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Vocabulary Word

Word: infiltrate

Definition: pass into or through; penetrate or enter (an organization) sneakily; Ex. infiltrate the troops into enemy territory; CF. infiltrator

Sentences Containing 'infiltrate'

"Ms. Magid […] seems motivated by an urge to infiltrate and personalize, if not sexualize, the anonymous social and technological systems that surround us.
A high perimeter to volume ratio, such as in small wetlands, means that the surface area through which water can infiltrate into the groundwater is high (Weller 1981).
Acute chest syndrome (ACS) is defined by new pulmonary infiltrate with a manifestation of pulmonary symptoms like tachypnea and dyspnea.
After the war, Silberbauer was used by the West German intelligence service, or Bundesnachrichtendienst, to infiltrate neo-Nazi and Pro-Soviet organizations.
An obviously previous-completed souffle is taken out of the microwave. Speedo Cops: Lt Chicowski gives the Speedo cops a case where they infiltrate the Fish Smoking facility in Brooklyn to see if they are selling anything other than fish products.
Another important institution at that time was the "Circolo Italiano di Sao Paolo", formed in 1910 and continuing today, which aimed to preserve and disseminate Italian culture to Italo-Brazilians and Brazilians in general. In the middle 1920's, the fascist doctrine began to infiltrate this community, by the influence of the 'March on Rome veteran' Serafino Mazzolini, Italian consul to Brazil.
Another recognised type of sickle crisis is the acute chest syndrome, a condition characterised by fever, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and pulmonary infiltrate on a chest X-ray.
Concerns have been expressed that al-Qaeda might use Caucasian operatives in the future and that they are planning to infiltrate the security services.
Even though Aleksa, who was assigned to infiltrate the German artillery, is taken prisoner by the Germans, Mihailović's plan succeeds.
For example, while a raid on an airfield was in progress, and all available guards were fighting the main raid, guerrillas might infiltrate to the fuel tank farm and introduce contaminants into some of the tanks.
Having awakened the old heretical legends, Nausicaä becomes a mortal enemy of Miralupa, the younger of the two brothers who rule the Dorok Empire, who uses his mental powers to try to infiltrate her mind when she is weak.
Her mission is to infiltrate the strongholds of the neighboring country of Bregna, which is led by her sometimes-nemesis and sometimes-lover Trevor Goodchild.
However, as the decade proceeded on to the 1970s decade and onward, black filmmakers and actors/actresses began to infiltrate Hollywood.
Ichigo and his friends leave the living world to infiltrate Soul Society and rescue Rukia from a sentence of death at the hands of her fellow Soul Reapers.
In "", the three brothers pose as owl exterminators in an attempt to infiltrate the Planet Express offices and steal a crystal with the power to ruin Mom's dark matter business.
In "Two Gleeks are Deadlier Than One", he and Giganta (again voiced by Ruth Forman) capture Gleek and replace him with a robot duplicate in order to infiltrate the Super Friends and learn what they are planning.
In August 1945, two midget submarines of the Royal Navy took part in Operation "Struggle", a plan to infiltrate Singapore Harbour and sabotage the Japanese cruisers and using limpet mines.
In Moscow, Sarah and Mary Elizabeth Bartowski (Linda Hamilton) infiltrate Alexei Volkoff's office while he is away.
In October 2006 Shamuyarira sparked outrage when he praised the Gukurahundi, a series of state-sponsored massacres in the 1980s, in response to the Apartheid government's attempts to infiltrate Zimbabwe with disgruntled units of ZAPU, called Super ZAPU, as part of Operation Drama, and re-create a destabilisation force like they created in Angola (UNITA) and Mozambique (RENAMO).
In spring 1945 Granovsky was assigned to begin preparing to infiltrate the West after the end of the war, particularly the United States, by posing as a refugee with his wife, an alcoholic restaurateur whom he was to seduce and marry.
In the game's prologue sequence, Snake is given orders to infiltrate the fictional Soviet region of Tselinoyarsk and extract defecting Soviet scientist Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov.
In the role of Mike Donovan the player must infiltrate an alien mothership, destroy the craft and escape alive.
In the water cycle, wetlands are crucial in restoring ground-water levels, by collecting run-off and precipitation and allowing it to infiltrate slowly into the soil due to the slow water flow rates.
Instituted as economy of force units, the troops of the mobile guerrilla forces would infiltrate an area to interdict enemy routes, conduct surveillance, seek out enemy forces and installations, and collect intelligence along their axis of advance.
Just as the discovery is made, multiple cyborgs infiltrate the establishment.
Later, Freddie and two of his men disguise themselves as cops, infiltrate Olivia's apartment, and shoot her dead.
Light waves, propagating in the core, infiltrate both cladding layers to a small degree.
McConnell had been subsequently executed by the IRA after they received confidential information about him from Intelligence who, through Captain Nairac, had attempted to infiltrate the IRA.
Meanwhile, Gretel and Manny's girlfriend Bianca (Bianca Saad) join forces to infiltrate Agnes' house.
Newton contacts a second shapeshifter, Ray (Marcus Giamatti), to infiltrate the secured location where Van Horn's body is being held to remove the data disc that Walter will ultimately find.
PAVN units headed for the Tri-Thien region closest to the northern border might infiltrate directly across the DMZ.
Razadarit again sent a team of commandos led by his top general Lagun Ein to infiltrate the enemy camp and kill Minkhaung.
Should the pulmonary infiltrate worsen or the oxygen requirements increase, simple blood transfusion or exchange transfusion is indicated.
The Allies had discovered that some high-ranking Nazis had gone underground and were waiting until the political atmosphere settled down, at which point the Nazis would infiltrate the new German government.
The Allies were now able to move ships and equipment to support subsequent campaigns, enabling the later forces to successfully infiltrate enemy lines along the African coast, in Sicily, and up into Italy.
The duo infiltrate "The Contessa" and rendezvous with Sarah and Mary.
The novel ends with a letter from Amanda to Craig, where she writes that she has been deceiving her interrogator and teasing him that she will infiltrate the British intelligence services.
The police have little success with street-level arrests or with securing informants beyond Bubbles, a well known West Side drug addict. Eventually the investigation takes the direction of electronic surveillance, with wiretaps and pager clones to infiltrate the security measures taken by the Barksdale organization.
The Secretariat orchestrated a plan to infiltrate, assess and obtain information as fast as can be possible.
The Sihanouk Trail in Cambodia was opened in 1966 to enable PAVN to infiltrate and resupply COVSN in the southernmost zone of South Vietnam.
The Siphon attacks Witch Mountain and battles the soldiers, allowing Bruno and Friedman to infiltrate the base and free Seth and Sara.
They again use wiretaps to infiltrate the crime ring and slowly work their way up the chain towards The Greek, the mysterious man in charge.
They did not wear club colours, so it was allegedly easier to infiltrate rival groups and to enter pubs.
This lures a number of mercenaries on a potentially rewarding quest to infiltrate the quarantined Britain, find the root of the problem and swiftly bring a full stop to it.
To rescue him, the chipmunks must infiltrate the castle to collect various parts so Gadget can build a flying machine to reach Monterey Jack.
To that end, Mavado instructs his subordinate, Hsu Hao, to infiltrate the Outer World Investigation Agency and help them in tracking down and killing the last members of the Black Dragon, a mission Hsu Hao performs to great success.
Tradecraft included stealing and photographing documents, code-names, contacts, targets, and dead letter boxes, and working as a "friend of the cause" or "agents provocateur", who would infiltrate the target group to sow dissension, influence policy, and arrange kidnappings and assassinations.
Tully proposes that Gordon pose as Fester to infiltrate the Addams household and find the hidden vault where they keep their vast riches.
With the help of the original Lady Blackhawk, Batman tries to infiltrate Blackhawk Island.

More Vocab Words

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::: tangential - only slightly connected; not central; peripheral; digressing; showing divergence; CF. tangent
::: peerless - having no equal; incomparable
::: thresh - beat (cereal plants) with a machine or flail to separate the grains from the straw
::: metrical - metric; written in the form of poetry; Ex. metrical translation of Homer
::: giddy - light-hearted; not serious; frivolous; dizzy; causing dizziness; Ex. giddy youth; Ex. giddy climb/height
::: impregnable - invulnerable; impossible to capture or enter by force; Ex. impregnable fort/argument; CF. take
::: entail - make necessary; require; necessitate; involve; limit the inheritance of (property) to a specified succession of heirs; Ex. entail A on/upon B
::: mangy - shabby; wretched; suffering from mange; of bad appearance
::: accomplice - partner in crime