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Vocabulary Word

Word: introspective

Definition: looking within oneself; N. introspection: self-examination

Sentences Containing 'introspective'

"Like a Prayer" developed an introspective theme, utilizing confessional lyrics about personal issues.
"Sailor Moon" is described largely in terms of its characters—a sustained, 18-volume narrative about a group of young heroines who are simultaneously heroic and introspective, active and emotional, dutiful and ambitious.
'I think so,' murmured the Provincial Mayor; and, knitting his brows, he lapsed into an introspective state, his lips moving as one who repeats mystic words.
A ten-year-anniversary review of the paper raised several objections, questioning the idea of "process" they had used and arguing that unambiguous tests of introspective access are hard to achieve.
Actors also have privileged information access that includes some degree of introspective access to pertinent causal stimuli and thought processes, as well as better access (than observers) to stimulus-response covariation data about their own behavior".
After analyzing the reports the authors had mixed views about the results, the correct interpretation of Melanie's claims and her introspective accuracy.
Allmusic critic Richie Unterberger states that "Tattoo" "how introspective, vulnerable sides to the singer/songwriter that had previously been hidden."
Although some other experimental work followed from the Nisbett and Wilson paper, difficulties with testing the hypothesis of introspective access meant that research on the topic generally stagnated.
Although subjects persuaded themselves they were unlikely to be biased, their introspective reports did not sway the assessments of observers.
As Madonna's most introspective release at the time, "Like a Prayer" has been described as a confessional record. She described the album as a collection of songs "about my mother, my father, and bonds with my family."
Crohmălniceanu finds the book notable for its introspective tone, which culminates in self-irony and offsets the depiction of battles "in a cold, record keeping-like manner".
He began an elaborate introspective diary in John Byrom's shorthand in 1766 and continued it to the time of his death.
He may not admit this to himself, instead claiming his prejudice is because he believes that homosexuality is unnatural. A study conducted by philosopher Eric Schwitzgebel and psychologist Russell T. Hurlburt was set up to measure the extent of introspective accuracy by gathering introspective reports from a single individual who was given the pseudonym "Melanie".
He picked it up and gazed at it in the peculiar introspective fashion which was characteristic of him.
In the opening chapter, Hans is symbolically transported away from the familiar life and mundane obligations he has known, in what he later learns to call "the flatlands", to the rarefied mountain air and introspective little world of the sanatorium.
In their classic paper, Nisbett and Wilson proposed that introspective confabulations result from a priori theories, of which they put forth four possible discrete origins: The authors note that the use of these theories does not necessarily lead to inaccurate assumptions, but that this frequently occurs because the theories are improperly applied.
John Ireland was described as "a self-critical, introspective man, haunted by memories of a sad childhood".
Levy's latest literary offering, "Echoes of the Wind", is an introspective novel that is accompanied by a CD of selected classical pieces chosen by the author.
McCartney, perhaps to a greater degree than the others, maintained a deep interest in the pop musical trends and styles emerging both in Britain and the United States, whereas Harrison developed an interest in Indian music and Lennon's compositions became more introspective and experimental. Consequently, McCartney began to assume the role of the initiator and, to a degree, leader of the artistic projects of the Beatles.
Moreover, also Timothy Wilson has tried to find a way to get out from "introspection illusion", and in his book "Strangers to ourselves" he suggests that the observation of our own behaviours more than our thoughts can be one of the keys for a pure introspective knowledge.
Nisbett and Wilson conjectured about several factors that they found to contribute to the accuracy of introspective self-reports on cognition.
Paul Golding, writing in The Sunday Times compared her favourably to Françoise Sagan, writing 'Morin exploits the same obsessively introspective, whimsically punctuated stream-of-consciousness technique, but she is a much finer plotter and a hell of a better swearer'.
Reef Younis of BBC Music felt that "hile some consistency may have been sacrificed in favour of a space-filling selection of tracks, this set still represents a heaving, breathing journey through the introspective and the bombastic, the striving and the exhaustive.
Research by Paul Eastwick and Eli Finkel at Northwestern University also undermined the idea that subjects have direct introspective awareness of what attracts them to other people.
She also said Jenna "can be the shy, introverted girl, whereas on her blog she's snarky, she's introspective, she's a little bit wiser, she'll write the truth… and then probably not act on it."
The album received favorable reviews, which commented on its "eclectic" and "introspective" nature.
The book belongs in the corpus of travel writing, though its series of chapters often offer a highly introspective view of the author's person-hood.
The same critic suggested that their introspective methods were ahead of their time, but argued that their cut section of the early 20th century Romanian lexis had made them seem antiquated.
The second side of "Remain in Light" features more introspective songs.
The unfolding biomorphic flow of these drawings inevitably evokes the introspective surrealism of an artist like Arshile Gorky…"—The Brooklyn Rail "The results resemble…pregnant Robert Ryman canvases that delicately balance the scientific and the artistic”—Artnews
Then he stood before the fire and looked me over in his singular introspective fashion.
They wrote that subjects had, "little or no introspective access to higher order cognitive processes".
This is Starsailor's first video filmed black and white and else the first introspective video of their career.
This only served to inspire Xiaogang and his peers to opt for topics of western philosophy and introspective individualism while shunning political and ideological subject matter.

More Vocab Words

::: indifferent - unmoved or unconcerned by; having no interest in; mediocre; neither good nor bad
::: discord - conflict; lack of harmony; dissonance (when musical notes are played)
::: rigor - severity; Ex. rigors of the Russian winter
::: console - lessen sadness or disappointment; give comfort; allay the sorrow of; N. consolation
::: niggle - spend too much time on minor points (esp. when finding fault); find fault; Ex. niggle over details; ADJ. niggling
::: factotum - handyman; person who does all kinds of work; CF. do everything
::: caption - title; chapter heading; text under illustration
::: effrontery - rudeness without any sense of shame; shameless boldness; presumptousness; nerve; cheek
::: brunt - main impact or shock (of an attack or blow); Ex. brunt of the argument
::: willful - wilful; intentional; headstrong