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Word: innovation

Definition: change; something newly introduced; introduction of something new; V. innovate: begin or introduce (something new); be creative; ADJ. innovative

Sentences Containing 'innovation'

(2011) • "Federman’s Fictions: Innovation, Theory, and the Holocaust".
(2011)’s model of leadership and innovation was shown in Figure 1.
A recent innovation in baseball is the "Sunday" alternate uniform, which is the same color for both home and away games.
Another innovation (for the time) is Videl.
As it is the ability to keep a balance between explorative and exploitative processes, the most core outcome of ambidexterity is innovation because innovation needs both explorative and exploitative aspects.
Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative
Caruso has garnered praise and success for his comic approach, innovation, and animation.
Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation
Crahan is known for his innovation with percussion while recording or performing with Slipknot.
Despite the latest ongoing innovation in financial and insurance markets, markets remain incomplete.
Each department would function as a "discovery-innovation center."
From its founding, the college has encouraged responsible innovation in all of its academic programs.
He is a member of the advisory board for The Innovation Fund at The University of Chicago.
He is commemorated in the Harold Hankins Building housing the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research.
In 2009, the company was acquired by Security Innovation -- a software security company.
In addition, ambidexterity can promote some other positive organizational outcomes besides innovation.
In early 2011, he then became the Chief Innovation Officer for CNN Worldwide.
In this case, neither ending is clearly a retention or innovation.
Innovation has always been part of David Bohrman's work in politics and elections.
Innovation is also encouraged in delivering effective education, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malaria.
It explores the conflict between traditions and innovation.
It has become one of the key universities to develop "Innovation Platform for Key Disciplines” or project 985 Innovation Platform in 2008.
It is now known as the "Technology Innovation Center" and is listed on a registry of haunted landmarks.
Leonard's revolutionary innovation consisted of packaging deli meats specifically for supermarkets.
NURC also received a CIO 100 award for information technology innovation in 2006.
Ringley's innovation was simply to allow others to view her daily activities.
Road safety audit has been criticised for standing in the way of innovation.
Robotic surgery is a new but rarely used innovation with questionable advantages.
Samsung decried the decision saying that the move could harm innovation in the sector.
Since it opened in 1999 funding has been secured from: Learning Innovation Centre (LINC).
Teece is a researcher, consultant, and professor in the fields of corporate strategy, innovation, and competition policy.
That year, the company received the 2011 Plimsoll Award for Innovation for its maritime product lines.
The "Boar" was shortlisted for the Digital Innovation Award at the 2010 Midlands Media Awards.
The award was given for his numerous programs that encourage interactive audio innovation and industry improvement.
The dispersed, un-walled nature of the later "Moselstellung" was a significant innovation.
The existence of user innovation, for example, by users of industrial robots, rather than the manufacturers of robots is a core part of the argument against the Linear Innovation Model i.e. innovation comes from research and development, is then marketed and 'diffuses' to end-users.
The Innovation Way Corridor is a development area planned for Orlando, Florida.
The project was longlisted for the 2011 Publishing Innovation Award by Digital Book World.
The song makes several references to the innovation, especially as used in "Earthquake".
The technique for erecting the walls from pounded earth was a new innovation at the time.
The website had grown into the world's largest open innovation platform.
The World War II temporarily stopped this innovation until 1952.
These proved to be a highly successful innovation and they have been used on all subsequent tracklaying.
This increased freeboard allowed another innovation: the freeing port, and the artillery associated with it.
This innovation is manifested in the Check 21 system in the U.S. and in similar approaches in Singapore, and Brazil.
This model thus emphasised evolutionary stagnation, the only innovation shown by "Platypterygius" being its ten fingers.
Unfortunately, the expense of this innovation led to the bankruptcy of International Filmbook.
User innovation has a number of degrees: innovation of use, innovation in services, innovation in configuration of technologies, and finally the innovation of novel technologies themselves.
We can, in short, see why nature is prodigal in variety, though niggard in innovation.
• "Fiction’s Present: Situating Contemporary Narrative Innovation".

More Vocab Words

::: hermetic - sealed by fusion so as to be airtight; airtight
::: contortions - twistings; distortions; V. contort: twist violently out of shape; CF. contortionist
::: rigor - severity; Ex. rigors of the Russian winter
::: asinine - stupid; Ex. asinine remarks
::: concordat - formal agreement
::: caustic - burning; corrosive; able to burn by chemical action; sarcastically biting; (of remarks) intended to hurt; bitter; harmful; OP. harmless
::: grandiose - affectedly grand; pretentious; high-flown; ridiculously exaggerated; impressive; great in size or scope; grand; Ex. grandiose ideas
::: checkered - (chequered) marked by great changes in fortune; with many changes of fortuene; CF. checked: having a pattern of squares
::: chronic - long established as a disease
::: brocade - rich, figured(patterned) fabric