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Vocabulary Word

Word: influx

Definition: flowing into

Sentences Containing 'influx'

A continued influx of families to the Pleasanton region prompted the foundation of another high school, Foothill, in 1973.
A large influx of immigrants boosted Balmain's population in the 1950s.
About half of the fleet is quite out-of-date, with the influx of new cars limited to 30 per year.
After World War II, enrollment at the University swelled from the influx of veterans.
Along with the influx of students and young professionals, there has been a growing number of cafes, restaurants, and bars - many with an ethnic, vegetarian or organic emphasis.
Also, Norway and Sweden feared an influx of Finnish refugees if Finland lost to the Soviets.
Also, the resulting influx of thousands of oil field workers led to wild growth of nearby boom towns and the lawlessness that accompanied them.
Any drop in the influx of new riders at the local level is a clear bellwether of trouble.
Archaeological investigations indicate the terrain is subject to damage from erosion and the influx of tourists.
Around the early 19th century an influx of Irish, fleeing the Irish rebellion of 1798, brought the number of Catholics up to around 200.
As a result of the influx of people looking for gold, it was made a separate territory in 1898, split off from the Northwest Territories.
As of March 2012, the destination for EM-3 and the remainder of the focus for this new program is still in-flux.
At that time, there was an influx of immigrants and European businessmen.
Calcium channels mediate the influx of calcium ions into the cell upon membrane polarization.
Deposition of sediments and the worsening of water quality due to the influx of wastewater are among the problems facing these wetlands.
Due to heavy influx of migrant workers in industrial belts, the Foundation initiated HIV/AIDS prevention interventions in 1997.
Edwards used this episode to comment on many of the issues that he has with the current film industry, including the impersonalization of movie theatres and the influx of sequels and remakes.
Estimates of the daily influx of extraterrestrial material entering the Earth's atmosphere range between 5 and 300 tonnes.
He became a visionary real estate developer, anticipating the influx of Hollywood elite and other wealthy residents who would be lured by the burgeoning film industry.
However, the Argentine intelligence services distrusted the real motives for the influx of the Cubans.
However, the influx of southern highway construction crews had a devastating effect on some First Nations, who suffered from a large number of deaths from diseases to which they had no immunity.
However, this influx of immigrants has led to community relations issues.
In North Carolina, the National Hurricane Center issued a hurricane watch due to the large influx of people expected during the holiday weekend.
In the 18th century their proportion declined further because of the influx of new settlers from Europe, especially Slovaks, Serbs, Croats, and Germans.
In the 1970s, there was also an influx of Argentinian Jews, mainly Ashkenazim, escaping from the military Junta.
Influx Magazine rated it "D" and called it "pretty bad".
It is against this backdrop that immigration policies were liberalised in the 1990s, leading to an influx of foreigners in Singapore, particularly Indian nationals.
Most recently the biggest influx is of students coming to Australia to study English and to find work.
Of all the places in the municipality of Krummhörn, Greetsiel has the highest influx of tourists.
Others are originally from Finland, either members of the Kven population or of a newer influx of more or less recent Finnish immigrants.
Shortly afterwards, it became the seat of an own municipality, whereby it became an industrial centre of the region as well, receiving a large influx of new population.
Since that time a continuous influx of Filipino nurses worked in New York City, and made a vital contribution to the demands of healthcare at that time.
So our prospects brighten on the influx of better thoughts.
Suddenly an influx of light filled my house, though the evening was at hand, and the clouds of winter still overhung it, and the eaves were dripping with sleety rain.
Tang China was responsible for the influx of Turkic migrants, because of the number of Turks that served in the Tang military as soldiers and generals during the dynasty's military expeditions.
Tappan also said that he was disappointed by the demographics of southwestern Oregon after the influx of survivalists in the late 1970s.
The 1922 influx of Russian refugees from the fall of Vladivostok to the Red Army would completely change the face of the community.
The economy of Necochea benefits from an influx of tourists from Gran Buenos Aires during the summer vacation season (December–February).
The influx of people from the coastal region into the city of Hyderabad and remaining regions of Telangana created social tensions.
The Lake Ontario State Parkway was extended through the park, drastically increasing the influx of visitors.
The large influx of Copts in New Jersey can be attributed to their persecution in Egypt, in addition to those who emigrate seeking educational and financial opportunities.
The net influx in the past 30 years has been close to 100,000 Albanians.
The prominence of particular Gods also increased with the influx of outsiders including a God the Lacandon recognize specifically for foreigners among other things.
The rapid influx of blacks disturbed the racial balance within cities, exacerbating hostility from both black and white Northerners.
There is an incessant influx of novelty into the world, and yet we tolerate incredible dulness.
This has grown more visible since the 1990s with an influx of both well-educated and unskilled migrants from India, which has created new contradictions.
This is due to the influx of immigrants the town receives through the auspices of the Swedish Government.
To promote the influx Charles William granted its citizens legal, religious and financial privileges in a decree dated 24 September 1715.
With the influx of American stampeders, the Canadian government decided to create a separate territory to better control the situation.
With the influx of many other nationalities and with the dispersal of the Armenian community to other districts of the city, the district lost this distinction and the nickname gradually disappeared.

More Vocab Words

::: reprehensible - deserving blame; blameworthy; V. reprehend: blame
::: poseur - person who pretends to be sophisticated, elegant, etc., to impress others; person who poses; CF. pose
::: deliberate - consider; ponder; ADJ: done on purpose; slow
::: assurance - firm statement that something is certainly true; promise or pledge; certainty; confidence in one's own ability; self-confidence; Ex. In spite of all his assurances, he did not come back; Ex. assurance of his loyalty; Ex. The teacher lacked assurance in fron of his class; V. assure; tell firmly with confidence; ensure; make (something) certain to heappen; make (someone) feel sure; give confidence to; ADJ. assured: self-assured; confident in one's own ability; showing certainty
::: germane - pertinent; bearing upon(having connection with) the case at hand; appropriate
::: sanction - approve; ratify; N: permission; penalty intended to enforce compliance
::: brandish - wave around (a weapon); flourish
::: deplore - regret; express sorrow and severe disapproval for something bad; Ex. deplore their violent behavior; ADJ. deplorable: very bad; deserving severe disapproval; Ex. deplorable living condition
::: rejoinder - reply; retort; comeback; V. rejoin: say in reply
::: bigot - one who is intolerant (in matters of religion or politics)