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Vocabulary Word

Word: infraction

Definition: violation (of a rule or regulation); breach

Sentences Containing 'infraction'

17th century), rendered into English by Wallace (Chagmé "et al.", 1998: p. 29) states: If a Lama obstinately refuses to grant instruction to a qualified disciple, this constitutes an infraction of the Lama's samaya.
A major penalty is a stronger degree of penalty for a more severe infraction of the rules than a minor.
A penalty shot is a special case of penalty for cases in which a scoring opportunity was lost as a result of an infraction (like being tripped or hooked while on a breakaway; or a player (other than the goaltender) covers the puck with their hand inside the crease).
A potential appeal is "viable" if the appeal is legal and the umpire knows that the runner has indeed committed an infraction and will be called out if the appeal is executed by a fielder.
A red penalty card is issued to a player who commits a serious infraction: the player is immediately disqualified from further play and his team must continue with one less player for the game's duration.
A rose lay beside her, and if she now and then glanced at the flower, it was with no infraction of her usual preoccupied air.
A runner shall be called out, after a successful live ball appeal, if he: To properly execute a live ball appeal, a fielder must, with a live ball, tag the runner or base in question and communicate to the umpire what the infraction was and which runner committed the infraction.
According to NHL rules, if an infraction which would usually attract a penalty shot occurs while the defending team's goaltender is off the ice (i.e. an empty net scenario), the goaltender is permitted to return to the ice before the penalty shot is taken.
According to Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, there are four increasing stages in which one's samaya may be damaged: "infraction, breach, violation, and complete break".
Another common reason to commit an infraction is as last resort when an opposing player has a scoring opportunity, when a penalty kill is the preferable alternative to the scoring opportunity.
Award. A penalty shot is awarded to a player who is deemed to have lost a clear scoring chance on a breakaway by way of a penalty infraction by an opposing player.
Coaches or players may occasionally opt to commit an infraction on purpose.
Dantes would not allow that any such infraction of regular and proper rules should be made in his favor.
Generally, the penalty shot is awarded in lieu of what would normally be a minor penalty, so the fouled team will not get both a penalty shot and a power play from a single infraction.
Hockey players also sometimes commit infractions with the hope of drawing the other player into committing a retaliatory infraction, and being penalized, while not being caught themselves.
Hockey players that opt to commit an infraction despite the punishment do so in order to degrade the opposing team's morale or momentum, or boost their own.
Hoebel's working definition of what is law is worth citing: "A social norm is legal if its neglect or infraction is regularly met, in threat or in fact, by the application of physical force by an individual or group possessing the socially recognized privilege of so acting."
I say that even meat, fish, game, dried hooves and scraps of meat left over by others constitutes an infraction . . .
If the competitor failed to meet these requirements or any other rule infraction was committed, the attempt was declared invalid by a team of three referees and the result struck from the record. Results.
If the infraction occurred when the penalized team has pulled their goalie, a goal is immediately awarded to the other team rather than a penalty shot.
If the offending player is the goaltender or a team is given a "bench minor" penalty (assessed against the team, rather than an individual player), then any skater who was on the ice at the time of the infraction may serve the penalty.
In baseball, an appeal play occurs when a member of the defensive team calls the attention of an umpire to an infraction which he would otherwise ignore.
In some cases of osteochondrosis, such as Sever's disease and Freiberg's infraction, the involved bone may heal in a relatively normal shape and leave the patient asymptomatic.
In some cases, it is hoped that the infraction can be concealed from the officials, avoiding a penalty.
In some cases, the captain of the attacking team may pick a player from those on the ice at the time of the infraction.
In U.S. high school games or other games governed by NFHS rules, the defense may execute any of the live ball appeals above during a dead ball by simply communicating the infraction to the umpire, so it is never necessary to attempt a live ball appeal; it is always safer for the defense to ask for time to make the ball dead, and then make any requests to the umpire.
Now any infraction occurring in the final minute of overtime will result in a penalty shot.
Once play is stopped, the referee will signal the specific infraction.
Other "sangha" hold that if sexuality is compassionate and/or consensual and does not contravene vows, then there is no dharmic infraction irrespective of whether it is same-sex or not.
The book starts out with 15-year old Tack just trying to survive a ruthless high school where any infraction means expulsion.
The infraction is counted as two separate minor penalties.
The statistic used to track penalties was traditionally called "Penalty Infraction Minutes" (PIM), although the alternate term "Penalties in Minutes" has become common in recent years.
While goaltenders can be assessed penalties, the penalty must be served by another player from their team who was on the ice at the time of the infraction (the PIM will be charged to the goaltender).
While nullifying a holding infraction, he announced through his microphone, "There was no foul on the play.

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