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Vocabulary Word

Word: indifferent

Definition: unmoved or unconcerned by; having no interest in; mediocre; neither good nor bad

Sentences Containing 'indifferent'

'Indifferent, my dear sir,' returned Mr. Micawber, sighing.
'The fact is, we avoid mentioning the subject; and my unsettled prospects and indifferent circumstances are a great consolation to them.
'Tis but indifferent architecture to make a blind dome; here's one.
A frugal man, or a man eager to be rich, is said to love money; and a careless, a generous, or a profuse man, is said to be indifferent about it.
A gutsy batsman he was "almost indifferent to his own safety.
Albert retained his calm and indifferent manner; he might feel perhaps annoyed, but he knew Monte Cristo's eye was on him.
All such circumstances were indifferent to him, so that he did his duty.
And he would do it just as indifferent as if he was ordering up eggs.
Any prospect of awakening or coming to life to a dead man makes indifferent all times and places.
As for his suspicions, once on terra firma, once that he had seen the indifferent, if not friendly, appearance of his hosts, his anxiety had quite disappeared, or rather, at sight of the goat, had turned to appetite.
At the moment there are poets doing good, bad, and indifferent work in all these ranges."
But one cannot sustain an indifferent air concerning Fedallah.
cried I, 'didn't I say that there was not a joy, or sorrow, or any emotion of such honest hearts that was indifferent to you?'
Elmasry specifically wrote that: Why is Stephen Harper so callously indifferent to Omar Khadr's case?
Even Elizabeth began to fear not that Bingley was indifferent but that his sisters would be successful in keeping him away.
From the insolence of office, too, they are frequently indifferent how they exercise it, and are very apt to censure or deprive him of his office wantonly and without any just cause.
He argued that church organization, like political organization, is one of the "things indifferent" to God.
He assured her, that as to dancing, he was perfectly indifferent to it; that his chief object was by delicate attentions to recommend himself to her and that he should therefore make a point of remaining close to her the whole evening.
I accuse the management of Portlaoise Prison of being indifferent to complaints.
I carry less religion to the table, ask no blessing; not because I am wiser than I was, but, I am obliged to confess, because, however much it is to be regretted, with years I have grown more coarse and indifferent.
I did not believe her to be indifferent because I wished it; I believed it on impartial conviction, as truly as I wished it in reason.
I know you will do him such ample justice, that I am growing every moment more unconcerned and indifferent.
I would prefer to know he is indifferent."
If he is not--and you tell me he is not; on any pretence; it is indifferent to me what--my doors are shut against him henceforth, and yours, I take it for granted, are open to him.'
In later life Throsby was in indifferent circumstances.
In the assessment of the "Encyclopedia Britannica", the depiction of the Pope as indifferent to the Holocaust "lacks credible substantiation".
In what manner this price is to be divided upon the different parts of the beast, is indifferent to the landlords and farmers, provided it is all paid to them.
It will then be publicly seen that, on both sides, we meet only as common and indifferent acquaintance.''
Many patients have stated they "became indifferent to alcohol" or "indifferent to cocaine" overnight after starting baclofen therapy.
Now those things which unto nature are equally indifferent (for she had not created both, both pain and pleasure, if both had not been unto her equally indifferent): they that will live according to nature, must in those things (as being of the same mind and disposition that she is) be as equally indifferent.
Q. Though you may be indifferent and uncertain as to dates and times in your present condition and environment, this has nothing to do with your former condition.
Retail customers report slow and indifferent service on bugs.
She hated having visitors in the house while her health was so indifferent, and lovers were of all people the most disagreeable.
That I was desirous of believing her indifferent is certain but I will venture to say that my investigation and decisions are not usually influenced by my hopes or fears.
The miserable shop of the wood sawyer was so small, that its whole surface furnished very indifferent space for this legend.
The only amusements left us are the indifferent races at the Champ de Mars and Satory.
The protesters and trade unionists were indifferent to his efforts toward reconciliation.
They will soon be indifferent and fatalistic.
Though the youth at last grows indifferent, the laws of the universe are not indifferent, but are forever on the side of the most sensitive.
Thus, this carpenter was prepared at all points, and alike indifferent and without respect in all.
To the girls, who could not listen to their cousin, and who had nothing to do but to wish for an instrument, and examine their own indifferent imitations of china on the mantelpiece, the interval of waiting appeared very long.
Unto my body all things are indifferent, for of itself it cannot affect one thing more than another with apprehension of any difference; as for my mind, all things which are not within the verge of her own operation, are indifferent unto her, and for her own operations, those altogether depend of her; neither does she busy herself about any, but those that are present; for as for future and past operations, those also are now at this present indifferent unto her.
When the majority shall at length vote for the abolition of slavery, it will be because they are indifferent to slavery, or because there is but little slavery left to be abolished by their vote.
While critics have variously panned and praised her work, Slick seems indifferent to the criticism.
You will probably like very indifferent drawings at first, the pretty, the picturesque and the tricky will possibly attract before the sublimity of finer things.
``The jeweller began eating his supper, and the woman, who was ordinarily so querulous and indifferent to all who approached her, was suddenly transformed into the most smiling and attentive hostess.
``These are but indifferent marbles in this ante chamber,''said Monte Cristo.
``Why, if he came only to be silent, grave, and indifferent,''said she,``did he come at all?''
``Would you believe it, Lizzy, that when he went to town last November, he really loved me, and nothing but a persuasion of my being indifferent would have prevented his coming down again!''
``Yes, very indifferent indeed,''said Elizabeth, laughingly.

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