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Vocabulary Word

Word: insurmountable

Definition: overwhelming; unbeatable; insuperable

Sentences Containing 'insurmountable'

His efforts to drain Jessica's resources and ruin what is left of her firm by having Monica file suit against Jessica are thwarted by Jessica's decision to merge with Darby's firm, giving her an insurmountable advantage in resources and (not including Darby learning of Daniel's prior embezzlement from to the due diligence required for merger negotiations, nullifying the confidentiality agreement's repercussions) . As he walks out and enters the elevator, he notices that his name has been removed from the wall.
However, the Germans were repeatedly outmaneuvered and the British numerical advantage proved insurmountable, leading the High Seas Fleet to abandon any attempt to challenge British dominance.
I have yet heard of none, however, which appear insurmountable.
Into this setting of seemingly insurmountable conflict comes Thomas, a golden retriever puppy, named after Kyle’s favourite character, Thomas The Tank Engine (thus adding to the double entendre-(After Thomas (the Tank) or after Thomas (the dog).
Morrel expected Villefort would be dejected; he found him as he had found him six weeks before, calm, firm, and full of that glacial politeness, that most insurmountable barrier which separates the well bred from the vulgar man.
Royce initially has a seemingly insurmountable lead over challengers Tommy Carcetti and Tony Gray, with a big war chest and major endorsements.
Starting from a 2–4–0 handicap was insurmountable, and although Oakland beat San Diego twice (34–33 on October 27, and 41–27 on December 8), they were unable to catch up.
The lead proved insurmountable, as Saskatchewan lost the game to Montreal for the second consecutive year by a score 21–18.
This type of resistance is not insurmountable; if enough Stunning Spells, for example, are fired at a creature with magical resistance at once, the creature may still be rendered unconscious.
When they reached the ditch, they found the vertical wall to be almost insurmountable, frozen and slippery.
Whereas earlier studies regarded the trade-offs between exploration and exploitation to be insurmountable, more recent research has paid attention to a range of organizational solutions to engender the existence of ambidexterity.

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