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Vocabulary Word

Word: induce

Definition: persuade; lead to do something; bring about; N. inducement

Sentences Containing 'induce'

"That is the reward, and I have reason to know that there are sentimental considerations in the background which would induce the Countess to part with half her fortune if she could but recover the gem."
Abnormally high levels of dopamine in the synaptic cleft can induce prolonged, heightened postsynaptic receptor activity, resulting in receptor downregulation.
An abnormal functioning of which can induce the GNP tumours typical of Medullablastoma.
and Mr. Peggotty, unless you can induce your gentle niece to come back (for whom I vacate this seat in the corner), I shall go.
Deletion of Ile1 of SK markedly inhibits its capacity to induce an active site in plasminogen, which supports the hypothesis that establishment of a salt bridge between Ile1 of SK and Asp740 of plasminogen is necessary for SK to induce an active site in plasminogen by a nonproteolytic mechanism.
Flow can induce anisotropic viseoelastic stresses, which helps to overcome the matrix and cause self assembly.
For example, Dardeene, Dumont, and Bollier (2007) transformed some items from the ASI into scenarios, presenting them to participants to induce conditions of both hostile and benevolent sexism.
For the same reason, colds and sore throat sometimes induce temporary deafness.
Frey's syndrome in which salivation will induce perspiration at the parotid region, accompanied by erythema.
Furious, the hunters beat him up and try to induce vomiting.
Furthermore, under certain conditions, glucokinase, like other hexokinases, can induce phosphorylation of other hexoses (6 carbon sugars) and similar molecules.
Getty's ear was cut off and sent to the family to induce his grandfather to produce a ransom.
He even declared to the patriarch Judah Nesiah that fear of the latter would never induce him to keep back God's word or any opinion derived from it (Yer.
He is then tortured by the sadistic Taylor with a machine that controls the parts of the brain that induce pain and pleasure.
He sought to induce Coloman of Hungary to go to war with Bořivoj, but was unsuccessful until 1107.
Hypoxia exposure for the time of exercise alone is not sufficient to induce changes in hematologic parameters.
I hurriedly made him a reply to the effect, that I hoped the error into which I had been betrayed by the desperate nature of my love, did not induce him to think me mercenary too?
I thanked her, without making any demonstration of joy, lest it should induce her to withdraw her assent.
In 1947, the G-72 was modified for ducted-wing testing as the G-81, it was fitted with slotted flaps to induce slow flight.
In battle, the player is only directly able to use card items to temporarily alter their Digimon's stats, induce digivolution, or switch in other Digimon they own.
In December 1304, the then chancellor, Grenefield, resigned the seals in order to proceed to Rome and induce the pope to permit his consecration as archbishop of York.
In the wild, bucks will kill litters to induce the female to mate with them, therefore passing along his genes.
It is hoped that no ties of friendship or humane consideration will induce you to conceal the truth.''
It should also be especially kept in mind, that long-continued domestication tends to eliminate sterility, and is therefore little likely to induce this same quality.
Its duration is too short to induce deleterious effects due to ischemia.
Larvae and adults are sensitive to shorter daylengths as the summer progresses that signal the coming of winter and induce diapause (Bean "et al." in prep.).
miR-92 acts through the Sonic Hedgehog Pathway to Induce Tumorigenesis and MB.
Much of his early career was focused on contraceptive medicine and the use of pharmacologic agents to induce abortions.
Nevertheless, Napoleon sent Savary to see if he might use the information to induce the Hamelin garrison to surrender.
No entreaty, no proposition of increased wages, could induce them to remain; to every argument they replied,``We must go, for death is in this house.''
No, I repeat again, that nothing shall induce me to renew attempts evidently at variance with the Almighty's pleasure.''
One bookseller to whom I applied told me that he had had a few copies before he understood the nature of the work, but that, after becoming acquainted with it, nothing should induce him to sell another.
Other substances known to induce itch are substance P, cytokines, and proteases.
Ranitidine could induce acute psychosis by people with depression, schizophrenia, pain, psychotic disorder, and HIV infection.
That his last act, completed but a few months since, was to induce Mr. W.
The drug however also presents strain on the cardiovascular systems, like cocaine (60%), with the potential to induce tachycardia which could be problematic for those who continuously redose.
The efforts to induce a band-gap in graphene via quantum confinement or surface functionalization have not resulted in a breakthrough.
The turn of your countenance I shall never forget, as you said that I could not have addressed you in any possible way that would induce you to accept me.''
Then shut off the updrafts, entrainment, or any other vapor sources/sinks and things that would induce the growth of the particles (ice or water).
These variations induce currents (GIC) in conductors operated on the surface of Earth.
They further discuss the possibility of suicide, where it is established that a certain prescription drug could have been used to induce the heart attack.
They induce the lipocortin-1 (annexin-1) synthesis, which then binds to cell membranes preventing the phospholipase A2 from coming into contact with its substrate arachidonic acid.
This plant is reported to contain HCN, alkaloid, and triterpenoid, and may induce itching.
Viewing them, Miloš discovers that he was drugged to induce an aggressive, sexually aroused, and suggestible state.
Warm moistened air was used gently, to simulate the alien breathing down your neck; and forcefully, to induce a more acute reaction from the audience.
``But you are not entitled to know mine; nor will such behavior as this, ever induce me to be explicit.''
``I know nothing for certain; only I have seen things which induce me to believe, as I told you, that the future captain will find some annoyance in the vicinity of the Vieilles Infirmeries.''
``I must now mention a circumstance which I would wish to forget myself, and which no obligation less than the present should induce me to unfold to any human being.
``I swear to you by him who died for us that naught shall induce me to breathe one syllable to my jailers; but I conjure you do not abandon me.
``Well, I am charged with the commission of endeavoring to induce the Comte de Morcerf to make some definite arrangement with the baron.''

More Vocab Words

::: verbiage - pompous array of words; too many unnecessary words; wordiness
::: presumptuous - going beyond what is right; excessively forward; arrogant; taking liberties
::: extirpate - root up; uproot; destroy completely
::: iconoclastic - attacking cherished traditions; N. iconoclast: one who attacks traditional ideas; one who destroys sacred images
::: philology - study of language or words
::: philatelist - stamp-collector; N. philately: stamp collecting
::: nimble - quick in movement; agile; quick in understanding; Ex. nimble climber/mind
::: growl - low, guttural, menacing sound (as of a dog)
::: laconic - brief and to the point; using few words; terse
::: mendacious - lying; habitually dishonest; N. mendacity