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Vocabulary Word

Word: intuition

Definition: immediate insight; power of knowing without reasoning; ADJ. intuitive; V. intuit: know by intuition

Sentences Containing 'intuition'

"Intuition" (Live at Toronto's Danforth Music Hall)  – 6:14 15.
According to the "Columbia Spectator", Costa more closely identifies with gospel singers using their intuition, as compared to classically trained musicians.
AmigaOS provides an abstraction of the Amiga's hardware, a disk operating system called AmigaDOS, a windowing system API called "Intuition" and a desktop file manager called "Workbench".
He describes the 'feminine genius' as including empathy, interpersonal relations, emotive capacity, subjectivity, communication, intuition and personalization.
Her early work, culminating in "Realism in Mathematics", defended Kurt Gödel's position that mathematics is a true description of a mind-independent realm that we can access through our intuition.
However, until AmigaOS 2.0 there was no standardized look and feel, and often application developers had to write their own non-standard widgets (both buttons and menus), with Intuition providing minimal support.
Hutchinson began to give her own views on religion, espousing that "an intuition of the Spirit", and not outward behavior, provided the only justification that one had been elected by God.
Hutton's batting technique was orthodox and conventional. John Woodcock writes that he seemed to possess great intuition, for example playing mystery spinners Ramadhin and Iverson with ease.
In contrast to this, Godfrey additionally had a regular segment called "Intuition Development" where he talked about the Zodiac and lunar cycles.
In traditional cultural reference, the Japanese refer to marobashi as the culmination of training or practice in which the practitioner is able to execute without thought, without kata, upon something even smaller than intuition.
Intuition is therefore not primitive, but built (VI, 2).
Intuition was improved with BOOPSI (Basic Object Oriented Programming system for Intuition) which enhanced the system with an object-oriented interface to define a system of classes in which every class individuate a single widget or describes an interface event.
It includes an abstraction of the Amiga's hardware, a disk operating system called AmigaDOS, a windowing system API called "Intuition" and a desktop file manager called "Workbench".
It is the direct intuition of the Real-existence, intelligence and bliss.
Julie and Pat joined fellow south Yorkshire musicians Kathleen and Rosalie Deighton, Kate Rusby, and Kathryn Roberts for the highly regarded album "Intuition" (1993).
Kickstart contains many core parts of the Amiga's operating system, such as "Exec", "Intuition", the core of "AmigaDOS" and functionality to initialize Autoconfig compliant expansion hardware.
Of course no mechanical jogging will introduce the vital quality referred to, which must come from the vitality of the artist's intuition; although I have heard of photographers jogging the camera in an endeavor to introduce some artistic``play''in its mechanical renderings.
she cried, glancing from one to the other of us, and finally, with a woman's quick intuition, fastening upon my companion, "I am so glad that you have come.
Such algorithms perform the structuring task based on heuristic rules, which can come from theories of rhetoric, psycholinguistic models, and/or a combination of intuition and feedback from pilot experiments with potential users.
The intuition behind the test is as follows.
The live versions of Intuition and Honey Honey are the same versions as those found as bonus tracks on the UK and Japanese CDs.
The native Amiga windowing system is called Intuition, which handles input from the keyboard and mouse and rendering of screens, windows and basic widgets.
Then it was that the lust of the chase would suddenly come upon him, and that his brilliant reasoning power would rise to the level of intuition, until those who were unacquainted with his methods would look askance at him as on a man whose knowledge was not that of other mortals.
Therefore, in dance instruction, quick and slow beat descriptions, in combination with intuition and careful listening, may be a good approach, though not suitable for performing and notating the music.
Underlying Workbench is the "Intuition" windowing system, which handles screens, windows, gadgets and input from the keyboard and mouse.
Until AmigaOS 2.0 there was no unified look and feel design standard and application developers had to write their own widgets (both buttons and menus) if they wished to enhance the already-meager selection of standard basic widgets provided by Intuition.
With AmigaOS 2.0 Intuition was enhanced with GadTools and the BOOPSI object-oriented widget system (AmigaOS 2.0 an later), which both provided standard widget sets, and the "Amiga User Interface Style Guide", which explained how applications should be laid out for consistency.

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