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Vocabulary Word

Word: integrity

Definition: honesty; uprightness; wholeness; state of being whole and undivided; completeness

Sentences Containing 'integrity'

According to Patti, Playdead felt these changes would break the integrity of Jensen's original vision.
After the game, Hearts asked the SFA to investigate the "integrity of the decision".
Another goal has been that art should have its own integrity and independence to the building's architecture and design.
Applications in Multimedia are for example to verify the integrity of an on-line multimedia title.
Argentina will not recognize also because it "supports the principle of territorial integrity".
Ball praises him as a man of integrity and moderation, dedicated to the maintenance of good order in Ireland.
Be Whole: Act with integrity by respecting the whole person.
Constantine emphasized the need for increased integrity and ethics standards for all DEA employees.
Criticisms have arisen about the integrity of search results on the basis of ‘buying likes’.
Dizaei's claim after his release was that he "left prison with his integrity completely intact".
During the election Fortuyn accused Melkert of the demonization of his character and personal integrity.
Expansion joints have been placed in the walls of the stadium to maintain the integrity of the building.
He responded to the attacks on him by questioning Wakefield's integrity, always an easy target.
He said that Melville: ... upheld the dignity and integrity of Australia with the most marked success ...
However, his integrity came under scrutiny after he was arrested in July 2011 for cheating and intimidation of a distributor.
HP calls its technology to host multiple OS technology on its Itanium powered systems (Integrity) "Integrity Virtual Machines" (Integrity VM).
In 1974, the Berlin Historic District was formed in order to preserve the integrity of the architecture of the village.
In his youth, he was said to be intelligent, good at penmanship, soft in disposition, but lacking in integrity.
In the original specification multiple transmissions were used to ensure data integrity.
Most of the building's architectural elements, interior and exterior, have maintained their integrity and are well preserved.
Multiple transmission is used to check the data integrity.
neither do we want to be blamed for the loss of dignity and integrity."
Preserving well integrity is a vital task for the operators.
Running normal HP-UX applications on an Integrity VM host is heavily discouraged, because Integrity VM implements its own memory management, scheduling and I/O policies that are tuned for virtual machines and are not as effective for normal applications.
Several concerns about the structural integrity and safety of the dam, both physically and biologically, arose in the 1990s.
She is able to deceive most of those around her with this facade of moral integrity, coming across as a model student.
Students maintain the integrity of the university by pledging not to cheat, steal or lie.
The city had few or no laws on architectural integrity.
The founder directors of the bank were people of eminence known for their foresight, integrity and initiative.
The ministers were all on hand to protect the integrity of their doctrine, and felt a mounting indignation toward Hutchinson.
The MPS issued a public statement that Dizaei returned to work with his "integrity demonstrably intact".
The need to build structure with integrity goes back as far as recorded history.
The official approach does little more than ensuring data integrity by employing a "protective MBR".
The overarching purpose of the Agreement is to "restore and maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the waters".
The perineal body is essential for the integrity of the pelvic floor, particularly in females.
The Physicians and Surgeons for Scientific Integrity was formed in 2006.
The project was published by the Center for Public Integrity.
The purpose of the attempted coup d'état was to preserve the integrity of the Soviet Union and the constitutional order.
The recorded provenance of this bar assures integrity and maximum resale value.
The site is updated on a weekly basis in order to maintain its integrity of addressing current topics.
The two principal rules for the relational model are known as entity integrity and referential integrity.
Their significance is dependent upon each other, thus, the removal of any one of the buildings would reduce the integrity of the other buildings.
Theodor Haecker was a man of deep insight and rare intellectual integrity a Knight of Faith.”
This caused several other reputable news organizations to question ESPN's journalistic integrity.
This could be crucial in helping maintain the planet's integrity and livability.
This technique bifurcates the perineal body, which is essential for the integrity of the pelvic floor.
Through further downstream cameras and sensors, it is also able to determine the integrity of a particular piece.
What I remember most deeply are his fairness, personal integrity and selflessness.
With no loss to these goals, are to be respected those situations when there is the need to consider security requisites and information integrity.
You shall not, for the sake of one individual, change the meaning of principle and integrity, nor endeavor to persuade yourself or me, that selfishness is prudence, and insensibility of danger security for happiness.''
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