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Vocabulary Word

Word: interregnum

Definition: period between two successive reigns or governments

Sentences Containing 'interregnum'

1640–1663) was an English pamphleteer and Leveller during the Civil War and Interregnum (England).
After an interregnum he was succeeded by Leszek's I son Bolesław V the Chaste, who upon his death in 1279 appointed Konrad's grandson Leszek II the Black of Kuyavia.
Again his brother, Mehmed I, who ended the Ottoman Interregnum, also held his post with a fief from Tamerlane; he took the title "Sovereign of the House of Osman, Khan of Khans, Grand Sultan of Anatolia and Rumelia, and of the Cities of Adrianople and Philipopolis".
Christian inherited Holstein-Rendsburg and Schleswig after a short "interregnum" as the eldest son of the sister of late Duke Adolphus VIII, Duke of Schleswig (Southern Jutland) and Count of Holstein, of the Schauenburg fürst clan, who died 4 December 1459, without children.
During the early years of the Interregnum he was a Keeper of the Great Seal. He was also an active judge who presided at several high profile trials.
During the interregnum, two diplomatic missions (led by Michał Harraburda, "pisarz litewski", and Jędrzej Taranowski) were sent from Poland to Moscow to hold discussions.
During the second interregnum, in 1574, candidature of Ivan IV was even highly regarded in Poland, however the Moscow diplomatic mission that arrived in Poland had no orders nor prerogatives to negotiate this matter.
Following the restoration of the monarchy in England in 1660, Vane was imprisoned for his role during the interregnum, and then executed in 1662 at Tower Hill.
He is the ninth member of the House of Haldane to serve as king, and the third consecutive Haldane king following the end of the Festillic Interregnum.
He served as Acting Head of the whole school in the interregnum following Donald Wilkinson's abrupt departure but on 11 December 2006, he was announced as the permanent Headmaster after three other candidates had been considered and subsequently rejected.
He was Clerk of the Signet from 1641 until 1645 and again (after the Interregnum) from 1660 to 1674.
Hereditary systems probably came into being in order to ensure greater stability and continuity, since the election and the period of interregnum associated with it had often been an opportunity for ambitious and powerful candidates to resort to violent or coercive means to achieve the throne.
In 1660 at the restoration of the monarchy it was alleged that, during the Interregnum, Keble had acted arbitrarily against Royalists and this was the reason he was excepted from the general pardon under the Indemnity and Oblivion Act. Hilkiah Bedford, a political opponent, called him "an insolent, mercenary pettifogger," who without jury or evidence sent to the gallows any he suspected of royalism.
In the countryside, may dances and maypoles appeared sporadically even during the Interregnum, but the practice was revived substantially and joyously after the Restoration.
On 7 October 1884, he was appointed vicar apostolic of the Idaho Territory, after an eight year interregnum following the resignation of fellow Belgian Louis Aloysius Lootens as vicar apostolic.
Prince Jashan Haldane was the eldest son and heir of King Ifor Haldane, the last Haldane king prior to the Festillic Interregnum.
Sir Aston Cockayne, 1st Baronet Cockayne, lived quietly at Pooley Hall for most of the English Interregnum.
That royal support contributed to the outlawing of maypole displays and dancing during the English Interregnum.
The Commonwealth was a hotbed of persons loyal to the English crown, called cavaliers in the days of the English Civil War and Interregnum.
The country broke apart into multiple kingdoms, an interregnum that would last for another 250 years until the emergence of Toungoo dynasty reunited the country in the mid-16th century.
The green ribbon and sprigs of rosemary were symbols of support for the Levellers during the English Civil War and English Interregnum.
The period of the Civil War and the Interregnum, when the public theatres were officially closed (1642–60), was perhaps the golden age of closet drama in English.
Therefore, I saw that here was a sort of interregnum in Providence; for its even-handed equity never could have so gross an injustice.
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