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Vocabulary Word

Word: interdict

Definition: prohibit; forbid; N.

Sentences Containing 'interdict'

A new quarrel broke out at the Synod of Verberie and resulted in the imprisonment of Hincmar. He placed his diocese under interdict, but this was set aside by his uncle.
During HÃ¥kon's brief reign, he managed to release Norway from the church's interdict, and end the civil wars, at least for a time.
He was excommunicated by Pope Alexander III, and Antioch was placed under an interdict, but "to this...he paid slight attention.
However the City ignored the interdict and continued to demolish shacks.
I was solemnly interdicted by her, on her recovery, from touching my brother any more on any pretence whatever; and my poor mother, who, I could see, wished otherwise, meekly confirmed the interdict, by saying: 'No doubt you are right, my dear Jane.'
Instituted as economy of force units, the troops of the mobile guerrilla forces would infiltrate an area to interdict enemy routes, conduct surveillance, seek out enemy forces and installations, and collect intelligence along their axis of advance.
Norway was released from the interdict it had been placed under during the reign of Sverre.
On 29 May Abahlali baseMjondolo secured an urgent interdict in the Cape High Court that prevented the City Council from demolishing any shacks without an order of the court.
Paul's, in the absence of the bishop of London, immediately pronounced a general excommunication against all who had any share in this outrage upon a member of their body, and placed the cathedral under an interdict. The bishop of London supported the action of the chapter, and, finding the king unmoved by his remonstrances, threatened to extend the interdict to the whole of the city The legate, the archbishop of Canterbury, and several other prelates added entreaties and menaces, and the king was obliged to yield.
The Latin Patriarch, Aimery of Limoges, protested this and imposed an interdict on the city.
There is a range of (often anglicised) legal and administrative vocabulary inherited from Scots e.g. "depute" for "deputy", "proven" for "proved" (standard in American English), "interdict" for '"injunction" and "sheriff-substitute" for "acting sheriff'".
To interdict enemy operations, the resistance can use direct combat means such as raids and ambushes.

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