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Vocabulary Word

Word: intermediary

Definition: intermediate; acting as a mediator; N: mediator; go-between

Sentences Containing 'intermediary'

"Jean Metzinger" writes Daniel Robbins "was at the center of Cubism, not only because of his role as intermediary among the orthodox Montmartre group and right bank or Passy Cubists, not only because of his great identification with the movement when it was recognized, but above all because of his artistic personality.
According to Investopedia, Murabaha is a loan that does not charge interest; instead, an intermediary holds ownership of the property until the buyer pays off the loan.
After John O. Meusebach successfully negotiated the Meusebach–Comanche Treaty, Kriewitz lived among the Penateka Comanche as an intermediary between the whites and Penateka.
After the murder of Jacinto Mendoza, who worked with the landless families to request property titles for non-used lands owned by the state, the intermediary charged of having hired the "sicarios" testified having received 8 millions bolivars (4,500 Euros) from Omar Contreras Barboza, former Minister of Agriculture of Carlos Andrés Pérez, who claimed as his own the properties at stakes.
An indirect auto loan is where a car dealership acts as an intermediary between the bank or financial institution and the consumer.
As such, the "missus" performed important intermediary functions between royal and local administrations.
Berlusconi’s right-hand man Marcello Dell'Utri was the intermediary, according to Spatuzza.
Dreyfus products are delivered through a variety of distribution channels: intermediary (advisor-sold), institutional, and retail direct. History.
Endsleigh Insurance is a Cheltenham-based UK insurance intermediary specialising in the student, education and graduate markets.
For £1,000, via an intermediary, he had passed on confidential information about police operations to Noye.
General. While machine translation made available for mobile users (mobile translation) is a notable advance in multilingual communication eliminating the need for an intermediary translator/interpreter, translating foreign texts still poses a problem to the user as they cannot be expected to be able to type the foreign text they wish to translate and understand.
Harry Harrison had acted as an intermediary in Cohen's negotiations with SFWA, and when Wrzos left in 1967, Cohen asked Harrison to take over.
He settled initially at an intermediary experimental farm in Tokyo, teaching up to seventy students assigned by the government in animal husbandry, veterinary medicine and basic techniques of selective breeding.
He was allied with Lenin, who used him as an intermediary between the government and the peoples of Central Asia.
Hess proposed a socialist state in which the Jews would become agrarianised through a process of "redemption of the soil" which would transform the Jewish community into a "true" nation, in that Jews would occupy the productive layers of society rather than being an intermediary non-productive merchant class, which is how he perceived Jews in Europe.
In Marx's view, economic reproduction in any society has five main features: What is specific to capitalist society is that these reproduction processes are accomplished primarily via the intermediary of "commercial trade"; that is, they are mediated by the market.
In Spiritism and Spiritualism the medium has the role of an intermediary between the world of the living and the world of spirit.
In that case, there are intermediary agencies between production and consumption influencing the allocation of resources.
In the autumn same year he visited Charles of Burgundy, acting as intermediary between him and future emperor Maximilian I. He stayed in Burgundy for several months, moving to the Netherlands in the early 1475.
In the Battle of Apache Pass, soldiers shot and wounded Mangas Coloradas in the chest. While recuperating, he met with an intermediary to call for peace with the United States.
In the field of psychiatry, Baillarger did research on the involuntary nature of hallucinations and the dynamics of the hypnagogic state (the intermediary stage between sleep and wakefulness).
In the summer of 1670 John Mason acted as an intermediary between Roger Williams and the Connecticut government regarding a boundary dispute between Rhode Island and Connecticut.
It sells on behalf of a wide range of vendors including: The company does not generally own the stock it sells, but instead acts as a neutral intermediary between vendors and buyers.
It was unimportant that he was rarely present for these ceremonies; it was his broader role as intermediary with the gods that mattered.
Jean Metzinger, through the intermediary of Max Jacob, met Apollinaire in 1907.
Johann VII of Nassau-Siegen ("Johann the Intermediary") built in 1616 a knightly war school in the still standing old armoury on Burgstraße. He also built on the site of an old Franciscan Monastery the "Unteres Schloss" ("lower stately home").
Kriewitz was assigned to be the intermediary, and went to live at the camp of war chief Santa Anna.
Mehanna acted as an intermediary between the Free Officers Committee and the Cabinet, since he was a member of both.
Quwatli, fiercely distrustful of the Hashemites, was impressed by Ibn Saud's swift takeover of Arabia and saw in the Saudis a powerful ally against British and French imperialism in the Middle East. By 1925, Quwatli had solidified his position as the intermediary between Ibn Saud and the Syrian-Palestinian Congress.
She has also served as a trusted intermediary in controversial cases involving alleged criminal activity by Irish Republicans.
Some linguists consider it to be an intermediary between Romanian and Aromanian, often being considered either a dialect of Romanian, a dialect of Aromanian, or an independent language.
The Batavian Captaincy ended in 1945 with the death of Khouw Kim An, the last "Majoor der Chinezen" of Batavia, possibly also the last such intermediary rulers in Southeast Asia.
The Bush Administration selected Lieutenant General Jay Garner to lead the Coalition Provisional Authority (an intermediary government) in an attempt to rid Iraq of the chaos and anarchy that consumed the area.
The Council attempted to achieve its goals by acting as a clearinghouse for book-related ideas, by being an intermediary between the book-trade industry and government agencies, by offering advice to publishers, and by handling all forms of public relations including distribution of reading lists and pamphlets, lectures, radio programs, newsreels, and book promotion and publication.
The intermediary area, the dodecagonal drum of the dome, is pierced by sixteen small rectangular windows set into rounded niches.
The KGB used the Moscow Narodny Bank Limited to finance the acquisition, and an intermediary, Singaporean businessman Amos Dawe, as the frontman.
The linguist Dan Xu suggested that Jianghuai Mandarin is an intermediary with Standard Mandarin and Wu dialect regarding the occurrence of postpositions in Chinese dialects.
The merchants not only act as intermediary between producers and consumers, but also integrate more and more of production into a market economy.
The municipality of Coimbra is divided into 31 civil parishes of which 24 are predominantly urban, five intermediary urban and two are rural constituencies: As of 2001, the municipality of Coimbra had a population of 148,443 inhabitants (covering an area of 319.4 km²), reflecting a 6.8% increase relative to 1991 (139,052 residents), while the number of families increased 17.1% in the same period.
The Penateka also requested that a representative of the German colonists serve as an in-house intermediary and live among them.
The resurgence of the nuclear issue two years later would again cast relations in doubt, but the South has sought to play the role of intermediary rather than antagonist, and economic ties at the time seemed to be growing again.
The Swedish archives testify that Kersten was intermediary between Himmler and Count Folke Bernadotte in the negotiations that led to the rescue operation 'The White Buses', saving hundreds of Norwegians and Danes from certain death in the last days of the Third Reich.
This is especially appealing in a technical context where the 'disease' is a result of some mechanical process with a known sequence of intermediary stages.
Three more clubs had to be eliminated before the group stage, so an intermediary round was held.
Through the intermediary of close friend Dr Dykerman, Lord Mayor of Surabaya, he was able to secure the extensive sporting grounds at Karang Menjangan and organized the Ninehole Course Golf Club, one the leading golf clubs in Java.
Under Queen Arwa, the "Dai al-Balagh" (intermediary between the Imam in Cairo and local headquarters) Lamak ibn Malik and then Yahya ibn Lamak worked for the cause of the Fatimids.

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