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Vocabulary Word

Word: inherent

Definition: firmly established by nature or habit; intrinsic

Sentences Containing 'inherent'

A serious problem of logic-based approaches is their inability or inherent infeasibility to represent uncertainty.
A witch or wizard's emotional state can affect their inherent abilities.
Although the inherent tendency test was subsequently referred to in several High Court decisions, the Court of Appeal opined that there was no clear authority for the test. Further, the Court noted that the inherent tendency test had been ambiguously articulated in "Wain" as that case had not considered the precise relationship between the concepts of inherent tendency and real risk.
And in this case, it is not at all surprising that the inherent sterility in the hybrids should have gone on increasing.
Arlow insisted on the limitations of psychoanalysis, inherent both in its technique and in the human experience itself, and warned against any quest for perfection through psychoanalysis.
Audits attempt to avoid some of the limitations inherent to any crash history scoring system.
Black defines "ius" in the sense of a right as "a power, privilege, faculty, or demand inherent in one person and incident upon another."
Circular movements are inherent part of tango and have special importance in tango vals.
Conflict theories, by contrast, present ostensibly normative positions, and often critique the ideological aspects inherent in conventional, traditional thought.
Dawn immediately realizes the inherent dangers of the spell and rips up the photo, and when Buffy answers the door all she finds is an empty step.
Flaherty was also concerned that there was no inherent conflict in the islanders' way of life, providing further incentive not to shoot anything.
From the Western perspective, panchira is characterized by the sexual stereotyping inherent in patriarchal culture.
Fun!" to emphasize the streamlining and quick play inherent in the system.
Further, one displayed ameliorated activity against an "E. coli" imp mutant that was defective in its ability to assemble its inherent lipopolysaccharide.
He achieves this by giving each instrumentalist the inherent responsibilities and enough freedom to create musical content over rich harmonic and melodic compositional bedrock.
He opined that the inherent tendency formula is contentious because the literal meaning of inherent tendency would "obscure the fact that a contextual analysis is actually required."
He said that "Kaminey" would be able to compete with any film in the world in terms of its design, performances, inherent narratives, editing and pace.
However, all physical devices are connected to a circuit through conductive leads and paths, which contain inherent, usually unwanted, inductance.
However, because HTTP has no inherent sense of a persistent connection, Yahoo!
However, due to structural and economic problems inherent in the previous regime, many of these had to be liquidated.
If this is the true basis for ascribing inherent value to individuals, to be consistent we must ascribe inherent value, and hence moral rights, to all subjects-of-a-life, whether human or non-human.
In "Shadrake", Justice Loh identified two problems with the inherent tendency test as it had been set out in "Wain".
In addition, they have an 'inherent ability' -- something that modifies the way the game is played.
In children, differential diagnosis is more difficult because of the problems inherent in getting infants to cooperate with a full eye movement investigation.
Inherent in each character is a set of two unique moves known as "Power Shots".
Inherent tendency test. The final test considered by the Court of Appeal was the inherent tendency test. This test entailed examining whether the words complained of have an inherent tendency to interfere with the administration of justice.
It can be defined as the compensation for inherent volatility risk divided by the volatility beta.
It is not probable that variability is an inherent and necessary contingent, under all circumstances.
Justice Loh recognized that the difference between the inherent tendency and real risk tests is not a matter of semantics.
Process art often entails an inherent motivation, rationale, and intentionality.
Quantum physics shows an inherent statistical behaviour: The measured outcome of an experiment will generally not be the same if the experiment is repeated several times.
Regardless of the RNA sequencing platform, inherent biases exist at various steps in the experiment, but methods have been proposed to correct for these biases with promising results.
Rejecting any inherent reality to the dharmas, he asked (rhetorically): When all dharmas are empty, what is endless?
Rejection of the inherent tendency test. The prevailing position in Singapore for liability for scandalizing contempt prior to "Shadrake" was the inherent tendency test. This test required an evaluation of whether the comments made had "the inherent tendency to interfere with the administration of justice", which had to be proved beyond reasonable doubt.
Renovare worked through the variety of problems inherent in a collection without uniformity and developed the machinery that would adapt to those problems.
Sensor-based activity recognition is a challenging task due to the inherent noisy nature of the input.
Temporal information is encoded by a combination of aspect, inherent lexical aspect ("aktionsart"), and pragmatically governed conversational inferences.
The book contains criticism of the hypocrisy inherent in a narrow-minded interpretation of Judaism.
The character inherent in the American people has done all that has been accomplished; and it would have done somewhat more, if the government had not sometimes got in its way.
The Court concluded that the distinction between the inherent tendency test and the real risk test therefore amounted to nothing more than a "legal red herring".
The inherent natures of the two networks though, are different.
The physical demands and inherent dangers of mine work were linked inextricably with masculinity.
The surrogate key has no intrinsic (inherent) meaning, but rather is useful through its ability to uniquely identify a tuple.
There are physical dangers inherent to high or complex antennas, such as the structure falling or being destroyed by the weather.
They blame ecological degradation on the inclination to short-term, profit-inspired decisions inherent within a market system.
They were said to be susceptible to appeals against socialism because of the dangers inherent under a socialist regime to special religious interests.
This is due to a number of discontinuities in the behavior of rigid bodies and the discontinuities inherent in the Coulomb friction law, especially when dealing with large coefficients of friction.
Uncertainty, however, does not seem to be necessarily inherent in the nature of such taxes.
Unlike wood, plastic has no inherent antiseptic properties.
Writer and director Marti Noxon says, "To me, the idea of wanting to defy death is just an inherent, almost mythological, iconic notion.

More Vocab Words

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::: antidote - remedy to counteract a poison or disease; Ex. antidote to the economic troubles
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::: germane - pertinent; bearing upon(having connection with) the case at hand; appropriate
::: irate - angry; CF. ire: anger; wrath
::: precise - exact
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