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Word: indices

Definition: signs; indications; Ex. indices of a student's potential; CF. index: something that reveals or indicates; sign; Ex. cost-of-living index

Sentences Containing 'indices'

3, part I and II, 1992) with 2116 pages, with over 8000 annotated entries, and extensive indices.
A number of indices have been established to quantify women’s development, health, well-being and the role that they play in their respective economies.
Credit default swaps allow investors to speculate on changes in CDS spreads of single names or of market indices such as the North American CDX index or the European iTraxx index.
During its first decade the Society concentrated on transcribing and publishing detailed indices of testaments (wills) proved in Scottish Commissariot Courts.
Entropy coding techniques can be applied to communicate the quantization indices from a source encoder that performs the classification stage to a decoder that performs the reconstruction stage.
First, the indices and patterns obtained from the mathematical transformations have been empirically derived as well as verified and validated to be clinically meaningful.
For Canada, real-time information on pasture conditions, on-farm surface water supplies, and several drought indices are provided in Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Drought Watch web site.
High refractive indices have been achieved either by introducing substituents with high molar refractions (intrinsic HRIPs) or by combining high-n nanoparticles with polymer matrixes (HRIP nanocomposites).
However options on credit indices such as iTraxx and CDX include any defaulted entities in the intrinsic value of the option when exercised.
However, galaxies are often assigned the S0 morphological class when they require multiple Sérsic indices to describe their surface brightness profiles, one to describe the bulge and one to describe the disk.
In fact, "technological singularity" is just one of a few singularities detected through the analysis of a number of characteristics of the World System development, for example, with respect to the world population, world GDP, and some other economic indices.
In terms of cardinal arithmetic, it means that for every cardinal number "k" – particularly profound when to illustrate the strong statement of indices pertaining to 0.
In terms of indices, in a partially sorted list, for every index "i" from 1 to "k," the "i"th element is in the same place as it would be in the fully sorted list: element "i" of the partially sorted list contains order statistic "i" of the input list. Direct application of the linear-time selection algorithm.
In the CHS scheme, sector indices have (almost) always begun with sector 1 rather than sector 0 by convention, and due to an error in all versions of MS-DOS/PC DOS up to including 7.10, the number of heads is generally limited to 255 instead of 256.
In this article, Folbre explores the strengths and weaknesses of these indices and proposes new indices that take greater account of the care economy.
Indices are usually implemented via B+ trees, R-trees, and bitmaps.
Indices are usually not considered part of the database, as they are considered an implementation detail, though indices are usually maintained by the same group that maintains the other parts of the database.
Indices can be created on any combination of attributes on a relation.
Indices used to measure drought show considerable decadal-scale variability with no long-term trends discernible in any portion of the country.
It may be calculated using the following formula (written using Einstein summation convention): Here formula_2 describe the indices of coordinates formula_3 of the submanifold while the functions formula_4 encode the embedding into the higher-dimensional manifold whose tangent indices are denoted formula_5.
MCG digitizes the individual’s electrical signals, deconstructs them via the aforementioned six mathematical transformations into multiple functional components (called indices) and then reconstructs them by mathematically integrating the indices into a cohesive pattern that allows rapid computerized pattern recognition.
Moreover, dairy products, such as milk, have low glycemic indices, but are highly insulinotropic, with an insulin index similar to that of white bread.
Munich Re is included in the DAX index at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the Euro Stoxx 50, and other indices.
Numerous indices that measure drought severity are used to monitor drought.
Polyphosphonates have high refractive indices due to the phosphorus moiety even if they have chemical structures analogous to polycarbonates.
Since its establishment it has published numerous volumes of calendars and indices of public records and private muniments and original manuscripts relating to Scotland and Scottish affairs.
Such an expression has its indices suppressed.
Thayer also provides topical indices for subjects such as the Roman military, law, and daily life.
The analysis of measurement of the impact of innovations on economics led Griliches to his fundamental studies of economic growth, productivity, production function, consumption function, measurements of economic input and output, hedonic prices, and their reflection in price indices.
The ASE's stock indices include the ASE Unweighted Index, the ASE Market Capitalization Weighted Index and the ASE Free Float Index.
The first indices are orbital indices, "n"1, ..., "n"N labeling the rows.
The HDI values are provided by the Research Report No.73 "Trends in Regional Human Development Indices" by Haroon Jamal and Amir Jahan Khan.
The indices produced by an formula_30-level quantizer can be coded using a fixed-length code using formula_97 bits/symbol.
The indices table for McLaughlin Margolskee (1994) for example, is essentially the same as that of Svrivastava Rastogi (2003), Guyton Hall (2006), and Joesten "et al."
The mathematical transformations employed include multiple non-linear mathematical functions such as auto and cross power spectra, cross-correlation, coherence, impulse-response and phase shift. These functions produce 166 indices.
The quantity εαβγδ is the Levi-Civita symbol, and the indices (as usual) behave according to the Einstein summation convention.
The refractive index of a nanocomposite can be estimated as formula_1, where formula_2, formula_3 and formula_4 stand for the refractive indices of the nanocomposite, nanoparticle and organic matrix, respectively.
The result is that the indices discovered from this mathematical analysis extract (or generate) additional, heretofore unknown, information from the two cardiac leads, allowing identification of ischemia in a way that is impossible with traditional ECG technology.
The site provides North American maps based on a synthesis of multiple indices and local impacts that best represents current drought conditions.
There is also evidence for increased excitatory amino acid release within cerebrospinal fluid, with a correlation demonstrated between levels for metabolites of glutamate and nitric oxide and clinical indices of pain.
These mathematical models produce a matrix based on 166 different indices that are then compared against a database of more than 40,000 patients with a broad range of clinically verified myocardial ischemia.
These range from those that only consider precipitation, to complex indices that incorporate a water balance approach using precipitation, antecedent soil moisture, potential evapotranspiration, and runoff.
These repetitions are separately classified by the intermediate sum over the indices formula_16.
They had refractive indices of 1.67–1.77 depending on the components and numbers of the halogen substituents.
This decomposition is useful for the design and analysis of quantization behavior, and it illustrates how the quantized data can be communicated over a communication channel – a "source encoder" can perform the forward quantization stage and send the index information through a communication channel (possibly applying entropy coding techniques to the quantization indices), and a "decoder" can perform the reconstruction stage to produce the output approximation of the original input data.
To sort data in a different order, you create a new array with different indices and copy the original array to the new one.
Unlike the other indices, the ARI, along with the Coleman-Liau, relies on a factor of characters per word, instead of the usual syllables per word. Although opinion varies on its accuracy as compared to the syllables/word and complex words indices, characters/word is often faster to calculate, as the number of characters is more readily and accurately counted by computer programs than syllables.
Unrefined wild plant foods like those available to contemporary foragers typically exhibit low glycemic indices.

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