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Vocabulary Word

Word: inept

Definition: unsuited; inappropriate; lacking skill; incompetent; CF. inapt: (of statements or ideas) inappropriate

Sentences Containing 'inept'

"It was utterly inept, simply a scene of this or that, no relation, no thread of story or continuity whatever, and it must have bored the audience to distraction.
Charles Solomon of "The Los Angeles Times" said, "Both the writing and the animation in "The Adventures of the American Rabbit" are so inept that the viewer expects the governor to interrupt the film and declare the theater a disaster area!"
Childers "had a reputation for being hardworking, but inept, autocratic and notoriously overbearing in his dealing with colleagues."
Even in these fantasies, Alan retains his unbearably boring and socially inept persona; he dances in a rubber thong but this is offset by wearing his jumper, shirt and tie in addition to his "erotic" apparel, and in his fantasies, Alan launches into his trademark dull and inane conversations.
He is often seen, for example, fighting villains, and while inept at it in "Damien", he later is shown ("Red Sleigh Down", "Fantastic Easter Special" and "Imaginationland Episode III") as being very skilled with guns, swords and a glaive (in "Imaginationland III" he leads the charge of the good imaginary characters into battle.)
However, "Blackenstein" fared poorly in comparison to its predecessor, with most reviews agreeing that the movie was "a totally inept mixture of the worst horror and blaxploitation films".
In 2010, Mark Braxton of "Radio Times" was also disappointed, finding many "inept sequences".
In a reckless PR stunt, Senator Masterson and tabloid-TV journalist Hector Remirez, together with a menagerie of inept celebrity goons, mount a live televised "journey to the center of the Earth" aboard a fleet of dirigible vehicles, promising to rescue the "Statue of Liberty" from Metlar's abduction.
It follows the antics of two inept Triad bosses on the run following a series of mishaps.
It suffered from emerging technology threats, difficult logistics, and sometimes misguided or inept commanders.
Letters to the local press suggested that Webb should "be allowed greater freedom", while in the "Evening Argus", the pseudonymous "Crusader"'s "vitriolic attacks on the directors and management of Brighton and Hove Albion for their alleged lack of ambition and inept team selections ... generated a massive readership response" and led to "near physical confrontations with Charlie Webb, the beleaguered manager and former Albion player, despite the team usually finishing in a respectable position in the League table."
She is a cruel and bitter old woman who is constantly annoyed at her inept son.
The 1968 BC Lions finished in fourth place in the West Division with a 4–11–1 record and continued to have an inept offense.
The 1988 Lions' offense was historically inept; their 3,405 offensive yards gained is the second-lowest all-time in a 16-game season, and the lowest total of the 1980s.
The film follows a naïve grocery clerk as his life spirals out of control when he inadvertently helps his inept manager rob the store.
The film gained negative reviews with Malathi Rangarajan of The Hindu citing that "a frivolous storyline, a lackadaisical approach to the screenplay and inept direction mar "Three Roses"", adding that "after all the hype and hoopla, speculation and delay, arrives "Three Roses", and ironically it is focus that the film lacks."
The Liberal Democrats claimed it raised "serious questions" and Chris Huhne said showed "inept and peevish behaviour that leaves Gordon Brown's reputation for honest dealing with our EU partners hanging by a thread".
The woman proves to be a formidable foe when she realizes Henry may renege on their deal. Adding to the humorous complications are Karen's oddball brother Oliver, who delights in racing through the interior of their rural mansion on his motor scooter; elderly and slightly befuddled housekeeper Winnie; and Daphne's very inept daughter Norma, who's being groomed to take over the household chores so Winnie finally can retire.
Ty provides Zeroman with technological and intelligence support as well as giving the inept hero the constant guidance and advice he so desperately needs because, as he says, "Ty is always right".
When he questioned his escorts about this, Choe was told that the newly enthroned Hongzhi Emperor (r. 1488–1505) had recently impeached a large number of officials from office whom he considered inept and unworthy of their positions.
While the League had its serious side and often faced world-threatening villains, it also featured such characters as the lovably inept G'Nort, the worst Green Lantern in the Corps; Mr. Nebula, the interplanetary decorator; the Injustice League, a bunch of bumbling losers; and a flock of homicidal penguins who had been hybridized with piranhas.
Zantafio's inept second-in-command, Nikita Vlalarlev, tries to assassinate the two heroes but fails.

More Vocab Words

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::: potable - suitable for drinking; drinkable
::: testator - maker of a will; CF. testatrix
::: thematic - of a theme; relating to a unifying motif or idea
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::: enclave - territory enclosed within an alien land
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