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Vocabulary Word

Word: infringe

Definition: violate (a law); encroach (the right of another person)

Sentences Containing 'infringe'

(b) covers situations where one actively induces the infringement of a patent by encouraging, aiding, or otherwise causing another person or entity to infringe a patent.
According to IDG News Service, Epson filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) in February, 2006, against 24 companies that manufactured, imported, or distributed Epson-compatible ink cartridges for resale in the U.S. On March 30, 2007, ITC judge Paul Luckern issued an initial determination that the ink cartridges in question did infringe upon Epson's patents.
At the same time, simply filing an application usually preserves the applicant's right to subsequently seek full examination and protection for his invention, if a competitor or a pirate is later discovered to infringe the invention.
In 1998, The United States Congress passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) which criminalizes evasion of copy protection (with certain exceptions), destruction or mismanagement of copyright management information, and a clause to exempt ISPs from liability of infringement if one of their subscribers infringe.
In June 2007, YouTube began trials of a system for automatic detection of uploaded videos that infringe copyright.
Priscilla Leung said she planned to introduce a private member's bill into the Legislative Council soon, to limit the ability of members to resign, which Ronny Tong said would contravene the Basic Law, and infringe upon the right to stand for elections protected under Article 26; he stated that it would be inconsistent with Article 74 for an individual legislator to table bills relating to the political structure.
Should a person utilize that invention, without the permission of the patent proprietor, they may infringe that patent.
The graphics, sounds, and appearance of a computer program also may be protected as an audiovisual work; as a result, a program can infringe even if no code was copied.
The Ministry of Agriculture argued that this ruling didn't affect the production of ritually slaughtered meat for the consumption within the Netherlands and therefore did not infringe upon religious freedoms.
The Ninth Circuit has held that “A derivative work must be fixed to be protected under the Act, but not to infringe.” In "Apple v. Microsoft", the courts established that a look and feel copyright claim must demonstrate that specific elements of a user interface infringe on another work.
There is a need for balance: while the right to freedom of speech is not absolute, the law on contempt of court should also not unduly infringe the right.
Unlike direct infringement, which does not require knowledge of the patent or any intent to infringe, indirect infringement can only arise when the accused indirect infringer has at least some knowledge and intent regarding the patent and the infringement.
Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, Valeriya Lutkovska, had criticized the law as it “does not comply with the Constitution of Ukraine and European standards in the sphere of personal data protection, and might infringe on human rights and freedom.” The law was also criticized by Oleksandr Hladun from the Institute for Demography and Social Studies of Ukraine.
When such an objection is filed, an independent panel ( one or three experts) will determine whether the applicant’s potential use of the applied-for gTLD would be likely to infringe [..]
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