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Vocabulary Word

Word: intervene

Definition: come between; interfere; Ex. intervened to prevent a fight; N. intervention

Sentences Containing 'intervene'

"I made mistakes" in not canceling the trade, which profited from the SNB's decision to intervene in the currency markets two days later "but I always acted in line with the rules", he said.
A law adopted by the new government on October 20, 1789 authorized the Garde Nationale to raise the red flag in the event of a riot, to signal that the Garde would imminently intervene.
A second documentary, "Seal Wars", followed members of Sea Shepherd as they attempted to intervene against seal hunting activities on the beaches of Namibia.
After a patron attempted to intervene Galione fired two shots into the ceiling of the restaurant.
After the Bush administration suggested it would intervene in the labor dispute by using government troops to operate the ports, Hahn urged non-intervention.
Although the stereotypical view of Chinese magistrates was that they were reluctant to intervene as arbiters in any kind of civil dispute, more recent studies have argued that most of a magistrate's work involved the settlement of civil disputes.
Attempting to intervene, she fell against a dartboard hung on the barroom wall, and the men began to attack her as well.
British business enterprises, harbour rights, and consulate office were the basis on which the United Kingdom had cause to intervene in Samoa.
Burrell explains that he could not intervene with Carcetti and the new State’s Attorney.
But causes of serious error here intervene: a plant, to be hybridised, must be castrated, and, what is often more important, must be secluded in order to prevent pollen being brought to it by insects from other plants.
But history must not yet tell the tragedies enacted here; let time intervene in some measure to assuage and lend an azure tint to them.
Chief Justice Wood noted that ""I am of the view that the criminality of the respondent, and the level of his dangerousness, are such that, notwithstanding the principles there discussed, it is necessary for the Court to intervene"".
Despite this, the executive did not intervene, and McGleenan was able to easily defeat an Irish Labour Party candidate.
Dismissing fears by human rights groups that more civilians will be killed, Valdés said, "We are going to intervene in the coming days.
El-Sherbini's husband, who was present at the hearing, tried to intervene.
Ferdinand insisted on the Aragonese alliance to cement an alliance between Aragon and the king of Morocco so that they would not intervene in the coming war with Granada.
He and Senator Syvret sought permission to apply for a judicial review of UK Justice Secretary Jack Straw's decision not to intervene over the prosecution of historic child abuse cases.
He was then killed by Seung-Hui Cho after he went to investigate and intervene.
He was then set at liberty, in consequence of the resolve of the British government to abandon the attempt to intervene in the internal politics of Afghanistan.
However, Borden's apparent poor health and Angier's sense of morality intervene and Angier does not go through with the murder.
In 1180 Bohemond and Raymond attempted to intervene in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, which was at the time ruled by their kinsman Baldwin IV, a leper.
In his letter to Bettly, Max urges her to marry – and Daniel confesses that he has asked Max to intervene on his behalf.
In response to the revolt, the interim government of Rwanda sent Pauline Nyiramasuhuko from Kigali, the capital, to intervene in her home town of Butare.
In the meantime, the Australian Government elected to not intervene until the outcome of the appeals was known.
It was customary on the part of landholders and other leading landed interests such as taluqdars to intervene in the daily lives of the peasants or "ryots" with the army and police forces.
Jean Calvin himself had to intervene: Poullain was cleared of allegations against him, but had to resign his position, and Calvin questioned his judgement.
Learning that Sirella disapproves of Dax, Worf asks Martok to intervene.
Malone becomes convinced of the guilt of the Minister, but powerful influences intervene and he gets off.
Meeting no opposition, Saladin ravaged the countryside of Montreal, whilst Baldwin's forces watched on, refusing to intervene.
Meg tries to intervene on his behalf with Mr. Jenkins, the school principal, whom she still resents due to past conflicts.
Only three of these were deployed close enough to intervene immediately against any invasion of Northern France, the other four were dispersed in southern France and the Netherlands.
Panzram was sentenced to death and he refused to appeal his sentence, even threatening to kill human rights activists that attempted to intervene on his behalf.
Qebba's anger and hatred over his fate threatened to consume the entire world, until Azhrarn himself had to intervene.
Rebel spokesmen expressed fear of a massacre in Misrata if NATO did not intervene strongly.
Reserve regiments had not been able to intervene quickly, leaving front battalions unsupported until divisions arrived, some hours after the commencement of the attack.
Russia was aware of this plan, and a decision was made to intervene in the event that it was carried out.
Serious allegations arouse that Rajaji did not intervene to break the fast or provide medical help for Sriramulu even though the fast had continued for over 50 days.
She counted the days that must intervene before their invitation could be sent; hopeless of seeing him before.
Solitude is not measured by the miles of space that intervene between a man and his fellows.
The change was intended to remedy the neutralization of the front division's reserve, achieved by the British artillery on 20 September, so that it could intervene before the divisions arrived.
The directors of the company also reserved the right to intervene should the grounds or buildings not remain in a state of proper repair.
The JNA decided to intervene and was ordered to Dalj at 6:50 a.m.
The other Gods requested Vishnu to intervene to stop this destruction, towards which Vishnu used the Sudarshana Chakra, which cut through the Sati's corpse.
The Supreme Court this time recommended that the then Prime Minister, P. V. Narasimha Rao, intervene and find a political solution.
The term had been dropped before the French attacks in mid-April to avoid confusion over their purpose, meaning "interlock, dovetail" or "intervene" being substituted.
There is a camera crew who are not allowed to intervene except for medical emergencies when it is "absolutely necessary."
They didn't intervene, and neither did the Hamas men".
This is when another teammate, Arwind Santos, tried to intervene by putting himself between the third referee and Balkman.
Though a bloodthirsty berserker who would take any chance to take over Ichigo's body, Hollow Ichigo's nature as a Zanpakutō compels him intervene during some of Ichigo's fights.
Walker was supposed to intervene for Marmaduke, but failed to come to his aid out of concern for his own exposed position.

More Vocab Words

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::: apothecary - druggist; pharmacist
::: altruistic - unselfishly generous; concerned for others; N. altiruism: unselfish concern for the welfare of others; unselfishness; OP. egoism
::: tirade - long angry denunciatory speech; diatribe; harangue; extended scolding; denunciation
::: vivacious - lively or animated; sprightly
::: macabre - gruesome; grisly; ghastly; CF. of death
::: taper - very thin candle; gradual decrease in the width of a long object; V. make or become gradually narrower toward one end