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Vocabulary Word

Word: innate

Definition: inborn

Sentences Containing 'innate'

A Metamorphmagus (a portmanteau of "metamorph" and "magus") is a witch or wizard born with the innate ability to change some or all of their appearance at will.
According to danger theory there is no adaptive immunity without the innate part.
Also in keeping with its Confucian background, Cheondoism places emphasis on personal cultivation in the belief that as one improves their innate nature, one comes closer to Heaven, and that all things are the same as Heaven in terms of their innate quality.
Although many living beings have an innate capability of curiosity, it should not be categorized as an instinct because it is not a fixed action pattern; rather it is an innate basic emotion because, while curiosity can be expressed in many ways, the expression of an instinct is typically more fixed and less flexible.
An innate part of the Turkish psyche, folkloric song and dance can erupt at any moment and overwhelm even the most intrepid expatriate.
Anele then uses Liand's Orcrest and sacrifices his life to both slay the croyel, and to transfer his innate Earthpower, and heritage as the "Last hope of the Land", into Jeremiah.
As an adult, his mannerisms and personality, as well as his innate sense of honor, became more Klingon than human.
Because of their appeal to the innate human desire for an understanding of afterlife, her works led to a strong reader response which she initially attempted to answer in detail but became forced to limit.
But with respect to Nageli's doctrine of an innate tendency towards perfection or progressive development, can it be said in the case of these strongly pronounced variations, that the plants have been caught in the act of progressing towards a higher state of development?
Commander Mastangi’s innovative leadership and innate abilities were the driving force behind his squadron attaining the highest possible level of mobilization readiness.
Devar had an innate music sense and a feel for rhythm, and he loved our title-track.
Eak grew up in "La Altena I" in the Lomas Verde's Neighbourhood in the state of Mexico. Known to be a restless child, having an innate curiosity, and a poetic mind; he would often wonder in the hills around his home for days.
Having an innate ability to imitate many instruments helped lead to Riperton's discovery while she was a secretary at Chess Records.
He also points out, however, that there are common, innate traits that bind all people, particularly the belief in a higher power.
He consequently believes in an innate tendency towards progressive and more perfect development.
He wrote that it is the "innate disposition of every man to join another human being or other men in the labor he ought to perform."
Hence adaptation to any special climate may be looked at as a quality readily grafted on an innate wide flexibility of constitution, common to most animals.
His songs have often contained controversial themes innate to the human experience, such as poverty, racism, prejudice, sexism, religion, murder, justice, religion, civil rights, and politics.
However he possessed a rare and important combination of military professionalism, innate leadership and political reliability.
However, the innate sexual aversion (taboo against sexual attraction) between siblings forms due to close association in childhood.
I state this because it has been erroneously asserted that the element of time has been assumed by me to play an all-important part in modifying species, as if all the forms of life were necessarily undergoing change through some innate law.
If by innate be meant, contemporary to our birth, the dispute seems to be frivolous; nor is it worth while to enquire at what time thinking begins, whether before, at, or after our birth.
If innate be equivalent to natural, then all the perceptions and ideas of the mind must be allowed to be innate or natural, in whatever sense we take the latter word, whether in opposition to what is uncommon, artificial, or miraculous.
In the past the innate immunity was suggested as a minor part of immune system and to opposite the adaptive part was thought to be the most important and the most effective one.
Ironically, whenever his courage fails (at the slightest sign of danger), Volstagg's innate clumsiness would somehow seize victory from the jaws of defeat.
Lamarck, who believed in an innate and inevitable tendency towards perfection in all organic beings, seems to have felt this difficulty so strongly that he was led to suppose that new and simple forms are continually being produced by spontaneous generation.
Men seeing the nature of this man like that of the brute, think that he has never possessed the innate faculty of reason.
Neutrophil granulocytes (also known as neutrophils) are the most abundant (40% to 75%) type of white blood cells in mammals and form an essential part of the innate immune system.
Now in this sense, I should desire to know, what can be meant by asserting, that self-love, or resentment of injuries, or the passion between the sexes is not innate?
Now, if any slight innate change of habit or of structure benefited an individual wolf, it would have the best chance of surviving and of leaving offspring.
O'Brien is the cofounder of several organisations, including "Youth for Peace"; the "Irish Network for Nonviolent Action Training and Education" (INNATE); and "Kilcranny House", a rural education centre committed to healing the divisions which exist in Northern Ireland.
One study suggests that there is a difference in mental processing level due to innate differences between visual and tactile stimuli representations.
Orthogenesis, orthogenetic evolution, progressive evolution or autogenesis, is the hypothesis that life has an innate tendency to evolve in a unilinear fashion due to some internal or external "driving force".
Perceptual psychology is a subfield of cognitive psychology that is concerned specifically with the pre-conscious innate aspects of the human cognitive system: perception.
Prolonged use of opioids may cause immunosuppression of both innate and adaptive immunity.
Sarkozy later added, "What part is innate and what part is acquired?
Supporters of the subject claim that it is an inexact science that requires innate gifts such as the "Inner Eye".
The Ardent is charged by his kindred to both constrain and assist The Harrow – which means that, by the innate law of the Insequent, his life is forfeit to failure as well.
The Danger model has brought a new sight of adaptive and innate immunity.
The unique and constant presence in the life and work of this uncommon personality remains his innate sense of art and even more so of the theatre, that first true love that he never forgets, for which he had as a young man withdrew from his father's expectation.
There may truly be said to be a constant struggle going on between, on the one hand, the tendency to reversion to a less perfect state, as well as an innate tendency to new variations, and, on the other hand, the power of steady selection to keep the breed true.
They knew full well that this fugitive must be a bandit; but there is an innate sympathy between the Roman brigand and the Roman peasant and the latter is always ready to aid the former.
Thinks I, Queequeg, under the circumstances, this is a very civilized overture; but, the truth is, these savages have an innate sense of delicacy, say what you will; it is marvellous how essentially polite they are.
This ability is not innate: it must be acquired by magical means.
This protein plays a role in innate and adaptive immunity by cleaving TNFα in activated dendritic cells.
Vollum's innate interest in science also drew him to the neuroscience laboratories at the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) where he knew his oscilloscope could be applied to healthcare research.
When propanoic acid is infused directly into rodents brains it produces reversible behavior (e.g., hyperactivity, dystonia, social impairment, perseveration) and brain (e.g., innate neuroinflammation, glutathione depletion) changes that may be used as a means to model autism in rats.
While curculin has some innate sweet taste of its own, miraculin is by itself quite tasteless.
While purely scientific instruments could have been brought in their stead, these cameras allow the use of an innate sense to perceive the exploration of the moon.
Zatanna is a skilled illusionist, showgirl and stage magician even without resorting to her innate magical powers.

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