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Vocabulary Word

Word: interrogate

Definition: question closely; cross-examine; cross-question

Sentences Containing 'interrogate'

(It was common practice to interrogate travelers from such British strongholds as New York, Boston and Philadelphia.)
As for the 26th of July 2011, it was planned to interrogate 38 witnesses for "the part of prosecution".
Being a man who knew that the former of these symptoms was one of the inherent penalties of womanhood, he did not then press his inquiries, but waited for a more appropriate opportunity when he should again interrogate her, or receive an avowal proprio motu.
Bilborough and Beck interrogate the man, but he still claims no memory, so Bilborough contacts Fitz to question him.
By providing a simple menu interface providing access to an aggregation of some of the best known market research publishers and trade publications in the UK, Wagner was able to provide customers with the ability to interrogate them all simultaneously via a computer and a telephone line.
Col. McDade ordered a halt as he went forward from the rear of the column to interrogate the prisoners personally.
Determined to discover the truth, they begin to make plans to interrogate Rhys.
Emperor Gaozu arrested Liu Wenjing and had Pei and Xiao Yu interrogate him.
Emperor Xuanzong had Yuan, Cui Yinfu, Wei Kang (韋抗) the minister of justice, and Hu Gui (胡珪) the assistant chief judge of the supreme court, interrogate Zhang.
For example, pramipexole has been used (in combination with D2- and or D3-preferring antagonists) to interrogate the role of D3 receptor function in rodent models and tasks for neuropsychiatric disorders.
He is behaving very strangely and when the Chancellory Guard under their Commander, Andred, arrive at the Panopticon Chamber to interrogate him, the Doctor demands to be taken to Chancellor Borusa, who is now in charge of the Time Lords.
He joined the German Section of the Political Warfare Executive, during which time he would interrogate Hitler's former deputy, Rudolf Hess.
He runs into a group of men and an alien at the farmhouse who interrogate him until SecBu troops arrive.
His paper on a systems approach to prion disease in 2009 was one of the first to thoroughly explore the use of systems biology to interrogate the dynamic network changes in disease models.
However, sire, if I might advise, your majesty will interrogate the person of whom I spoke to you, and I will urge your majesty to do him this honor.''
In fact, the minister, who, in the plenitude of his power, had been unable to unearth Napoleon's secret, might in despair at his own downfall interrogate Dantes and so lay bare the motives of Villefort's plot.
In reality, Cranmer was the one to interrogate the young queen, and although his popularity with the Crown might have fluctuated, he remained an influential member of Henry's court and the Church of England until the ascension of Mary I in 1553.
It would have been of as much avail to interrogate any stone face outside the chateau as to interrogate that face of his.
On the January 30 episode he attempted to interrogate The American Wolves (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards) over who The Investor was only to get beaten down for his troubles.
Rapid as had been Villefort's glance, it had served to give him an idea of the man he was about to interrogate.
Should any one else interrogate you, say to him what you have said to me, but do not breathe a word of this letter.''
The count looked at Mercedes as if to interrogate her, but she continued to walk on in silence, and he refrained from speaking.
The series portrays Thomas Cranmer as having fallen out of favor with Henry after Anne's downfall, and that Bishop Gardiner was the one to interrogate Catherine Howard at Syon Abbey after her sexual indiscretions and adulteries were exposed.
The siblings interrogate Agnes, but she reveals nothing.
There was something grave and solemn in the approach of the young girl which struck the old man, and immediately his bright eye began to interrogate.
Villefort bowed, and advancing a few steps, waited until the king should interrogate him.
When police looked for Seabra to interrogate him about the crime, he had already left the scene and later admitted himself to the St.
When they interrogate him, it turns out he is not working with Volkoff, but was kidnapped to design the eye.
``It is not for you to interrogate, but to answer.''
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