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Vocabulary Word

Word: insidious

Definition: treacherous; stealthy; sly; working or spreading harmfully in a stealthy manner; Ex. insidious spreading of dry rot

Sentences Containing 'insidious'

Because the disease can be insidious, the diagnosis is often delayed.
But great as was the address of Sosibius in all the arts and intrigues of a courtier, he was no match for his colleague Agathocles; and although, after the death of Ptolemy Philopator (203 BC), the two ministers at first assumed in conjunction the guardianship of the young king, Ptolemy Epiphanes (203–181 BC), Sosibius seems to have been soon supplanted and put to death by his insidious rival. All particulars of these events are, however, lost to us.
Children with antenatal or infantile onset usually succumb in the first few months or years of life, whereas adolescent and adult onset forms of Niemann–Pick type C have a more insidious onset and slower progression, and affected individuals may survive to the seventh decade.
Craig's Brother followed the release The Insidious Lie with a few California shows and a European tour.
He is best known for writing movies directed by his friend James Wan, including "Saw" (2004), "Dead Silence" (2007), "Death Sentence" (2007), "Insidious" (2011) and "" (2013).
He stressed the insidious effects of the constant companionship of an uneducated wife or husband.
In selecting the film for its "Worst of films of 2012" list, staff of the "The A.V. Club" explained that "what makes the film so insidious and upsetting is the way in which it’s understood that the reluctant birth mother deserves what she gets" and "It’s a cinematic encapsulation of a worldview in which a woman’s rights are widely understood to be secondary to those of her offspring, both in the womb and years later."
Numerous Internet sources then confirmed the forthcoming production of "Insidious: Chapter 3" in October/November 2013, but the "Screen Rant" website was the only source to state that Whannell will be responsible for writing the script.
On December 22, 2010, the band announced the completion of the album dubbed The Insidious Lie via their Twitter feed.
Reformation and "The Insidious Lie" (2003-present).
The city was become a mighty graveyard, two thirds of the population had deserted the place, and only the poor, the aged and the sick, remained behind, a sure prey for the insidious enemy.
There was scrub and long grass all about us, and I did not feel safe from their insidious approach.
These conditions nearly all present with an insidious onset of pain referred to the location of the bony damage.
To judge whether such retaliations are likely to produce such an effect, does not, perhaps, belong so much to the science of a legislator, whose deliberations ought to be governed by general principles, which are always the same, as to the skill of that insidious and crafty animal vulgarly called a statesman or politician, whose councils are directed by the momentary fluctuations of affairs.
Whannell wrote the script for and acted in the 2011 paranormal thriller film, "Insidious", which was directed by Wan and produced by Oren Peli.
While coextinction may not be the most important cause of species extinctions, it is certainly an insidious one."

More Vocab Words

::: bereft - deprived of (something valuable); lacking
::: fanaticism - excessive zeal; extreme devotion to a belief or cause; N. fanatic; ADJ. fanatic
::: consanguinity - kinship; relationship by birth
::: precipitous - steep; overhasty; precipitate
::: derision - ridicule; ADJ. derisive; CF. derisory
::: muggy - (of weather) warm and damp
::: prelude - introduction; introductory performance or event; forerunner
::: wistful - sadly thoughtful (because of desires or memories); sadly pensive; vaguely longing
::: furtive - stealthy; quiet and secret (trying to escape notice); sneaky; Ex. furtive glance
::: lineaments - features especially of the face; distinctive shape or contour of the face; CF. line