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Vocabulary Word

Word: invalid

Definition: one incapacitated(disabled) by a chronic illness; ADJ: incapacitated by illness; not valid; null; V: allow to leave (a military force) because of ill-health

Sentences Containing 'invalid'

A "private use area" of chunk IDs is reserved for this or any other purpose, although some emulators save state under invalid chunk IDs in the public space.
A mob in Brescia had massacred invalid Austrian soldiers in the hospital, and von Haynau ordered reprisals.
A TLB invalid exception is generated when there is a match but the entry is marked invalid.
A total of 171 votes were cast in this election, of which 2 or 1.2% were invalid.
A total of 345 votes were cast in this election, of which 3 or 0.9% were invalid.
A total of 357 votes were cast in this election, of which 3 or 0.8% were invalid.
A total of 96 votes were cast in this election, of which 1 or 1.0% was invalid.
Again, research has not been done to prove this hypothesis as valid or invalid.
Although Filip Vujanović won the election with 86% of the vote, turnout was less than the required 50%, so the election was declared invalid.
At last, to make the matter easier, I went upstairs with her; and having waited outside for a minute, while she said a word of preparation to Mr. Barkis, presented myself before that invalid.
Barrois turned round and with a great effort stumbled a few steps, then fell at the feet of Noirtier, and resting his hand on the knee of the invalid, exclaimed,``My master, my good master!''
D'Avrigny followed the invalid, wrote a prescription, ordered Villefort to take a cabriolet, go in person to a chemist's to get the prescribed medicine, bring it himself, and wait for him in his daughter's room.
Former teammate LeBron James considered that criticism invalid and asserted, "He's taking physical charges."
Heidi arrives at the house in Frankfurt, where she learns she's supposed to become the companion of a wealthy but invalid girl named Klara.
However it did not serve his purpose and he returned to London two months later in a semi-invalid state.
However, it was widely believed that Courtenay Philipps's first marriage was invalid.
In 1860, he was also elected to the Legislative Council for Stadacona division; however, the election was declared invalid in May 1861.
In addition, there were 168 gunners, 54 hussars, three Invalid companies, and one company of "Gravenitz" Infantry Regiment # 57.
In the 2007 Swiss Council of States election election a total of 1,109 votes were cast, of which 37 or about 3.3% were invalid.
In the 2007 Swiss Council of States election election a total of 156 votes were cast, of which 4 or about 2.6% were invalid.
In the 2009 Conseil d'Etat/Staatsrat election a total of 1,002 votes were cast, of which 37 or about 3.7% were invalid.
In the 2009 Conseil d'Etat/Staatsrat election a total of 124 votes were cast, of which 8 or about 6.5% were invalid.
is not the invalid she makes out to be and the two women don disguises for their journey.
It covers all names, whether current names, synonyms or invalid names.
It followed that he had not properly applied his mind when issuing the warrant, and that it was invalid.
It is only when he becomes friends with Boppi, an invalid, does he truly experience what it means to love other human beings.
Lamberton saw his oath to Edward II as a necessity and exhorted from him under duress- therefore invalid.
Morrel then cast on the invalid an interrogative look as to the new favor which he designed to bestow on him.
Mrs. Hurst and Miss Bingley had spent some hours of the morning with the invalid, who continued, though slowly, to mend; and in the evening Elizabeth joined their party in the drawing room.
On her return, she brought a message, to the effect that Mrs. Steerforth was an invalid and could not come down; but that if I would excuse her being in her chamber, she would be glad to see me.
Propaganda media were distributed, Sanation supporters tried to break up opposition rallies and some opposition lists and candidates were declared invalid by ostensibly neutral government institutions.
replacing these informal (invalid) sections are: "Leratiomyces" in 2008 in part replacing Section "Stropholoma" and "Protostropharia" in 2013 in part replacing section "Stercophila".
said the latter with apparent coolness, but with deep emotion,``have you another invalid?''
So the claim was actually invalid because it was not the same player's turn to move in all three instances, but the draw result stood . History.
Some studies have shown that areas of dream interpretation can be invalid and therefore a decline in importance has been seen in psychoanalytic dream interpretation.
The 1917 Code maintained a juridical distinction by declaring invalid any marriage attempted by solemnly professed religious or by those with simple vows to which the Holy See had attached the effect of invalidating marriage, while stating that no simple vow rendered a marriage invalid, except in the cases in which the Holy See directed otherwise.
The eye of the invalid still retained that vacancy of expression which prevented his son from obtaining any knowledge of the feelings which were passing in his mind; he listened, nothing more.
The invalid's eye remained fixed, by which expression he intended to intimate that his resolution was unalterable.
The two groups retained their separate identities through rules prohibiting intermarriage and, when such marriages occurred, making them invalid.
There is one subspecies : "Conus orbignyi elokismenos" Kilburn, 1975 (invalid synonym : "Conus orbignyi aratus" Kilburn, 1973 ).
They discover that she is living with another man and leave. Alyosha returns, takes back the soap he had given her, and gives it instead to Pavlov's invalid father.
They had formed a circle round the invalid; the second notary was sitting at a table, prepared for writing, and his colleague was standing before the testator in the act of interrogating him on the subject to which we have alluded.
This disagreement led some authors to use invalid combinations of the scientific names, such as "Mascarinus obscurus" and "Coracopsis obscura".
This finding rendered the church’s decision arbitrary and invalid.
This prompted a second round of voting, in which Quwatli won the presidency with 91 votes against Azm's 41 (a further five votes were blank and two invalid.)
Thus members of "orders" were barred absolutely from marriage, and any marriage they attempted was invalid.
Traditionally, values other than 00h (not active) and 80h (active) were invalid and the bootstrap program would display an error message upon encountering them.
Which is deputed by some scholars to be invalid, in grounds that it was merely a sample election and that the local Sabahan's illiteracy where exploited into voting against the Philippines in the referendums.
``Thanks,''murmured the invalid, extending one hand.
``Yes,''looked the invalid, his eye beaming with delight at the ready interpretation of his meaning.

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