendary or historical personage, and Sancho mistake words, invert proverbs, and display his gluttony; all through he shows a proclivity to coarseness and dirt, and he has contrived to introduce two tales filthier than anything by the sixteenth century novellieri and without their sprightliness.
Since a blockwise inversion of an matrix requires inversion of two half-sized matrices and 6 multiplications between two half-sized matrices, it can be shown that a divide and conquer algorithm that uses blockwise inversion to invert a matrix runs with the same time complexity as the matrix multiplication algorithm that is used internally.
Since the gravitational field of the Moon affects the orbit of a spacecraft, it is possible to use these tracking data to invert for gravity anomalies.
Some levels invert the player's controls, and in the sequel games, the player has to control several balls, which shatter if they touch each other.
The "maccalube" (singular "maccaluba", from Arabic "maqlūbah", '(a land) that turns over', from the verb "qalaba" 'to turn over, turn upside down, invert') are a particular and rare phenomenon of sedimentary volcanism occurring in the Terrapelata area of Caltanissetta, the so-called Hill of the Volcanoes near the village of Santa Barbara.
The CIA invert is a one-dollar value postage stamp error issued by the United States Postal Service.
This was the first United States stamp issued with a major design element printed upside down since the Dag Hammarskjöld invert error of 1962.
When you invert your head, it looks like a thread of finest gossamer stretched across the valley, and gleaming against the distant pine woods, separating one stratum of the atmosphere from another.

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