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Vocabulary Word

Word: insolvent

Definition: bankrupt; lacking money to pay; N. insolvency

Sentences Containing 'insolvent'

An assessment by PWC in the autumn of 2003 found that Hearts, along with four other SPL clubs, were technically insolvent.
Any relief beyond this was left to provincial and municipal governments, many of which were either insolvent or on the brink of bankruptcy, and which railed against the inaction of other levels of government.
As one scholar would later write of this plan, “the theory was impossible; the condition was untenable; the trust, as it was manufactured, was impracticable; and the United States Shipbuilding Company was insolvent.” Groundwork.
At last this document appeared to be got out of the way, somehow; at all events it ceased to be the rock-ahead it had been; and Mrs. Micawber informed me that 'her family' had decided that Mr. Micawber should apply for his release under the Insolvent Debtors Act, which would set him free, she expected, in about six weeks.
Brunswick Silk Works, Inc., was a Manhattan, New York company which became insolvent in 1930.
By means of a writ of "certiorari" he was removed as an insolvent debtor to the Fleet Prison in London, and frequently preached there to large crowds of people.
Draper blamed the actions of both presidents for the demise of the domestic textile industry that eventually caused the Draper Company to be dissolved by Rockwell International as an insolvent entity.
EduCap was insolvent when Reynolds was hired, but, as reported by The Washington Post, she established a nationwide private education loan program and established a for-profit affiliate, Servus Financial. It became the first education loan company to securitize credit-based private loans on Wall Street, was the first to market private student loan programs directly to consumers, and was the first to provide access to education financing as an employee benefit for corporations.
Further developments had to wait until the formation of the P and M Joint Committee in 1879; but by this point the M was totally insolvent and the GWR had developed its strength in West Wales.
He returned to Guernsey soon after being declared insolvent.
He spent all his wealth for the sake of the country and declared himself as an insolvent.
If any of the contributors become bankrupt or insolvent, the collector is obliged to advance his tax; and the whole parish is reimposed next year, in order to reimburse the collector.
In 1846 he obtained the post of commissioner of the insolvent debtors' court of London.
In September, the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers caused a total close to $400 billion to become payable to the buyers of CDS protection referenced against the insolvent bank.
In the summer of 2009, the series became financially insolvent and all further publications were cancelled.
On May 11, 2013, the financial woes of Ullico Casualty Company (a Ullico subsidiary) led to a court order declaring the entity insolvent.
Romanov no longer has any links to HMFC as both Ukio Bankas and UBIG have become insolvent.
This practice is far more typical in jurisdictions that do not provide protective status to insolvent debtors similar to that provided by Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.
When Parc Ltd went insolvent, BFC claimed subrogation to be paid in priority of OOL.

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