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Vocabulary Word

Word: infernal

Definition: pertaining to hell; devilish; N. inferno: place of fiery heat or destruction

Sentences Containing 'infernal'

"Stop your grinning," shouted I, "and why didn't you tell me that that infernal harpooneer was a cannibal?"
According to French occultist Collin de Plancy's "Dictionnaire Infernal" (1853), it is impossible to count the number of its disciples.
Also, he sits upon an infernal dragon, holds a lance with a banner and, amongst the Legions of "Amaymon", Asmoday governs seventy two legions of inferior spirits.
And that question once answered, pirates straightway steer apart, for they are infernal villains on both sides, and don't like to see overmuch of each other's villanous likenesses.
At 3 pm, the Cabildo began its routine work, but was interrupted by 600 armed men named the Infernal Legion, who occupied the Plaza de la Victoria and loudly demanded the convening of an open cabildo and the resignation of Viceroy Cisneros.
Because the Gentiles dedicated the month of February to the infernal gods, and as at the beginning of it Pluto stole Proserpine, and her mother Ceres sought her in the night with lighted candles, so they, at the beginning of the month, walked about the city with lighted candles.
Before officially launching the album, the "Darkest Hours" EP was released with the new songs "Darkest Hours" and "Infernal Maze", plus two live recordings of older songs.
But though similar disasters, however little bruited ashore, were by no means unusual in the fishery; yet, in most instances, such seemed the White Whale's infernal aforethought of ferocity, that every dismembering or death that he caused, was not wholly regarded as having been inflicted by an unintelligent agent.
Franck's orchestration evokes the dark, fantastic atmosphere of the infernal chase.
He read on: '"Then it was that--HEEP--began to favour me with just so much of his confidence, as was necessary to the discharge of his infernal business.
He sacrifices not to Ceres and the Terrestrial Jove, but to the infernal Plutus rather.
He smiled; the infernal invention would serve him for this purpose.
Henry Keazor, "Mortal Engines" und "Infernal Devices": Architektur- und Technologie-Nostalgie bei Philip Reeve", in: Techniknostalgie und Retrotechnologie, ed.
Here's a govment that calls itself a govment, and lets on to be a govment, and thinks it is a govment, and yet's got to set stock-still for six whole months before it can take a hold of a prowling, thieving, infernal, white-shirted free nigger, and--" Pap was agoing on so he never noticed where his old limber legs was taking him to, so he went head over heels over the tub of salt pork and barked both shins, and the rest of his speech was all the hottest kind of language--mostly hove at the nigger and the govment, though he give the tub some, too, all along, here and there.
His first book for older readers was "Mortal Engines" which won the Nestlé Smarties Book Prize in ages category 9–11 years and made the Whitbread Book Award shortlist. "Mortal Engines" is the first book in a series sometimes called the Mortal Engines Quartet (2001 to 2006), which also includes "Predator's Gold", "Infernal Devices" and "A Darkling Plain".
I have been under a Taboo in that infernal scoundrel's service.
If you are chosen town clerk, forsooth, you can not go to Tierra del Fuego this summer: but you may go to the land of infernal fire nevertheless.
In the "Dictionnaire Infernal" by Collin de Plancy, Asmodeus is depicted with the breast of a man, a cock leg, serpent tail, three heads (one of a man spitting fire, one of a sheep, and one of a bull), riding a lion with dragon wings and neck, all of these animals being associated with either lascivity, lust or revenge.
In the roaring and raging of the conflagration, a red hot wind, driving straight from the infernal regions, seemed to be blowing the edifice away.
It is no honest and blunt tu whit tu who of the poets, but, without jesting, a most solemn graveyard ditty, the mutual consolations of suicide lovers remembering the pangs and the delights of supernal love in the infernal groves.
Lord save me, thinks I, that must be the harpooneer, the infernal head-peddler.
Not so the sailor, beholding the scenery of the Antarctic seas; where at times, by some infernal trick of legerdemain in the powers of frost and air, he, shivering and half shipwrecked, instead of rainbows speaking hope and solace to his misery, views what seems a boundless churchyard grinning upon him with its lean ice monuments and splintered crosses.
Such a crew, so officered, seemed specially picked and packed by some infernal fatality to help him to his monomaniac revenge.
The cinema critic Tatyana Moskvina agreed that "the infernal shadows of Bulgakov's novel" perfectly suited Vertinskaya, a "natural-born Margarita", neither "good nor evil, just totally otherworldly."
The people finally settled down and dispersed when Saavedra intervened to say that the claims of the Infernal Legion were supported by the military.
The second match started out with nine competitors just like the other steel cage match, and again included eight male (Oficial AK-47, Alan Extreme, Bestia 666, Bombero Infernal, Carta Brava, Jr., Halloween, Sexy Lady, Trauma I and Zumbi) and one female (Sexy Lady) competitor.
Well, ever since then, the infernal project has been ripening in her brain.''
You, who have arranged your infernal plans, and removed the beverages with a talent and precision almost miraculous?
_Yahoo_ as I am, it is well known through all _Houyhnhnmland_, that, by the instructions and example of my illustrious master, I was able in the compass of two years (although I confess with the utmost difficulty) to remove that infernal habit of lying, shuffling, deceiving, and equivocating, so deeply rooted in the very souls of all my species; especially the Europeans.

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