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Vocabulary Word

Word: indigent

Definition: poor; destitute

Sentences Containing 'indigent'

But the usual reward of the eminent teacher bears no proportion to that of the lawyer or physician, because the trade of the one is crowded with indigent people, who have been brought up to it at the public expense; whereas those of the other two are encumbered with very few who have not been educated at their own.
In 1907, Frank Craig started the Tent Colony of Brotherly Love in Lakewood, Colorado to treat indigent men with tuberculosis.
In the 1950s, voters created the El Paso County Hospital District, which would govern the General Hospital, agreeing to be taxed to support the District which would also provide indigent care.
In the US, FGG sent financial support to aid the people affected by Hurricane Katrina, and fed 60 South American indigent migrants in New Jersey.
October 2003 saw the release of Boxcar Satan's third long player "Upstanding and Indigent", again for DogFingers, expanding its already diverse sonic palette by ornamenting its noisy, post-punk take on pre-war blues with touches of Cajun music, gospel and even tasteful prog rock.
Operation Smile is a private, non-profit volunteer medical services organization providing reconstructive surgery and related health care to indigent children and young adults in developing countries and the United States.
Puerto Rico's indigent population has relied exclusively on the local government for their healthcare needs since the start of the island's commonwealth status.
She named her husband Charles Reed Bishop, Samuel Mills Damon, William Owen Smith, Charles Montague Cooke and Charles McEwen Hyde as the original five trustees to invest her estate at their discretion, use the income to operate the schools, and also "to devote a portion of each year's income to the support and education of orphans, and others in indigent circumstances, giving the preference to Hawaiians of pure or part aboriginal blood."
She worked with various Baltimore missionary organizations ministering to African Americans, Native Americans, Chinese Americans immigrants, and indigent women.
That which is carried on for the benefit of the poor and the indigent is too often either neglected or oppressed.
The Austin Chronicle called Boxcar Satan's 2004 Album "Upstanding Indigent" one of the 10 best Texas releases.
The church often paid indigent members of the community small sums of money to do menial tasks.
The Puerto Rico Health Reform , and locally referred to simply as "La Reforma" (The Reform) is a government-run program which provides medical and healthcare services to indigent and impoverished citizens of Puerto Rico by means of contracting private health insurance companies, as opposed to the traditional system of government-owned hospitals and emergency centers.
The term "indigène" is not used as it is seen as having negative connotations because of its similarity to the French equivalent of "indigent" ("poor").
The usual recompence, however, of public and private teachers, small as it may appear, would undoubtedly be less than it is, if the competition of those yet more indigent men of letters, who write for bread, was not taken out of the market.
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